Current Trajectories in Global Pentecostalism: Culture, Social Engagement, and Change

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February 2019
200 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Current Trajectories in Global Pentecostalism: Culture, Social Engagement, and Change that was published in

Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

This path-breaking collection brings together thirteen leading scholars from the humanities and social sciences to address some of the most pressing issues in contemporary global Pentecostalism. Representing institutions from eight different nations on four continents, these scholars perceptively illuminate vital matters ranging from politics, cultural performance, and sexual identity to history, theology, and socioeconomics. The articles are grounded in primary research conducted in Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America and informed by cutting-edge interdisciplinary perspectives, making "Current Trajectories in Global Pentecostalism: Culture, Social Engagement, and Change" a must-read for serious students of global Pentecostalism.

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LGBTIQ; Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity; Australia; Australian Pentecostal history; Sexual Orientation Change Efforts; Inclusive faith; George Jeffreys; Elim; British Israel; schism; Pentecostalism; revivalism; 1930s; Pentecostalism; play; theology; frame analysis; typology; altars; ethnonationality; Zambian Pentecostalism; religio-political heritage; ontocracy political theory; theology decolonial reconstruction; Zambian Pentecostalism; Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs (MNGRA); spiritual capital; religious pluralism; Hillsong; megachurch; Pentecostalism; South Africa; worship music; Pentecostalism; Ghana; women’s empowerment; charismatic Pentecostalism; African traditional religion; media; publicity; interreligious dynamics; Ghana; Pentecostalism; stigmatisation; ritual; Pentecostalism; Hillsong; Aboriginal Australian; Charismatic City; Acknowledgement of Country; Globalization; prosperity; theology; South Africa; politics; Pentecostalism; Pentecostalization; politics; Paraguay; Chile; Pentecostalism; Pentecostal studies; religious studies; cultural studies; religion and politics; religion and gender; religion and sexuality; religion in Africa; Latin American religion; social anthropology