Frontiers in Mental Health and the Environment

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November 2018
156 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Frontiers in Mental Health and the Environment that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences
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This book sheds light on the influence of the environment on people’s mental health. To what extent are exposures to green space, air pollution, natural disasters, etc. related to depression or suicide? Such questions are relevant for both scientists and policy-makers. A rich collection of chapters subsumes current research frontiers originating from disciplines such as geography, public health, epidemiology, environmental science, etc. The topics covered in the book are of interest to researchers, practitioners, and professionals. The editor hopes that the scientific outcome of this book will stimulate debate about how the environment affects mental health outcomes.

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natural disasters; follow-up; anxiety; depression; post-traumatic stress disorder; antenatal depression; green spaces; census area units; geographic information systems; multilevel data; intimate partner violence; self-rated depression; mental health; family practice; sick leave; incapacity to work; housing condition; neighbourhood satisfaction; mental health; migrants; structural equation modelling (SEM); Shanghai; disease mapping; geographic variation; psychosocial distress; spatial analysis; walkability; altitude; suicide rates; geographically weighted regression; health geography; extreme weather event; disaster; post-traumatic stress disorder; emergency response; epidemiology; PM2.5 concentrations; depressive symptoms; neighbourhood social capital; moderate effect; China; suicide; weather; seasons; mental health; Colombia; schizophrenia; psychotic disorders; health data; environmental factors; green space; blue space; health geography; mental disorders; exposures; risk assessment; environments; environmental modelling