Clement Tisdell


Clement Tisdell is a Professor Emeritus in Economics at The University of Queensland. He is internationally recognized as an outstanding contributor to the development of natural resource and environmental economics. He first began to publish research in this area at the beginning of the 1970s. He has been an editorial member of the journal of Ecological Economics since its inception and serves on the editorial boards of many other academic journals. He has an outstanding record in publishing in scholarly journals and has numerous books to his credit. His academic awards have included the University Medal of the University of New South Wales, and a prestigious Postdoctoral Travelling Scholarship from the Australian National University, which enabled him to undertake research at Princeton University and at Stanford University. Every month, his research publications are read by thousands (according to ResearchGate data), and to date, there have been thousands of citations of his publications. According to RePEc data, he is one of the world’s leading economists.
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