Martina Matišić


Martina Matišić, MA (b. 1985), is a professor of Philosophy, Logic and Ethics at the Business High School Varaždin (2012- ) and the High School in Maruševec (2011- ), Croatia. During her work experience, she worked at several secondary schools (for a certain period of time, she lectured on a psychology course) and has professionally advanced at various conferences, education programs and seminars. The latest is related to the curriculum reform and experimental program School for life, through various workshops by Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, etc. She has experience in various forms of immediate educational work and various projects, and has participated in many scientific conferences, competitions, public and cultural activities of the schools. In 2018, she started postgraduate doctoral study in philosophy. Her research interests are mainly related to the issues surrounding the field of philosophy teaching, i.e., the popularization of philosophy in high schools, which includes various methods of teaching and contents of teaching and correlations of philosophy with other courses. As guest lecturer, she held several lectures on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia. She is an author of book reviews and articles in fields of philosophy. She can be contacted at: [email protected]

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