Dr. Lisa McNeill


Lisa McNeill is an Associate Professor and the Associate Dean in Postgraduate Research at the University of Otago. After graduating with a BA, BCom (Hons), and PhD in Marketing, she dedicated her career to research on consumer behavior and consumption. Her work examines sustainable retail and brand management, and explores consumer motivations, use and disposal of fashion products, and other aspects to increase sustainability in the fashion industry. Alongside teaching courses on innovation, new product development, and postgraduate research methods, she is a member of the project Food Waste Innovation at the University of Otago—a group focused on measuring food waste, developing reduction strategies, applying innovative technology and working to modify producer and consumer behavior. The elements of her work on sustainable food innovation focus on testing the efficacy of nutritional labeling, sustainable packaging alternatives, clean meat products and consumer acceptance of these topics. Dr. McNeill is at the forefront of the push for sustainable consumption and production alternatives.

Contributions to MDPI Books

Transitioning to Responsible Consumption and Production
Open Access Edited Book
Published: October 2020
Pages: 224
ISBN 978-3-03897-872-5 (hardback); ISBN 978-3-03897-873-2 (PDF)
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