Matteo Valentini

Matteo Valentini is a third-year PhD student in History of Contemporary Art at the University of Genoa. His doctoral research investigates the elaboration of violence’s traces in contemporary artistic practices, like the reuse of archival documents or testimony, the reframing of images, and the reenactment of violent acts. In this sense, some of the most influential and well-known artists considered in his research are Christian Boltanski, Regina José Galindo, Martha Rosler, Boris Lurie, Thomas Hirschhorn, Alfredo Jaar, and Teresa Margolles. He is also interested in the representation of violent acts and collective traumas by some exponents of contemporary theatre: for this reason, he follows the work of the theatre director Milo Rau and the theatre company Agrupación Señor Serrano. His studies also concern practices of signification of the urban space, both artistic (e.g., the dialectical between monument and counter-monument) and not (e.g., the “performative violence” staged during the street demonstrations). He has attended various international conferences and published his contributions in several collective volumes and academic journals.
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