Jacob Mwitwa


Jacob Mwitwa has worked in the environment and natural resources governance and agriculture sector for over 25 years, which includes service in the public sector, WWF, UNDP, agriculture (projects with Ministry of Agriculture, FAO, RUAFF) and, currently, with the Copperbelt University. He collaborates extensively with local and international organisations in the governance and management of agriculture, environment and natural resources. Some of his collaborative activities with international development organisations, universities and civil society are in agriculture and environmental resource governance and management sectors. He has extensive experience in the development and implementation of research and development projects including fundraising, corporate governance, professional support to civil society organisations and academia, and as a visiting professor. Projects in the agriculture sector have included farming systems (FAO), livestock production by HIV affected female small producers, tomato production with 100 small-scale producers in Chipulukusu (RUAFF), urban agriculture related governance issues for Kitwe and Ndola and, recently, working on the impact of agricultural expansion on the environment (IIED). His research interests are in agriculture and environment and natural resources governance and management including mining and natural resource-based livelihoods. He has authored and reviewed for international journals. With a PhD from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa), he is also a proud alumnus of the Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), and the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). He is currently Director, and academic member of staff, of the Kapasa Makasa University Campus of the Copperbelt University.
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