Francis M. Chama


Francis M. Chama received his MSc in Natural Resources Management from the Copperbelt University in 2013, and an additional MSc in Project Management from Cavendish University, Zambia, in 2014. He has been working as a research associate for the Campaign towards Climate Compatible Development (CtCCD) for the last 5 years. He has been involved in a number of research works focusing on environmental management, climate change, fisheries resource governance, and partnership engagement in corporate social responsibility programmes undertaken by mining firms and partnership models for climate compatible development. He has also worked as a part time lecturer for geography and history at St Eugene DMI University in Zambia, and as a project officer for KAC Contractors and Consultants. His current research interests include the strategies for environmental sustainability and conservation partnerships, livelihood improvement strategies in developing countries using local natural resources, natural resource governance, the building of climate resilient communities and how mining companies can effectively contribute to natural resources management and national development.
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