Shirley Simon


Shirley Simon is Emeritus Professor of Science Education at University College London Institute of Education. In 1974, she began her career as a chemistry teacher, then received an award to complete a master’s in Chemical Education at the University of Reading. She subsequently taught chemistry in London schools and gained an award to study for a doctorate in Science Education at King’s College London. In 1989, she completed her doctorate, which focused on assessment innovation. She has taught research methods on masters programmes and supervised many doctoral students. Her funded research has focused on scientific enquiry, argumentation, teacher learning, students’ attitudes towards science and students’ career choice. She has Honorary Doctorates from Umea University, Sweden, and the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu. In Sweden, she consulted on research and writing, and supervised doctoral students working in socio-scientific issues and epistemic cognition. In Finland, she worked with researchers on the EU-funded MultiCO project. Her recent publications include a co edited book commissioned by the Royal Society of Chemistry on engaging learners with chemistry.
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