Annette Scheersoi


Annette Scheersoi studied to become a biology and french secondary school teacher in Bonn (D), Aachen (D) and Paris (F). Her experience involves teaching at different types of schools, including bilingual classes. Since 2005, she has been a biology teacher, trainer and researcher, first at Frankfurt University, then at the University of Cologne, and since 2013, as a Professor of Biology Education at the University of Bonn. Her research on biology learning focuses on interest development in out-of-school learning environments, such as natural history museums, botanical gardens and zoos, and involves school groups as well as families and leisure visitors (formal and informal biology learning). Currently, she is coordinating an international science education project that focuses on students’ and citizens’ active engagement, with socio-scientific issues related to environmental, health and sustainability themes. At the University of Bonn, she has just been elected Vice-Rector for Sustainability.
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