Hamdi Karakaş, Ph.D. (b. 1983), is an Assistant Professor Doctor at the Sivas Cumhuriyet University (Turkey). He completed his bachelor’s degree in Division of Classroom Education at Atatürk University (Turkey) in 2005, completed his master’s degree in the Department of Educational Science at the Sivas Cumhuriyet University (Turkey) in 2014, and his PhD in the Department of Primary Education at Gazi University (Turkey) in 2018. He worked as a teacher (2005–2013) at the Ministry of National Education for seven years. Then, he started working as a lecturer at Sivas Cumhuriyet University in 2013. He is still working as an assistant professor at the same university. The author’s research areas are primary school education, science-environment education, socio-scientific issues and teacher training. He has publications in many international and national journals and book chapters related to these research areas.
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