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Attitudes about Inequalities
(Editors: Liza G. Steele, Nate Breznau)
15 May 2018
Community Development for Equity and Empowerment
(Editor: Robert Silverman )
1 Aug 2018
Community Participation and Action as A Remedy For Social Problems and A Catalyst for Human Development: A Global Perspective
(Editor: Manyu Li)
31 Jul 2018
International Migration and Innovation: Implications for Human Development
(Editor: Rosalyn Negrón)
15 Mar 2018 2
Physical Culture
(Editor: David Brown)
30 May 2018 1
Representations of Transmodern War Contexts in English Literature
(Editor: Jessica Aliaga-Lavrijsen)
15 Jul 2018
Social Justice at the End of Our World
(Editor: Chloë Taylor)
30 Apr 2018
Social Participation and Human Rights
(Editors: Normand Boucher, Francis Charrier)
1 Apr 2018
Supporting Health and Psychosocial well-being for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
(Editor: Mansha Parven Mirza)
15 Apr 2018
The Intergenerational Transmission of Offending in a Historical and International Perspective
(Editors: Steve van de Weijer, Catrien Bijleveld, Barry Godfrey)
28 Feb 2018 2
The Role of Environmentalism in Social Development
(Editor: Md Saidul Islam)
1 Aug 2018
Training Models and Practices in Sociology
(Editors: Sandro Serpa, Carlos Miguel Ferreira)
15 Jun 2018 2
Women in Islam
(Editor: Natana J. DeLong-Bas)
15 Jun 2018
Young People, Risk and Opportunity Across the Globe
(Editor: Howard Williamson)
1 Aug 2018
Youth and Social and Political Action in a Time of Austerity
(Editor: Matt Henn)
31 Jul 2018
Youth Studies: Values, Practices and Discourses on Generations
(Editor: Vitor Sérgio Ferreira)
1 Jun 2018 5
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