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'The events fulfilled among us': from Luke to Acts
(Editor: Paul Borgman)
15 May 2018
Current Trajectories in Global Pentecostalism: Culture, Social Engagement, and Change
(Editor: Roger G. Robins)
15 Jul 2018
Ethnographies of Worldviews/Ways of Life
(Editors: Ann Taves, Michael Kinsella)
15 May 2018
Feminisms and the Study of “Religions”
(Editor: Darlene Juschka)
28 Feb 2018 1
Islamic Education in Contemporary World: traditions, rearticulations & transformation
(Editor: Abdullah Sahin)
15 Jul 2018
Late Medieval Christianity: Religious Cultures, Heresies, and Orthodoxies
(Editor: J. Patrick Hornbeck II)
1 Jan 2018
Measures of Spirituality/Religiosity (2018)
(Editor: Arndt Büssing)
1 Mar 2018 1
Methodical Aspects of Comparison
(Editor: Oliver Freiberger)
15 Jan 2018
Muslim Ethics in the Global Medina
(Editor: Sohail H. Hashmi)
1 Jul 2018
Philanthropic Traditions through Christian History: Common Themes and Contestations
(Editors: David Daniels, David King)
31 May 2018
Practicing Buddhism through Film
(Editor: Francisca Cho)
1 Jun 2018
Religion and Crime: Theory, Research, and Practice
(Editor: Kent R. Kerley)
15 Mar 2018
Religion and Refugee: Interdisciplinary Discussions on Transformative Humane-Divine Interactions
(Editors: Jin-Heon Jung, Alexander Horstmann)
1 Apr 2018
Religion in Latin America, and among Latinos abroad.
(Editor: Gustavo Morello SJ)
1 Dec 2019
Religion, Ritual and Ritualistic Objects
(Editor: Albertina (Tineke) Nugteren)
1 Jun 2018
Suicide Prevention, Religion and Spirituality
(Editors: Karolina Krysinska, MA, PhD, Karl Andriessen, MSuicidology, BSW)
15 Dec 2017 1
The Jewish Experience in America
(Editor: Eli Lederhendler )
7 Sep 2018
The Public Role of Religion
(Editors: Roberto Cipriani, Orivaldo Lopes, jr)
1 Jan 2018
The Sacred & the Digital. Critical Depictions of Religions in Video Games
(Editor: F.G. (Frank) Bosman)
1 Apr 2018
(Editor: Jill Graper Hernandez)
30 Nov 2017 3
Transforming Encounters and Critical Reflection: African Thought, Critical Theory, and Liberation Theology in Dialogue
(Editors: Justin Sands, Anné Hendrik Verhoef)
1 Feb 2018
Women in Buddhism
(Editor: Lisa Battaglia)
1 Mar 2018 1
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