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Gut Bacteria-Mucus Interaction
(Editor: Nathalie Juge)
Gut Microbiota 31 Jan 2018
Host-Gut Microbiota Metabolic Interactions
(Editor: Carl Gordon Johnston)
Gut Microbiota 29 Feb 2016 9
Microbiome Gut Brain Axis
(Editor: Carl Gordon Johnston)
Gut Microbiota 30 Aug 2017
Multi-omics for Microbiomes
(Editor: Martin von Bergen)
Gut Microbiota 30 Sep 2017
Pathogenesis of Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli
(Editor: Stephanie Schüller)
Gut Microbiota 20 Jan 2018
Probiotic Microorganisms: An Intimate Gaze
(Editors: Haruki Kitazawa, Julio Villena)
Gut Microbiota 31 Jul 2016 7
Microorganisms for Environmental and Industrial Applications
(Editor: Anna H. Kaksonen)
Environmental Microbiology 20 Sep 2017 1
Response of Microbial Communities to Environmental Changes
(Editor: Ulrich (Uli) Stingl)
Environmental Microbiology 1 Nov 2017
Staphylococcus aureus Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance
(Editor: Joan Geoghegan)
31 Jan 2018
Advances and New Perspectives in Microbial Research
(Editor: Pabulo H. Rampelotto)
30 Sep 2013 9
Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms
(Editor: Laurent Poirel)
31 May 2016 5
Applications of Genomics to Infectious Disease of Plants
(Editor: David Studholme)
30 Jun 2017 1
Beneficial Microorganisms for Food Manufacturing—Fermented and Biopreserved Foods and Beverages 31 May 2017 11
Biology of Dinoflagellates: Advances in the Last 25 Years (1987-2012)
(Editor: Senjie Lin)
30 Aug 2013 8
Chlamydia-like Bacteria: Evolution, Pathogenicity, Diagnostics and Treatment
(Editor: Eberhard Straube)
30 Jun 2016 5
Diagnosing Antimicrobial Resistance and Health Care Associated Infections
(Editors: John W.A. Rossen, Silvia Garcia Cobos, Natacha Couto)
31 Dec 2017
Diversity and Dynamics of Marine Microbial Communities
(Editor: Johannes F. Imhoff)
29 Feb 2016 5
(Editors: Ricardo Amils, Elena González Toril)
30 Jun 2015 18
Filamentous Fungi in White Biotechnology
(Editors: Annele Hatakka, Taina Lundell)
30 Sep 2017 4
Fungal Nutrition Assimilation Strategies and Pathogenicity
(Editor: Julianne Djordjevic)
31 Jul 2017 2
Genomics, Molecular Biology, Environmental Diversity and Evolution of Archaea and their Viruses
(Editors: Roger A. Garrett, Elizaveta Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Don A. Cowan)
30 Aug 2017
Marine-Derived Exopolysaccharides to Mimic Glycosaminoglycans
(Editors: Sylvia Colliec-Jouault, Agata Zykwinska)
30 Jun 2017
Microbes and Food
(Editor: Giuseppe Comi)
15 Jul 2017 2
Microbial Activity in Food
(Editor: Giuseppe Comi)
31 Mar 2016 14
Microbial Biofilms and Human Infections
(Editors: Gianfranco Donelli, Claudia Vuotto)
30 Jun 2017 4
Microbial C1 Metabolism
(Editors: Marina G. Kalyuzhnaya, Ludmila Chistoserdova)
31 Jan 2015 10
Microbial Resource Management
(Editor: Willy Verstraete)
31 Oct 2015 9
Soil and Plant Microbiomes
(Editor: Carmine Crecchio)
15 Nov 2017
Symbiotic Plant-Bacterial Endospheric Interactions
(Editor: Sharon Lafferty Doty)
20 Oct 2017
The Biofilm Matrix
(Editor: Rikke Louise Meyer)
31 Dec 2016 8
The Functions of the Microbiome in Skin Health and Disease
(Editor: Emma Barnard)
15 Oct 2017
Toxic Cyanobacteria and Toxic Dinoflagellates
(Editors: Jussi Meriluoto, Anke Kremp)
30 Jun 2017 1

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