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Special Issue Title
Special Issue Editors
Section Submission Deadline Articles
Membranes and Water Treatment 2016
(Editors: Marco Stoller, Javier Miguel Ochando-Pulido)
Membrane Processes (Applications) 30 November 2016 3
Supported Lipid Membranes
(Editor: Bernhard Schuster)
Membrane Fabrication and Characterization 30 November 2016 2
Membrane Emulsification
(Editors: Lidietta Giorno, Emma Piacentini)
Membrane Processes (Fundamentals) 31 March 2017 4
Membranes: Fouling, Scaling and Aging
(Editor: Jega Veeriah Jegatheesan)
Membrane Processes (Fundamentals) 31 December 2016 2
Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors
(Editor: Baoqiang Liao)
(none) 31 January 2017
Biological, Biomimetic, and Biomedical Applications of Membranes
(Editor: Claus Hélix-Nielsen)
(none) 30 April 2017
Ceramic Membranes and Applications
(Editor: Edward Gobina)
(none) 30 September 2016
Formation and Applications of Asymmetric Membrane
(Editor: Anthony McHugh)
(none) 31 March 2017
Membrane Distillation for the Treatment of Brackish, Seawater and Brines Effluents
(Editor: Mohamed Khayet)
(none) 28 February 2017
Membrane Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis
(Editors: Bart Van der Bruggen, Xin Li)
(none) 31 August 2016
Nanofiber Membranes: Materials and Applications
(Editor: Jeffrey McCutcheon)
(none) 31 December 2016
Phytochemicals Modified Membranes
(Editor: Thein Kyu)
(none) 15 November 2016
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