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Submission Deadline
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Bone Substitute Materials
(Editor: Steven J. Eppell)
Biomaterials 30 Apr 2018
Constitutive Modelling of Biological Tissues and Biomaterials
(Editors: S. (Sandra) Loerakker, F.P.T. (Frank) Baaijens)
Biomaterials 31 Oct 2017 1
Polymeric Materials for Medical Applications
(Editors: Hicham Fenniri, Sidi M. Bencherif)
Biomaterials 28 Feb 2018 1
Energetic Materials and Processes
(Editor: Alexey Kondyurin)
Materials for Energy Applications 31 Mar 2018
Luminescent Materials 2017
(Editors: Jonathan Kitchen, Robert Elmes)
Materials for Energy Applications 30 Sep 2017 5
Improving Performance of Nanocomposite Materials
(Editor: Homayoun Hadavinia)
Advanced Composites 31 Aug 2017 7
NextGen Materials for 3D Printing
(Editors: Chee Kai Chua, Jia An, Wai Yee Yeong)
Manufacturing Processes and Systems 1 Oct 2017
Advanced Materials for Transport Applications
(Editors: Dirk Lehmhus, Joachim Hausmann, Axel von Hehl, Joerg Hohe, ir. R.C. Alderliesten, Kambiz Kayvantash)
31 Jan 2018
Advances in Pillared Clays and Similar Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
(Editors: Antonio Gil, Miguel A. Vicente)
31 Oct 2017 5
Advances in Superconductive and Magnetic Nanomaterials
(Editor: Jose Maria De Teresa)
31 Dec 2017 1
Advances in Testing and Predictive Modelling of Failure in Heat Resistant Steels
(Editor: Kamran Nikbin)
1 Jan 2018
Application of Photoactive Nanomaterials in Degradation of Pollutants
(Editor: Roberto Comparelli)
28 Feb 2018
Auxetic Materials 2017
(Editors: Teik-Cheng Lim, Krzysztof Witold Wojciechowski, Andy Alderson)
31 Aug 2017 1
Bioactive Glasses 2017
(Editors: Francesco Baino, Aldo R. Boccaccini, Enrica Verné)
31 Dec 2017 1
Biocompatible Metals for Skeletal Fixation and Joint Replacement Devices
(Editors: David Dean, Mohammad Elahinia, Jason Walker)
30 Nov 2017
Carbon Nanotubes 2017
(Editor: Giuseppe Cirillo)
31 Mar 2018
Characterization of Amorphous Materials
(Editors: Jacqueline Anne Johnson, Lee Leonard)
15 Oct 2017
Colloidal Quantum Dots
(Editor: David Binks)
30 Sep 2017
Composites for Wind Energy Applications
(Editors: Bent F. Sørensen, Leon Mishnaevsky Jr.)
31 Aug 2017
Contact Mechanics and Elastomer Friction of Materials
(Editor: -Ing. Jorg Wallaschek)
15 Oct 2017
Dental Biomaterials 2017
(Editor: Laurence J Walsh)
15 Sep 2017
Dental Implant Materials
(Editor: José Luis Calvo Guirado)
31 Dec 2017 5
Designed Colloidal Self-Assembly
(Editors: Andrei V. Petukhov, Gert Jan Vroege)
30 Sep 2017 4
Electronic Skin and Its Strain Sensing Application
(Editors: Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez, Pedro Costa, Vítor Manuel Gomes Correia)
31 May 2018
Electrospun Materials 2018
(Editor: Vitor Sencadas)
31 Dec 2017
Environmental Impact of Nanomaterials
(Editors: Harald F. Krug, Dana Kühnel, Anita Jemec Kokalj)
15 Dec 2017
Extraordinary Structures and Physicochemical Properties of Nanomaterials—Select Papers from ICNNN 2017
(Editors: Kazuo Umemura, Kenji OGINO)
31 Jan 2018
Functional Conjugated Polymers for Bioimaging and Biosensing
(Editors: Anitha Ethirajan, Wouter Maes)
30 Sep 2017 1
Graphene/Carbon Nanotubes Application in Solar Cells
(Editor: Joe Shapter)
15 Dec 2017
Green Activated Carbons
(Editor: George Z. Kyzas)
31 Mar 2018
Half-Heusler, Silicide and Zintl-type Thermoelectric Materials
(Editor: Jan-Willem Bos)
1 May 2018
Hard and Soft Hybrid Functional Materials
(Editor: Giuseppe Mele)
15 Apr 2018
High Entropy Alloys
(Editor: Michael Regev)
31 Dec 2017 1
High Temperature Oxidation and Protection of Alloys with High Dissolution of Oxygen
(Editor: Daniel Monceau)
30 Sep 2017
Intermetallic Alloys: Fabrication, Properties and Applications 2017
(Editor: Louisa Meshi)
31 Dec 2017 1
Ionic Liquids: New Materials for Sensors and Catalysis
(Editors: Xiangqun Zeng, Abdul Rehman, Zhe Wang)
31 Aug 2017
Laser in Nanotechnology and Biomedical Applications
(Editors: Mady Elbahri, Salah I. HassabElnaby)
31 Aug 2017 3
Laser Materials Processing
(Editors: Frank A. Müller, Stephan Gräf)
31 Mar 2018
Latest Nanotechnology Research Output 2017—Select papers from Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience International Conference—ANNIC 2017
(Editor: Alexander N. Obraztsov)
8 Feb 2018
Light Emitting Diodes and Laser Diodes: Materials and Devices
(Editors: Matteo Meneghini, Gaudenzio Meneghesso, Enrico Zanoni)
31 Oct 2017 3
Liquid Crystal-Assisted Advanced Functional Materials
(Editors: M. Blanca Ros, Raquel Giménez, Teresa Sierra)
30 Nov 2017 1
Magnetoresistance Effects and Their Application to Spintronic Devices
(Editors: Koki Takanashi, Atsufumi Hirohata)
31 Dec 2017
Materials Engineering—Select papers from Asia Conference on Mechanical and Materials Engineering (ACMME 2017)
(Editors: Ching An Huang, Omar S. Es-Said)
30 Nov 2017
Materials for Nano/Microelectronic Packaging Applications
(Editor: Mustafa Yavuz)
30 Nov 2017 1
Mechanical Properties of Additive Structures in Materials
(Editor: Robert Lancaster)
30 Nov 2017 1
Mesoporous Silica Catalysts
(Editors: Antonia Infantes-Molina, Elisa Moretti)
28 Feb 2018
Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Composite Materials
(Editor: Abbas S. Milani)
31 Oct 2017 3
Nanomaterials and Materials for Translational Research
(Editors: Carlos Lodeiro, Jose Luis Capelo, Javier Fernandez Lodeiro, Elisabete Oliveira)
31 Mar 2018
Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
(Editors: Anne Marie Healy, Eduardo Ruiz-Hernandez, Juan Luis Vivero-Escoto)
30 Nov 2017 1
Nanoscale Structure Resulting from Ultrafast Laser Interaction with Matter
(Editor: Joseph Sanderson)
31 Jan 2018 1
New Directions and Applications for Artificial Engineered Materials—Selected Papers from Metamaterials’ 2017
(Editors: Carsten Rockstuhl, Alessio Monti, Francesco Monticone, Davide Ramaccia)
31 Dec 2017
Nitride Ceramics: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
(Editors: Emanuel Ionescu, Samuel Bernard)
28 Feb 2018
Novel Electrochemical Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion
(Editor: Carlos Ponce de León Albarrán)
15 Dec 2017
Organic Electrochromic Materials
(Editors: Luca Beverina, Mauro Sassi)
30 Nov 2017 1
Perspectives on Additively Manufactured Metallic Materials
(Editor: Amir A. Zadpoor)
31 Aug 2017
Photonic Crystals for Chemical Sensing and Biosensing
(Editor: Soshu Kirihara)
1 Mar 2018
Physical Anti-Bacterial Nanostructured Biomaterials
(Editors: Elena Ivanova , Russell Crawford)
31 Mar 2018
Physics, Measurements and Applications of Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Materials
(Editor: Melvin M. Vopson)
30 Sep 2017 3
Polymer Derived Ceramics and Applications
(Editors: Samuel Bernard, Emanuel Ionescu)
31 Oct 2017
Polymers for Film Capacitors
(Editors: Qing Wang, Yang Shen, Qi Li)
30 Sep 2017 3
Polyoxometalate and Nanohybrid Materials
(Editor: Rudy Luck)
31 Oct 2017
Powder Compaction Science
(Editor: Csaba Sinka)
1 Dec 2017
Recent Advances in Smart Materials for the Built Environment
(Editors: Cesare Sangiorgi, Filippo Ubertini, Anna Laura Pisello)
31 Jan 2018
Recycled Materials, Eco-design and 3D Printing
(Editors: Francesco Colangelo, Fernando Fraternali, Luciano Feo)
31 Jan 2018 2
Scanning Probe Microscopy of Ferroics
(Editor: Andrei Kholkin)
31 Aug 2017
Select Papers from the 21st European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference and Exhibition—EMPC 2017
(Editors: Piotr Jasinski, Andrzej Dziedzic)
31 Jan 2018
Selected Material Related Papers from ICI2016
(Editors: Te-Hua Fang, Chien-Hung Liu, Ming-Tsang Lee, Tao-Hsing Chen)
31 Aug 2017 6
Selected Papers from IEEE ICASI 2017
(Editors: Shoou-Jinn Chang, Teen-Hang Meen, Stephen D. Prior)
31 Oct 2017 10
Selected Papers from IEEE ICICE 2017
(Editors: Shoou-Jinn Chang, Teen-Hang Meen, Stephen D. Prior)
1 Mar 2018
Selected Papers from IMETI2016
(Editors: Wen-Hsiang Hsieh, Yi-Chang Wu)
30 Sep 2017 2
SERS-Active Substrates
(Editors: Fabrizio Giorgis, Hugo Aguas)
17 Nov 2017
Soft Material-Enabled Electronics for Medicine, Healthcare, and Human-Machine Interfaces
(Editors: W. Hong Yeo, Jae-Woong Jeong)
31 May 2018
Sol-Gel Chemistry Applied to Materials Science
(Editor: Michelina Catauro)
15 Jan 2018 3
State-of-the-Art Materials Science in Belgium 2017
(Editor: Dirk Poelman)
31 Mar 2018
State-of-the-Art Materials Science in Italy 2017
(Editors: Carla Renata Arciola, Marco Salerno)
31 Mar 2018 1
State-of-the-Art Materials Science in UK 2017
(Editor: Duncan H. Gregory)
31 Mar 2018
Stretchable and Flexible Electronic Materials & Devices
(Editors: Jan Vanfleteren, Fu Hsiang Ko, Chih-Feng Wang, Frederick Bossuyt)
30 Nov 2017 4
Surface Modification of Nanoparticles
(Editors: Pablo del Pino, Beatriz Pelaz, Ester Polo)
30 Nov 2017
Syntactic Foams: Microstructural Characterisation and Effective Properties
(Editor: Lorenzo Bardella)
31 Aug 2017 4
Techniques and Methods for Advanced Characterization of Luminescent Materials
(Editors: Hubertus T. Hintzen, Benjamin Dierre)
30 Sep 2017 4
Temperature-Responsive Polymers
(Editor: Annabelle Bertin)
1 Mar 2018
Textures and Anisotropy in Advanced Materials
(Editor: Daniel Chateigner)
31 Dec 2017 2
Theory, Experiment and Modelling of the Dynamic Response of Materials
(Editor: William G Proud)
15 Nov 2017 1
Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Structural Lightweight Alloys
(Editor: Guillermo Requena)
31 Jan 2018
Transparent Ceramics and Applications
(Editor: Rémy Boulesteix)
28 Feb 2018 1
Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites
(Editor: Angel L. Ortiz)
30 Apr 2018
Ultrathin Two-dimensional (2D) Nanomaterials
(Editor: Elisabetta Comini)
17 Nov 2017 2
Wear-Corrosion Synergy, Nanocoating and Control of Materials
(Editor: Zulfiqar Khan)
31 Oct 2017 2
Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: Growth, Properties and Applications
(Editors: Shijie Xu, Yue Hao)
1 Oct 2017 1
Zinc Oxide Nanostructures: Synthesis and Characterization
(Editor: Sotirios Baskoutas)
31 Oct 2017 4

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