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Special Issues - Games

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Special Issue Editors
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Advances in Evolutionary Game Theory and Applications
(Guest Editor: Theodore C. Bergstrom)
31 July 2013 5
Bargaining Games
(Guest Editor: Bahar Leventoglu)
01 December 2014 1
Coalition Formation
(Guest Editor: Anke Gerber)
31 May 2010 6
Contract Theory
(Guest Editor: Tim Worrall)
31 July 2013 6
Cooperation, Trust, and Reciprocity
(Guest Editors: Martin A. Nowak, Christian Hilbe)
15 May 2015
Epistemic Game Theory and Modal Logic
(Guest Editor: Herbert Gintis)
31 July 2010 5
Experimental Studies of Social Dilemma Games
(Guest Editor: Ananish Chaudhuri)
31 July 2015
Fairness in Games
(Guest Editor: Dorothea K. Herreiner)
31 January 2012 6
Game Theory and Institutional Economics (incl. Evolutionary Games and American Evolutionary Institutionalism of the Veblen-ian Kind)
(Guest Editors: Wolfram Elsner, Torsten Heinrich, Henning Schwardt, Claudius Gräbner)
15 February 2014 5
Political Economy and Game Theory
(Guest Editors: Jon X. Eguia, Gergely Ujhelyi)
31 December 2014
Predicting Behavior in Games
(Guest Editors: Ido Erev, Alvin E. Roth, Eyal Ert)
01 December 2011 8
Social Networks and Network Formation
(Guest Editor: Siegfried K. Berninghaus)
15 July 2010 9
Social Networks and Network Formation 2013
(Guest Editor: Stephan Schosser)
31 January 2014 1
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