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16th CIRIAF National Congress – Sustainable Development, Environment and Human Health Protection
(Editor: Francesco Asdrubali)
30 September 2016
Advanced Electrification for Transportation and Built Environment
(Editor: King Jet Tseng)
30 November 2016
Advanced Heating and Cooling Techniques
(Editors: Vincent Lemort, Samuel Gendebien)
31 July 2016 4
Advanced Power Electronics and Control for Wireless Power Transfer Systems
(Editors: Sheldon S. Williamson, Akshay K. Rathore, Fei Gao, Ritesh Keshri, Jin Ye, Lalit Patnaik)
17 January 2017
Advanced Thermal Simulation of Energy Systems
(Editor: Marco Marengo)
15 December 2016
Advances in Fermentative Hydrogen Production
(Editors: Patrícia Moura, Idania Valdez-Vazquez)
15 March 2017
Advances in Power System Operations and Planning
(Editor: Gianfranco Chicco)
15 October 2016
Advances in Predictive Modeling of Nuclear Energy Systems
(Editor: Dan Gabriel Cacuci)
25 September 2016
Applied Energy System Modeling 2016
(Editor: Robert Lundmark)
30 November 2016
Biomass Chars: Elaboration, Characterization and Applications
(Editors: Mejdi Jeguirim, Lionel Limousy)
15 January 2017
Biomass Combustion for Heat and Power Generation
(Editors: Khanh-Quang Tran, Øyvind Skreiberg)
31 January 2017
CO2 Capture
(Editors: Fernando Rubiera González, Covadonga Pevida García)
31 October 2016
Combustion and Propulsion
(Editors: Antonio Ficarella, Maria Grazia De Giorgi)
15 December 2016 2
Contemporary Environmental Paradigms and the Renewable Energy in Rural Economies
(Editors: Istudor Nicolae, Ignacio de los Ríos Carmenado, Andrei Jean Vasile, Subic Jonel)
31 August 2016
Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells
(Editors: Francesco Lufrano, Antonino S. Aricò, Vincenzo Baglio)
30 November 2016
Distributed Renewable Generation
(Editor: João P. S. Catalão)
30 June 2016 10
Economics of Bioenergy 2016
(Editor: Robert Lundmark)
30 November 2016
Electric Machines and Drives for Renewable Energy Harvesting
(Editor: K.T. Chau)
31 January 2017
Electric Power Systems Research 2017
(Editor: Ying-Yi Hong)
31 January 2017
Energy and Waste Management
(Editor: Ola Eriksson)
31 August 2016
Energy Conservation in Infrastructures 2016
(Editor: Hossam A. Gabbar (Gaber))
30 November 2016
Energy Economics 2016
(Editors: Eric Girardin, Guy Liu)
31 August 2016
Energy Efficiency and Controllability of Fluid Power Systems
(Editor: Andrea Vacca)
31 March 2017
Energy Efficient City
(Editor: Jukka Heinonen)
15 July 2016 4
Energy Management, Control, and System Architectures for Electric Vehicle Applications
(Editors: Jih-Sheng (Jason) Lai, Kuohsiu David Huang, Ching-Ming Lai)
15 January 2017
Energy Policy and Climate Change 2016
(Editors: Vincenzo Dovì, Antonella Battaglini)
31 December 2016 5
Energy Saving Design for Manufacturing Process, Product, and System
(Editor: Hua Li)
31 July 2016 3
Energy Time Series Forecasting
(Editors: José C. Riquelme, Alicia Troncoso, Francisco Martínez-Álvarez)
15 July 2016 1
Forecasting Models of Electricity Prices
(Editor: Javier Contreras)
31 August 2016 2
Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems in Remote Sites
(Editor: Adrian Ilinca)
30 September 2016
Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation for the Exploitation of Unconventional Resources in Worldwide
(Editor: Mofazzal Hossain)
15 November 2016
Hydrogen Production, Separation and Applications
(Editor: Wei-Hsin Chen)
31 August 2016 2
Industrial Energy Efficiency
(Editors: Patrik Thollander, Enrico Cagno)
15 September 2016 1
Low Carbon Economy
(Editor: John Barrett)
30 September 2016 1
Microgrids 2016
(Editor: Josep M. Guerrero)
30 September 2016 14
Modeling and Simulation for Wind Turbine Loads Analysis
(Editors: Lance Manuel, Rupp Carriveau)
15 July 2016 4
Nano-Structured Solar Cells
(Editor: Narottam Das)
31 July 2016 5
Next-Generation Low-Carbon Power and Energy Systems
(Editors: Paul Stewart, Chris Bingham)
15 November 2016
Numerical Modelling of Wave and Tidal Energy
(Editor: Stephen Nash)
15 July 2016 3
Optimal and Neural Network Control for Renewables and Electric Power and Energy Systems
(Editors: Shuhui Li, Eduardo Alonso, Xingang Fu)
31 December 2016 3
Power Electronics Optimal Design and Control
(Editor: Ali M. Bazzi)
15 August 2016 2
Pyrolysis of Biomass
(Editors: Alina M. Balu, Rafael Luque Alvarez de Sotomayor)
15 December 2016
Recent Advances in Organic Rankine Cycle Technology for Stationary Applications
(Editors: Andrew J. Haslam, Christos N. Markides)
30 September 2016
Redox Flow Batteries
(Editor: Xiaoliang Wei)
15 July 2016 1
Renewable Energy Technologies for Small Scale Applications
(Editors: Maurizio Sasso, Carlo Roselli)
30 June 2016 2
Selected Papers from 16 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC 2016)
(Editor: Rodolfo Araneo)
25 September 2016
Selected Papers from 2016 IEEE International Conference on High Voltage Engineering (ICHVE 2016)
(Editors: Issouf Fofana, Jian Li)
30 March 2017
Selected Papers from 2016 International Conference on New Energy and Future Energy System (NEFES2016)
(Editors: Tea Zakula, V. Ponnusami, Grigoras Gheorghe)
25 September 2016
Selected Papers from 2nd Energy Future Conference
(Editors: Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou, Da-Wei Wang, Yun-Hau Ng)
31 August 2016
Selected Papers from ECOS 2016—The 29th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems
(Editor: Alojz Poredos)
25 September 2016
Selected Papers from Fiery Ice 2016: the 10th International Workshop on Methane Hydrate Research and Development
(Editors: Richard B. Coffin, Bjørn Kvamme, Stephen Masutani, Norio Tenma, Tsutomu Uchida)
31 December 2016
Selected Papers from the 5th Annual Conference for the Development and Utilization of Deep Geothermal Energy
(Editors: Kewen Li, Kamel Hooman)
31 July 2016
Selected Papers from ZEMCH 2016: Building Energy Performance Evaluation/Simulation
(Editor: Arman Hashemi)
30 June 2017
Semiconductor Power Devices
(Editors: Alberto Castellazzi, Andrea Irace)
20 September 2016
Smart Design, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
(Editors: Yun Li, Yi (Leo) Chen, Erfu Yang, Hongnian Yu, Jun Zhang, Huaqiang Yuan)
31 December 2016
Smart Home Energy Management
(Editors: Giovanni Pau, Mario Collotta, Antonio Ruano, Jiahu Qin)
30 November 2016 1
Smart Microgrids: Developing the Intelligent Power Grid of Tomorrow
(Editor: Paras Mandal)
15 January 2017 1
Solar Cooling and Heating
(Editors: Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d’Accadia, Annamaria Buonomano)
15 December 2016 1
Solar Photocatalysis 2016
(Editor: José Antonio Sánchez Pérez)
31 July 2016
Solar Photovoltaics Trilemma: Efficiency, Stability and Cost Reduction 2017
(Editors: Senthilarasu Sundaram, Tapas Mallick)
20 January 2017
Space Power and Propulsion
(Editor: Martin Tajmar)
31 July 2016
Techniques of Control for Energy Optimization in Actuators, Motors and Power Generation Systems
(Editor: Paolo Mercorelli)
30 September 2016 5
Thermally Driven Systems
(Editor: Brian Agnew)
15 October 2016
Thermo-Chemical Conversion of Waste Biomass
(Editor: Witold Kwapinski)
15 November 2016
Thermoelectric Materials for Energy Conversion
(Editor: Zhi-Gang Chen)
30 October 2016
Turbulent Combustion
(Editor: Ramzy Abdel-Gayed)
30 June 2016
Unconventional Natural Gas (UNG) Recoveries
(Editor: Ranjith Pathegama Gamage)
15 December 2016
Urban Generation of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Cities
(Editor: Francisco Manzano Agugliaro)
30 September 2016 2
Wireless Power Transfer 2016
(Editor: Hongjian Sun)
15 October 2016
Woody Biomass for Bioenergy Production
(Editor: Jaya Shankar Tumuluru)
15 September 2017
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