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Advances and Challenges in Cellulosic Ethanol
(Guest Editor: Dimitris S. Argyropoulos)
15 September 2014 0
Advances in Hybrid Vehicles
(Guest Editor: K.T. Chau)
15 April 2014 19
Advances in Nuclear Reactor and Fuel Cycle Technologies
(Guest Editors: Erich Schneider, Peter Hosemann)
15 November 2014 0
Advances in Quantum Dot Solar Cells
(Guest Editor: Anthony Krier)
15 October 2014 0
Algae Based Technologies
(Guest Editor: Paul L. Chen)
30 September 2014 0
Biomass Resource Efficiency for the Biobased Industries
(Guest Editor: Calliope Panoutsou)
15 May 2014 0
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): Bio-Energy vs Fossil Fuels
(Guest Editor: Jennie C. Stephens)
15 December 2014 0
Coastal Ocean Natural Gas Hydrate 2014
(Guest Editor: Richard B. Coffin)
31 August 2014 0
Electrochemical Energy Storage—Battery and Capacitor
(Guest Editor: Sheng S. Zhang)
15 August 2014 0
Energy Efficient Building Design and Operation 2014
(Guest Editor: Stephen Treado)
15 June 2014 6
Energy Transitions and Economic Change
(Guest Editor: David I. Stern)
15 July 2014 1
Geothermal Energy: Delivering on the Global Potential
(Guest Editor: Paul Younger, FREng)
30 April 2014 2
Green IT and IT for Smart Energy Savings
(Guest Editor: Erol Gelenbe)
31 May 2014 0
Reacting Transport Phenomena in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
(Guest Editor: Jinliang Yuan)
30 April 2014 3
Renewable Energy for Agriculture
(Guest Editor: Talal Yusaf)
15 May 2014 3
Selected Papers from the 1st International e-Conference on Energies — Whither Energy Conversion? Present Trends, Current Problems and Realistic Future Solutions
(Guest Editor: Enrico Sciubba)
31 July 2014 0
Sustainable Energy Innovation: Strategies to Accelerate Progress
(Guest Editors: Peter G. Taylor, Tim Cockerill)
15 June 2014 0
Waste Heat Recovery—Strategy and Practice
(Guest Editor: Dieter Brüggemann)
30 June 2014 3
Wind Turbines 2014
(Guest Editor: Frede Blaabjerg)
31 July 2014 13
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