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Special Issues - Energies

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Special Issue Title
Special Issue Editors
Submission Deadline
Subm. D/L
Emerging Power Electronics Technologies for Power Systems and Machine Drives
(Editor: Tomonobu Senjyu)
Electrical Power and Energy System 31 Mar 2018 89
Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
(Editor: Artur J. Jaworski)
Electrical Power and Energy System 31 Jan 2019 6
Heat and Mass Transfer in Energy Systems
(Editors: Alessandro Mauro, Nicola Massarotti)
Electrical Power and Energy System 28 Feb 2019
Intelligent Control in Energy Systems
(Editor: Anastasios Dounis)
Electrical Power and Energy System 30 Apr 2019 4
Multilevel Converters: Analysis, Modulation, Topologies, and Applications
(Editors: Gabriele Grandi, Alexander Ruderman)
Electrical Power and Energy System 31 Oct 2018 6
Optimization Methods Applied to Power Systems
(Editors: Francisco G. Montoya, Raúl Baños Navarro)
Electrical Power and Energy System 28 Feb 2019 7
Power Electronics for Energy Storage
(Editor: Eric Ka-Wai Cheng)
Electrical Power and Energy System 31 Aug 2018 5
Smart Management Energy Systems in Industry 4.0
(Editors: Renato Ferrero, Mario Collotta, Maria Victoria Bueno-Delgado, Hsing-Chung Chen)
Electrical Power and Energy System 15 Feb 2019
The Digital Revolution in Future Power Distribution and Microgrids
(Editors: Eleonora Riva Sanseverino, Juan C. Vasquez, Maria Luisa Di Silvestre)
Electrical Power and Energy System 30 Nov 2018 3
Control and Nonlinear Dynamics on Energy Conversion Systems
(Editors: Herbert Ho-Ching Iu, Abdelali El Aroudi)
Energy Fundamentals and Conversion 30 Sep 2018 8
Nanotechnology for Energy Materials
(Editors: Mingdong Dong, Bo Liu, Jing Zhong)
Energy Fundamentals and Conversion 30 Sep 2018 2
Recent Advances in the Development of Novel Solid State Materials as Oxygen Carriers: Thermodynamics, Synthesis and Energetic Applications
(Editors: Detlef W. Bahnemann, Samia Ben Hammouda)
Energy Fundamentals and Conversion 31 Oct 2018
Offshore Renewable Energy: Ocean Waves, Tides and Offshore Wind
(Editors: Eugen Rusu, Vengatesan Venugopal )
Energy Sources 30 Sep 2018 5
Solar and Wind Energy Forecasting
(Editors: Sonia Leva, Emanuele Ogliari)
Energy Sources 31 Oct 2018 7
Advanced Electric Devices and Technologies for Electric-Drive Robotics
(Editors: Chunhua Liu, Zhen Zhang, Fei Zhao)
Energy Storage and Application 31 Dec 2017 6
Advances in Supercapacitor Technology and Applications
(Editors: Alon Kuperman, Alessandro Lampasi)
Energy Storage and Application 30 Apr 2019
Nano-Structured Solar Cells 2018
(Editor: Narottam Das)
Energy Storage and Application 15 Feb 2019
Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage and Utilization
(Editors: Zhao Xu, Junhua Zhao)
Energy Storage and Application 31 Oct 2018 9
BioEnergy and BioChemicals Production from Biomass and Residual Resources
(Editors: Dimitar Karakashev, Yifeng Zhang)
Sustainable Energy 15 Apr 2018 22
Biofuel and Bioenergy Technology
(Editors: Wei-Hsin Chen, Keat Teong Lee, Hwai Chyuan Ong)
Sustainable Energy 31 Mar 2019 13
Building Energy Use: Modeling and Analysis
(Editors: Yuyu Zhou, Yi Jiang, Sha Yu, Diana Ürge-Vorsatz)
Sustainable Energy 31 Oct 2018 15
Building Renewable Energy and Thermal Energy Storage System 2018
(Editors: Yanping Yuan, Xudong Zhao)
Sustainable Energy 20 Oct 2018 7
Energy Efficient and Smart Cities
(Editor: Vicky Cheng)
Sustainable Energy 31 Mar 2018 14
Microbial Electrochemical Systems
(Editors: Eileen Yu, Jean-Marie Fontmorin, Xu Wang, Annemiek ter Heijne)
Sustainable Energy 31 May 2018
Modeling and Simulation of Carbon Emission Related Issues
(Editor: Wen-Hsien Tsai)
Sustainable Energy 30 Nov 2018 11
Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems
(Editors: Teuvo Suntio, Tuomas Messo)
Sustainable Energy 20 Dec 2018 10
Selected Papers from SDEWES 2017: The 12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems
(Editors: Neven Duić, Xiliang Zhang, Mário M. G. Costa, Qiuwang Wang, Francesco Calise)
Sustainable Energy 30 Apr 2018 17
Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems
(Editor: Adolf Acquaye)
Sustainable Energy 31 Dec 2017 28
Sustainable Energy Development Strategies: Energy Efficiency and Renewables
(Editors: Dalia Štreimikienė, Tomas Baležentis)
Sustainable Energy 28 Mar 2019 5
Sustainable Energy Systems
(Editors: Nídia Caetano, Zita Vale, Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen, Carlos Felgueiras)
Sustainable Energy 15 Nov 2018
The 6th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management: NAXOS 2018
(Editors: Mejdi Jeguirim, Lionel Limousy, Konstantinos Moustakas)
Sustainable Energy 30 Sep 2018
The Governance of Sustainable Cities and Innovative Transport
(Editors: Martin de Jong, Rui Mu, Araz Taeihagh)
Sustainable Energy 31 Mar 2018 8
Thermochemical Biorefining
(Editor: Lasse Rosendahl)
Sustainable Energy 1 Oct 2018
Towards a Transformation to Sustainable Aviation Systems
(Editors: Jens Friedrichs, Ulrike Krewer, Peter Horst, Thomas Spengler, Rolf Radespiel, Arno Kwade)
Sustainable Energy 31 Jul 2018 16
Urban Generation of Renewable Energy and Energy Saving in Cities
(Editor: Francisco Manzano Agugliaro)
Sustainable Energy 28 Feb 2018 6
10 Years Energies - Horizon 2028
(Editors: Enrico Sciubba, Paul Stewart, Thomas E. Amidon, K.T. Chau, Abdul-Ghani Olabi)
31 Dec 2018 17
100% Renewable Energy Transition: Pathways and Implementation
(Editors: Claudia Kemfert, Christian Breyer, Pao-Yu Oei)
28 Nov 2018
16th CIRIAF National Congress – Sustainable Development, Environment and Human Health Protection
(Editor: Francesco Asdrubali)
31 Oct 2016 17
17th CIRIAF National Congress – Sustainable Development, Environment and Human Health Protection
(Editors: Francesco D’Alessandro, Giorgio Baldinelli)
31 Oct 2017 7
17TH International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering
(Editor: Rodolfo Araneo)
15 Mar 2018 10
2017 Prognostics and System Health Management Conference
(Editors: Rui Xiong, Datong Liu, Michael Gerard Pecht, Bin Zhang)
31 May 2018 4
2018 EU–China Symposiums on Renewable Energy/Sustainable Energy and Energy Storage Technologies
(Editors: Xudong Zhao, Xiaoli Ma, Zishang Zhu, Guiqiang Li, Yuanda Cheng)
1 Nov 2018
2nd International Colloquium on Smart Grid Metrology (SmaGriMet 2019)
(Editors: Martin Dadic, Marko Jurcevic, Goran Petrovic)
30 Sep 2019
4th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating
(Editor: Karl Sperling)
15 Jan 2019
Academic and Industrial Research Experience for Experimental Microgrids
(Editors: Giuseppe Forte, Maria Dicorato)
28 Sep 2018 1
Advanced Control Techniques for Power Converters
(Editors: Robert Griñó, Santiago Cobreces)
31 May 2018 7
Advanced Energy Storage Technologies and Their Applications (AESA) Printed Edition available
(Editors: Rui Xiong, Hailong Li, Joe (Xuan) Zhou)
15 May 2017 23
Advanced Heating and Cooling Techniques
(Editors: Vincent Lemort, Samuel Gendebien)
15 Oct 2016 9
Advanced Operation and Control of Smart Microgrids
(Editors: Wenxin Liu, Il-Yop Chung, Hao Xu)
30 Nov 2017 11
Advanced Power Electronics and Control for Wireless Power Transfer Systems
(Editors: Sheldon S. Williamson, Akshay K. Rathore, Fei Gao, Ritesh Keshri, Jin Ye, Lalit Patnaik)
17 Jan 2017 14
Advanced Thermal Simulation of Energy Systems
(Editor: Marco Marengo)
30 Jun 2017 7
Advances in Biomass for Energy Technology
(Editor: Tariq Al-Shemmeri)
29 Feb 2016 8
Advances in Coal, Biomass and Biowaste Processing Technology
(Editor: Adam Smoliński)
1 Dec 2018
Advances in Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles 2017
(Editors: Joeri Van Mierlo, Omar Hegazy)
15 Jun 2017 12
Advances in Electrical Power Engineering—Select papers from 53rd International Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC2018)
(Editor: Mohamed Emad Farrag)
10 Dec 2018
Advances in Hybrid Vehicles
(Editor: K.T. Chau)
15 Apr 2014 32
Advances in Hydroelectric Power Generation
(Editor: Ånund Killingtveit)
30 Jun 2011 5
Advances in Nuclear Reactor and Fuel Cycle Technologies
(Editors: Erich Schneider, Peter Hosemann)
28 Feb 2015 9
Advances in Petroleum Engineering
(Editor: Turgay Ertekin)
15 Jul 2011 5
Advances in Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles
(Editors: Joeri Van Mierlo, Ming Cheng, Omar Hegazy, Wei Hua)
31 Jul 2015 39
Advances in Power System Operations and Planning
(Editor: Gianfranco Chicco)
30 Nov 2016 17
Advances in Predictive Modeling of Nuclear Energy Systems
(Editor: Dan Gabriel Cacuci)
20 Feb 2017 5
Agriculture and Energy
(Editor: Filippo Sgroi)
31 May 2016 6
Algae Based Technologies
(Editor: Paul L. Chen)
30 Sep 2014 7
Algae Fuel
(Editor: Paul L. Chen)
28 Feb 2012 10
Algae Fuel 2013
(Editor: Paul L. Chen)
31 Aug 2013 13
Algal Biotechnology
(Editor: Raman Vaidyanathan)
15 May 2019
Alternative Sources of Energy Modeling and Automation
(Editor: George S. Stavrakakis)
30 Nov 2018 1
Analysis and Design of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
(Editor: Jorge Garcia)
27 Feb 2019 1
Applications of Heuristic Methods to Electrical Power Engineering
(Editor: Federico Milano)
20 Apr 2019
Applied Energy System Modeling 2015
(Editor: Robert Lundmark)
30 Dec 2015 7
Applied Energy System Modeling 2016
(Editor: Robert Lundmark)
30 Nov 2016 7
Applied Energy System Modeling 2018
(Editor: Robert Lundmark)
31 Dec 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grid
(Editors: Miltiadis D. Lytras, Kwok Tai Chui)
31 Oct 2018
Automation Control and Energy Efficiency in Complex Systems
(Editor: Hamid Khayyam)
15 Oct 2018 2
Automotive Engines Emissions and Control
(Editor: Evangelos G. Giakoumis)
31 May 2017 11
Battery Energy Storage Applications in Smart Grid
(Editors: Hongyu Wu, Amin Khodaei)
15 Sep 2017 7
Battery Storage Technology for a Sustainable Future
(Editors: Cher Ming Tan, Zhongbao Wei, Feng Leng, Michael Gerard Pecht)
15 Dec 2018 3
Biodiesel Production
(Editor: Juan A. Reyes-Labarta)
20 Jan 2019
Bioenergy and Biorefining
(Editor: Thomas E. Amidon)
30 Apr 2015 20
Biofuels: Energy and Fuels, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences 31 Dec 2009 13
Biological Fuel Cells and Their Applications
(Editors: Maxime Pontie, Christophe Innocent)
15 Nov 2018
Biomass and Biofuels
(Editor: Thomas E. Amidon)
30 Jun 2011 8
Biomass and Biofuels 2012
(Editor: Thomas E. Amidon)
30 May 2012 20
Biomass and Biofuels 2013
(Editor: Thomas E. Amidon)
31 Oct 2013 32
Biomass and Biofuels 2019
(Editor: Thomas E. Amidon)
30 Jun 2019
Biomass Chars: Elaboration, Characterization and Applications Printed Edition available
(Editors: Mejdi Jeguirim, Lionel Limousy)
30 Jun 2017 16
Biomass Chars: Elaboration, Characterization and Applications Ⅱ
(Editors: Mejdi Jeguirim, Lionel Limousy)
31 Jul 2018 16
Biomass for Energy Country Specific Show Case Studies Printed Edition available
(Editor: Tariq Al-Shemmeri)
31 May 2017 5
Biomass for Energy Country Specific Show Case Studies 2019
(Editor: Tariq Al-Shemmeri)
28 Feb 2019
Biomass Resource Efficiency for the Biobased Industries
(Editor: Calliope Panoutsou)
15 May 2014 7
Biorefinery Based on Olive Biomass
(Editor: Eulogio Castro)
15 Jan 2019
Building-Integrated Photovoltaics/Luminescent Solar Concentrators
(Editors: Paulo Sérgio de Brito André, Rute A.S. Ferreira)
15 Nov 2018
Carbon Capture and Storage
(Editor: José Carlos Magalhães Pires)
31 Oct 2018 4
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): Bio-Energy vs Fossil Fuels
(Editor: Jennie C. Stephens)
15 Dec 2014 5
Clean Fuels in Low Temperature Combustion
(Editors: Seong-Young Lee, Li Qiao)
28 Feb 2019 1
Cleaner Combustion
(Editors: Derek Dunn-Rankin, Yu-Chien Chien)
28 Feb 2019 1
CO2 Capture
(Editors: Fernando Rubiera González, Covadonga Pevida García)
31 Mar 2017 7
Coal Combustion and Gasification
(Editor: Mehrdad Massoudi)
30 Jun 2013 9
Coal Gasification and Liquefaction 30 Nov 2009 7
Coastal Ocean Natural Gas Hydrate 2014
(Editor: Richard B. Coffin)
31 Jan 2015 10
Combined Heat and Power – Strategy and Practice
(Editor: Joshua Swithenbank)
30 Sep 2012 6
Combustion and Propulsion
(Editors: Antonio Ficarella, Maria Grazia De Giorgi)
15 Dec 2016 12
Communication Networks in Power Systems
(Editor: Salman Mohagheghi)
15 Feb 2019
Communications in Microgrids
(Editors: Peter X. Liu, Wenchao Meng, Hui Chen, Chuanling Zhang)
31 Oct 2018
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 2018
(Editors: Gavin Tabor, Dimitris Drikakis)
30 Apr 2019
Computational Methods of Multi-Physics Problems
(Editor: Timon Rabczuk)
30 Nov 2018 3
Contemporary Environmental Paradigms and the Renewable Energy in Rural Economies
(Editors: Istudor Nicolae, Ignacio de los Ríos Carmenado, Andrei Jean Vasile, Subic Jonel)
27 Feb 2017 8
Control and Communication in Distributed Generation Systems
(Editor: Miguel Castilla)
18 Jan 2018 19
Control in Power Electronics
(Editors: George Weiss, Yoash Levron)
20 Mar 2019
Control of Energy Storage Printed Edition available
(Editor: William Holderbaum)
31 Jan 2016 19
Data Analytics in Energy Systems
(Editors: Ali Elkamel, Ali Ahmadian, Mohamed Bin Shams)
31 Mar 2019
Data Science and Big Data in Energy Forecasting
(Editors: José C. Riquelme, Alicia Troncoso, Francisco Martínez-Álvarez)
5 Feb 2018 13
Data-Driven Methods in Modern Power Engineering
(Editors: Aristides Kiprakis, Naran Pindoriya)
31 Mar 2019
DC Systems
(Editors: Pavol Bauer, Laura Ramirez Elizondo)
15 Jan 2018 5
Decentralised Energy Supply Systems
(Editor: Matthew Leach)
28 Feb 2018 6
Decentralized Management of Energy Streams in Smart Grids
(Editor: G.J.M. (Gerard) Smit)
30 Apr 2016 18
Demand Response in Electricity Markets
(Editors: Henrik Madsen, Seyyed Ali Pourmousavi Kani)
31 Oct 2018 2
Demand-Response in Smart Buildings
(Editors: Denia Kolokotsa, Gloria Pignatta, Kostas Gobakis)
20 Feb 2019
Design and Control of Power Converters
(Editor: Manuel Arias Pérez de Azpeitia)
31 Mar 2019 3
Design, Fabrication and Performance of Wind Turbines
(Editors: Kyung Chun Kim, Yingzheng Liu)
20 Mar 2019
Designing, Monitoring, Diagnosis and Reliability of the Renewable Energy Systems
(Editors: Silvano Vergura, Giuseppe Marco Tina)
31 Mar 2019 2
Digital Solutions for Energy Management and Power Generation
(Editor: Ricardo J. Bessa)
20 Feb 2019
Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells
(Editors: Francesco Lufrano, Antonino S. Aricò, Vincenzo Baglio)
31 Dec 2016 5
Distributed and Renewable Power Generation
(Editor: Michael Negnevitsky)
15 Dec 2017 5
Distributed and Renewable Power Generation 2018
(Editor: Michael Negnevitsky)
15 Dec 2018
Distributed Energy Resources Management
(Editor: Pedro Faria)
15 Sep 2017 13
Distributed Energy Resources Management 2018
(Editors: Pedro Faria, Zita Vale)
15 Oct 2018
Distributed Renewable Generation
(Editor: João P. S. Catalão)
30 Jun 2016 17
Distributed Renewable Generation 2018
(Editor: João P. S. Catalão)
30 Jun 2018 7
Distribution Power Systems and Power Quality
(Editor: Birgitte Bak-Jensen)
31 Jul 2017 10
Distribution System Operation and Control
(Editors: Pierluigi Siano, Miadreza Shafie-khah)
31 Aug 2018 7
District Heating
(Editor: Alemayehu Gebremedhin)
31 Aug 2018 3
Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
(Editor: Claudia Barolo)
31 May 2016 10
Economics of Bioenergy 2015
(Editor: Robert Lundmark)
30 Dec 2015 10
Economics of Bioenergy 2016
(Editor: Robert Lundmark)
30 Jun 2017 5
Economics of Bioenergy 2019
(Editor: Robert Lundmark)
31 Dec 2019
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
(Editor: K.T. Chau)
31 Aug 2011 12
Electric Fields in Energy & Process Engineering
(Editor: Lars Zigan)
10 Apr 2018 7
Electric Machines and Drives for Renewable Energy Harvesting
(Editor: K.T. Chau)
31 Jan 2017 11
Electric Machines and Drives for Renewable Energy Harvesting 2017
(Editor: K.T. Chau)
31 Dec 2017 7
Electric Power Systems Research Printed Edition available
(Editor: Ying-Yi Hong)
15 Jan 2016 23
Electric Power Systems Research 2017
(Editor: Ying-Yi Hong)
28 Feb 2017 30
Electric Power Systems Research 2018
(Editor: Ying-Yi Hong)
31 Dec 2018 11
Electrical Machine Design
(Editors: Johan Gyselinck, Luigi Alberti, Yves Mollet)
1 May 2019
Electrical Power and Energy Systems
(Editors: Paul Stewart, Chris Bingham)
30 Apr 2012 14
Electrical Power and Energy Systems for Transportation Applications Printed Edition available
(Editors: Paul Stewart, Chris Bingham)
30 Apr 2015 26
Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies
(Editors: Hee-Je Kim, Huilin Pan)
30 Sep 2018 1
Electrochemical Energy Storage - 2015
(Editor: Sheng S. Zhang)
15 Feb 2016 7
Electrochemical Energy Storage—Battery and Capacitor
(Editor: Sheng S. Zhang)
15 Aug 2014 19
Emerging Advances in Petrophysics: Porous Media Characterization and Modeling of Multiphase Flow
(Editors: Jianchao Cai, Shuyu Sun, Hassan Dehghanpour, Zhien Zhang)
30 Sep 2018 4
Energy and Environment
(Editors: Frauke Urban, Johan Nordensvard)
30 Nov 2018 1
Energy and Waste Management
(Editor: Ola Eriksson)
15 Dec 2016 10
Energy Conservation and Management in Infrastructures 2018
(Editor: Hossam A. Gabbar (Gaber))
1 Nov 2018
Energy Conservation in Infrastructures
(Editor: Hossam A. Gabbar (Gaber))
30 Jun 2015 21
Energy Conservation in Infrastructures 2016
(Editor: Hossam A. Gabbar (Gaber))
30 Nov 2016 11
Energy Economics 31 Aug 2009 5
Energy Economy, Sustainable Energy and Energy Saving
(Editors: Sang-Bing Tsai, Xiaohong Chen, Jintao Xu, Qinghua Zhu, Baozhuang Niu)
30 Dec 2018 11
Energy Efficiency and Controllability of Fluid Power Systems
(Editor: Andrea Vacca)
31 Mar 2017 17
Energy Efficiency and Controllability of Fluid Power Systems 2018
(Editor: Andrea Vacca)
20 Dec 2018 2
Energy Efficiency and Data-Driven Control
(Editors: Radu-Emil Precup, Zhongsheng Hou)
25 Mar 2019
Energy Efficiency in Plants and Buildings
(Editors: Ulrich Wagner, Wessam El-Baz)
28 Feb 2019 2
Energy Efficiency in the Supply Chains and Logistics
(Editor: Simone Zanoni)
31 Jul 2018 4
Energy Efficient Actuators and Systems
(Editors: Jihong Wang, Timothy Gordon, Jacek Wojcik)
31 Jan 2016 12
Energy Efficient Building Design
(Editor: Stephen Treado)
30 Nov 2011 5
Energy Efficient Building Design 2013
(Editor: Nyuk Hien Wong)
31 May 2013 21
Energy Efficient Building Design 2016
(Editor: Nyuk Hien Wong)
15 Jan 2016 18
Energy Efficient Building Design and Operation 2014
(Editor: Stephen Treado)
15 Jun 2014 20
Energy Efficient Buildings and Green Buildings
(Editor: Chi-Ming Lai)
31 Dec 2012 20
Energy Efficient City
(Editor: Jukka Heinonen)
15 Jul 2016 12
Energy for Agriculture
(Editors: Talal Yusaf, Gholamhassan Najafi)
15 Oct 2015 8
Energy from the Ocean - Wave and Tidal Energy
(Editor: John Ringwood)
31 Jan 2013 18
Energy Management Control
(Editors: Lei Feng, John Kessels)
31 Jul 2017 9
Energy Management in Vehicle–Grid–Traffic Nexus
(Editors: Xiaosong Hu, Weihao Hu, Chen Lv)
1 May 2018 8
Energy Management, Control, and System Architectures for Electric Vehicle Applications
(Editors: Jih-Sheng (Jason) Lai, Kuohsiu David Huang, Ching-Ming Lai)
15 Jun 2017 17
Energy Market Transitions
(Editors: Pantelis Capros, Paroussos Leonidas)
30 Sep 2017 6
Energy Markets and Economics
(Editor: Seema Narayan)
30 Nov 2018 1
Energy Performance and Indoor Climate Analysis in Buildings
(Editors: Jarek Kurnitski, Martin Thalfeldt, Andrea Ferrantelli)
30 Apr 2019
Energy Policy 2018
(Editor: Joshua M. Pearce)
30 Dec 2018 2
Energy Policy and Climate Change Printed Edition available
(Editors: Vincenzo Dovì, Antonella Battaglini)
15 May 2015 30
Energy Policy and Climate Change 2016
(Editors: Vincenzo Dovì, Antonella Battaglini)
31 Dec 2016 15
Energy Policy in South Korea
(Editor: Seung-Hoon Yoo)
31 Mar 2019
Energy Policy on Climate Change
(Editor: Kevin Anderson)
31 Oct 2011 5
Energy Production Systems
(Editor: Ali Elkamel)
15 Dec 2017 16
Energy Saving Design for Manufacturing Process, Product, and System
(Editor: Hua Li)
31 Jul 2016 7
Energy Storage Applications for Hybrid DC/AC Microgrids
(Editor: Pablo García Fernández)
22 May 2019 2
Energy Storage Systems and Power Conversion Electronics for E-Transportation and Smart Grid
(Editors: Sergio Saponara, Lucian Mihet)
31 Jul 2018 17
Energy Storage Systems for Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Vehicle to Power Grid Integration
(Editors: Michael Gerard Pecht, Ximing Cheng)
31 May 2016 17
Energy Systems Engineering
(Editor: -Ing. habil. Pu Li)
30 Sep 2018 4
Energy Time Series Forecasting
(Editors: José C. Riquelme, Alicia Troncoso, Francisco Martínez-Álvarez)
15 Jul 2016 22
Energy Transitions and Economic Change
(Editor: David I. Stern)
15 Jul 2014 14
Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Networking
(Editor: Luca Chiaraviglio)
31 May 2016 8
Energy-Friendly Transportation
(Editor: Susan A. Shaheen)
15 Oct 2010 10
Engineering Dielectric Liquid Applications
(Editor: Issouf Fofana, Ph.D. ing. Chairholder)
30 Apr 2018 10
Engineering Fluid Dynamics Printed Edition available
(Editor: Bjørn H. Hjertager)
30 Sep 2017 13
Engineering Fluid Dynamics 2018
(Editor: Bjørn H. Hjertager)
30 Nov 2018 5
Enhanced Oil Recovery
(Editor: Hemanta Sarma)
15 Sep 2018 1
Excitonic Solar Cells
(Editors: Arkady Yartsev, Wei Zhang)
30 Jan 2019
Exergy Analysis of Energy Systems
(Editor: Brian Agnew)
30 Apr 2012 8
Fault Diagnosis on MV and HV Transmission Lines
(Editor: Petr Toman)
20 Apr 2019 1
Flow and Transport Properties of Unconventional Reservoirs
(Editors: Jianchao Cai, Qinjun Kang, Harpreet Singh)
20 Dec 2017 11
Flow and Transport Properties of Unconventional Reservoirs 2018
(Editors: Jianchao Cai, Zhien Zhang, Qinjun Kang, Harpreet Singh)
31 Dec 2018 1
Forecasting Methods and Measurements of Forecasting Errors for Renewable Energy Sources
(Editors: Guido Carpinelli, Anna Rita Di Fazio)
15 Oct 2015 8
Forecasting Models of Electricity Prices Printed Edition available
(Editor: Javier Contreras)
31 Aug 2016 12
Forecasting Models of Electricity Prices 2018
(Editor: Javier Contreras)
30 Jun 2018 8
From Smart Metering to Demand Side Management
(Editor: Hongjian Sun)
30 Sep 2017 7
Fuel Cell Systems Design and Control
(Editors: Vincenzo Liso, Yingru Zhao)
15 Mar 2019
Fuel Cells 31 Dec 2009 19
Fuels of the Future
(Editors: Tony Roskilly, Xiaoli Yu, Yiji Lu)
31 Mar 2019 2
Future Grid
(Editor: Randy H. Katz)
28 Feb 2011 8
Geothermal Energy: Delivering on the Global Potential Printed Edition available
(Editor: Paul Younger, FREng)
30 Apr 2014 20
Geothermal Energy: Utilization and Technology
(Editors: Ranjith Pathegama Gamage, Sheng-Qi Yang)
31 Aug 2018 14
Geothermal Heating and Cooling
(Editor: Simon Rees)
31 Dec 2017 12
Green IT and IT for Smart Energy Savings
(Editor: Erol Gelenbe)
31 May 2014 6
Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
(Editor: Jayanta Deb Mondol)
31 Jul 2017 5
Grid-Scale Energy Storage Management
(Editors: Z.Y. Dong, Yu Zheng, Hongming Yang, Ke Meng)
15 Nov 2018 1
Heat Transfer Enhancement
(Editors: Mikhail Sheremet, Oronzio Manca, Ioan Pop)
28 Feb 2019
HVDC/FACTS for Grid Services in Electric Power Systems
(Editors: Jose Maria Maza Ortega, Antonio Gomez-Exposito)
15 Apr 2019
Hybrid Advanced Optimization Methods with Evolutionary Computation Techniques in Energy Forecasting
(Editor: Wei-Chiang Hong)
31 Dec 2017 11
Hybrid Advanced Techniques for Forecasting in Energy Sector
(Editor: Wei-Chiang Hong)
31 Dec 2012 14
Hybrid Vehicles
(Editors: Giovanni Pede, Srdjan Lukic)
15 Dec 2010 10
Hydrides: Fundamentals and Applications Printed Edition available
(Editors: Craig M. Jensen, Etsuo Akiba, Hai-Wen Li)
15 Jul 2015 16
Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells
(Editor: Nico Hotz)
31 Jul 2012 7
(Editors: Ånund Killingtveit, Juan Ignacio Pérez-Díaz)
31 Jan 2016 20
Hydropower 2017
(Editors: Ånund Killingtveit, Juan Ignacio Pérez-Díaz)
14 Nov 2017 14
Hydrothermal Technology in Biomass Utilization & Conversion
(Editors: David Chiaramonti, Andrea Kruse, Marco Klemm)
15 Jan 2019
ICT for Energy
(Editors: Antonello Monti, Ferdinanda Ponci)
31 May 2017 5
Improved Reservoir Models and Production Forecasting Techniques for Multi-Stage Fractured Hydrocarbon Wells
(Editors: Ruud Weijermars , Wei Yu , Aadi Khanal )
1 Feb 2019
Industrial Energy Efficiency
(Editors: Patrik Thollander, Enrico Cagno)
30 Oct 2016 5
Industrial Energy Efficiency 2018
(Editors: Patrik Thollander, Enrico Cagno)
15 Mar 2018 8
Innovations in Cyber-Physical Infrastructures and Systems for Energy Sustainability in Smart Cities
(Editors: Mashrur (Ronnie) Chowdhury, Kakan Dey)
30 Sep 2016 6
Innovative Methods for Smart Grids Planning and Management
(Editors: Pierluigi Siano, Miadreza Shafie-khah)
31 Aug 2017 24
Integration of PV in Distribution Networks
(Editors: Dezso Sera, Tamás Kerekes)
29 Mar 2019 1
Integration of Renewable Technologies in Water, Electricity, Heating and Cooling Networks
(Editors: Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d’Accadia, Antonio Piacentino)
15 Jan 2018 6
Intelligent Energy Demand Forecasting
(Editors: Wei-Chiang Hong, Yucheng Dong)
31 Dec 2011 7
Intelligent Wireless Power Transfer System and Its Application
(Editors: Mauro Feliziani, Tommaso Campi, Silvano Cruciani)
20 Jan 2019
Internal Combustion Engines
(Editor: Morgan Heikal)
31 Mar 2019
Internal Combustion Engines
(Editor: Wenming Yang)
15 Apr 2017 8
Internet of Things and Smart Environments
(Editor: Mario Munoz-Organero)
31 Jan 2019 2
Kernel Methods and Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms in Energy Forecasting
(Editor: Wei-Chiang Hong)
31 Oct 2016 10
Key Developments in Thin Film Solar Cells
(Editor: Alessio Bosio)
15 Jan 2016 9
Large Scale LUCC, Ecosystem Service, Water Balance and Energy Use
(Editors: Xiangzheng Deng, Jinwei Dong)
31 Dec 2015 9
Large Scale LUCC, Surface Energy Fluxes and Energy Use
(Editors: Xiangzheng Deng, Karen C. Seto)
31 Jan 2014 13
Latest Renewable Energy Research Output 2018—Select papers from International Conference on Renewable Energy —ICREN 2018
(Editor: Vitaliy Budarin)
30 Sep 2018 1
Lessons from the Evaluation of Existing Emission Trading Schemes
(Editors: Ying Fan, Wolfgang Eichhammer)
30 Apr 2018 11
Li-ion Batteries and Energy Storage Devices
(Editor: Sheng S. Zhang)
31 Jul 2013 20
Life Cycle Analysis of Bioenergy Systems within the Bioeconomy
(Editors: Kevin McDonnell, Fionnuala Murphy)
15 Jan 2019
Life-Cycle Assessment of Energy Systems in Current and Evolving Grids
(Editors: Vasilis Fthenakis, Marco Raugei)
31 May 2016 6
Liquefied Natural Gas
(Editor: Tatiana Morosuk)
25 Jun 2018 1
Low Carbon Economy
(Editor: John Barrett)
30 Sep 2016 11
Low Carbon Energy Systems
(Editors: Rick Greenough, Richard Snape, Muyiwa Oyinlola)
31 Jan 2019
Low Carbon Transitions Worldwide
(Editor: Bin Chen)
15 Nov 2011 13
Low Enthalpy Geothermal Energy
(Editors: Rajandrea Sethi, Alessandro Casasso)
31 Jul 2017 10
Machine Learning and Optimization with Applications of Power System
(Editor: Hongseok Kim)
15 Jan 2019
Marine Energy
(Editor: Aristides Kiprakis)
31 Oct 2017 18
Materials and Devices for Waste Energy Harvesting 2017
(Editor: Ling Bing Kong)
15 Nov 2018 1
Mathematical and Computational Modeling in Geothermal Engineering
(Editors: Mehrdad Massoudi, Phuoc X. Tran)
28 Feb 2018 14
Methane Hydrate Research and Development
(Editors: Richard B. Coffin, Bjørn Kvamme, Stephen Masutani, Norio Tenma, Tsutomu Uchida)
15 Apr 2017 12
Methanol and Alcohol Fuel Cells
(Editor: Carsten Cremers)
31 Jul 2015 5
Methods and Concepts for Designing and Validating Smart Grid Systems
(Editors: Thomas Strasser, Sebastian Rohjans, Graeme Burt)
31 Aug 2018 12
Methods to Improve Energy Use in Road Vehicles
(Editor: Felipe Jimenez)
15 Nov 2017 16
Microbial Fuel Cells 2018
(Editor: Jung Rae Kim)
31 Aug 2018
Microbial Fuel Cells: Power-up, Cost Reduction and Practical Application
(Editor: Chikashi Sato)
10 Oct 2015 5
(Editor: Josep M. Guerrero)
15 Mar 2015 24
Microgrids 2016
(Editor: Josep M. Guerrero)
30 Sep 2016 31
(Editor: Josep M. Guerrero)
31 Aug 2018 4
Model Coupling and Energy Systems
(Editors: Peter Markewitz, Martin Robinius, Dominik Möst)
30 Apr 2019
Modeling and Simulation for Wind Turbine Loads Analysis
(Editors: Lance Manuel, Rupp Carriveau)
15 Jul 2016 8
Modeling of Wind Turbines and Wind Farms
(Editor: Emilio Gomez-Lazaro)
8 Dec 2018 1
Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Energy and Sustainable Development
(Editors: Mark Lemon, Andy Wright)
15 Dec 2015 15
Multicriteria Assessment and Derivation of R&D Recommendations for Low-Carbon Energy Technologies—Selected Papers from the Research Study “Technologies for the Energy Transition”
(Editors: Manfred Fischedick, Peter Viebahn)
31 Oct 2018
Multivariate Modelling of Fossil Fuel and Carbon Emission Prices
(Editors: Chia-Lin Chang, Michael McAleer)
31 Dec 2018 2
Nano-Structured Solar Cells
(Editor: Narottam Das)
31 Jul 2016 10
Nanogrids, Microgrids, and the Internet of Things (IoT): towards the Digital Energy Network
(Editor: Antonio Moreno-Munoz)
22 Jan 2019
Nanotech for Oil and Gas 2019
(Editors: Jing Li, Jinze Xu, Zhangxing John Chen)
30 Jun 2019
Nanotechnology for Oil and Gas Applications
(Editor: Dongsheng Wen)
30 Mar 2017 10
Natural Gas Hydrate
(Editors: Ross Chapman, Richard B. Coffin)
30 Oct 2010 15
Natural Gas Hydrate 2011
(Editor: Richard B. Coffin)
31 Jan 2012 19
Natural Gas Hydrate 2013
(Editor: Richard B. Coffin)
31 Mar 2013 7
Networked and Distributed Control Systems
(Editors: Yang Shi, Fang Fang, Li Qiu)
31 Mar 2018 7
New Stimulation Methods for Recovery of Energy and Minerals from Ultra-low-permeability Rock Formations
(Editors: Ranjith Pathegama Gamage, Liang Weiguo)
15 Mar 2019
Next-Generation Low-Carbon Power and Energy Systems
(Editors: Paul Stewart, Chris Bingham)
15 Nov 2016 7
Nuclear Fusion
(Editor: Stephen O. Dean)
28 Feb 2010 8
Nuclear Power, Including Fission and Fusion Technologies
(Editor: Hossam A. Gabbar (Gaber))
15 Sep 2018 2
Numerical Modelling of Wave and Tidal Energy
(Editor: Stephen Nash)
15 Aug 2016 16
Oil and Gas Engineering
(Editor: Alireza Bahadori)
31 Jul 2017 20
Oil Recovery
(Editor: Peter E. Clark)
30 Apr 2010 6
On the Interdependence between the Power Grid and Other Critical Infrastructures
(Editor: Ahmed Mohamed)
1 Feb 2019
Open Data and Energy Analytics
(Editors: Benedetto Nastasi, Massimiliano Manfren, Michel Noussan)
1 Nov 2018
Optimal and Neural Network Control for Renewables and Electric Power and Energy Systems
(Editors: Shuhui Li, Eduardo Alonso, Xingang Fu)
31 Dec 2016 6
Optimisation Models and Methods in Energy Systems
(Editor: Carlos Henggeler Antunes)
15 Oct 2018 2
Optimum Choice of Energy System Configuration and Storages for a Proper Match between Energy Production and Demands
(Editors: Andrea Lazzaretto, Andrea Toffolo)
30 Nov 2018
Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)
(Editor: Roberto Capata)
31 Jan 2015 14
PCM Applications in Building Energy
(Editors: Chi-Ming Lai, Ching-Jenq Ho)
31 May 2016 6
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
(Editor: Sandra Eriksson)
28 Feb 2019 1
Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Conversion Systems
(Editor: Emilio Figueres)
25 Feb 2019
Photovoltaics Lifetime Output Improvement: Advanced Monitoring, Failure Detection and Classification and Energy Forecasting
(Editors: George E. Georghiou, George Makrides, Marios Theristis)
15 Dec 2018
Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
(Editor: Dietmar Gerteisen)
15 Feb 2014 12
Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells 2015
(Editor: Vladimir Gurau)
15 Jun 2015 7
Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells 2016
(Editor: Vladimir Gurau)
15 Jun 2016 8
Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells 2017
(Editor: Vladimir Gurau)
15 Nov 2017 5
Power Electronics 2018
(Editor: Kyo-Beum Lee)
15 Oct 2018 13
Power Electronics and Power Quality
(Editor: José Gabriel Oliveira Pinto)
28 Feb 2018 18
Power Electronics in DC-Microgrid Systems
(Editors: Jih-Sheng (Jason) Lai, Ching-Ming Lai, Liang-Rui Chen)
31 Jul 2018 9
Power Electronics in Power Quality
(Editor: Jose Fernando Alves da Silva)
29 Apr 2017 11
Power Electronics Optimal Design and Control
(Editor: Ali M. Bazzi)
15 Aug 2016 11
Power Grid on Energy Great Transition with High Penetration of Renewable Energies
(Editor: Jung-Wook PARK)
28 Feb 2019
Power Management for Hybrids and Vehicle Drivetrains
(Editor: Dirk Söffker)
1 May 2016 5
Power Quality in Microgrids Based on Distributed Generators
(Editors: Ambrish Chandra, Hua Geng)
30 Sep 2018 2
Power System for Offshore Renewable Energy
(Editors: Cecilia Boström, Karin Thomas)
31 Mar 2019
Power Transformer Diagnostics, Monitoring and Design Features
(Editor: Issouf Fofana, Ph.D. ing. Chairholder)
15 Feb 2016 12
Power-to-Gas Energy Storage Technologies
(Editor: Michael Fowler)
23 Jan 2019 3
Probabilistic Methods for Design and Planning of Operation and Maintenance of Wind Turbines
(Editors: John Dalsgaard Sørensen, Mahmood Shafiee)
28 Feb 2019
Production and Utilization of Biogas
(Editor: Wojciech Budzianowski)
31 Dec 2018 1
PV System Design and Performance
(Editor: Wilfried van Sark)
31 Mar 2018 21
Reacting Transport Phenomena in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
(Editor: Jinliang Yuan)
31 May 2014 8
Real-time Communications for Smart Grids and Industry
(Editors: Alessandra Flammini, Paolo Ferrari, Emiliano Sisinni)
30 May 2019
Recent Advances in Coal Combustion and Gasification
(Editor: Mehrdad Massoudi)
1 Aug 2015 15
Recent Advances in Internal Combustion Engines Operation and Emissions
(Editor: Evangelos G. Giakoumis)
31 Dec 2018 12
Recent Advances in Offshore Wind Technology
(Editors: Muk Chen Ong, Zhiyu Jiang, Zhengshun Cheng, Kai Wang)
31 Jan 2019
Recent Advances in Organic Rankine Cycle Technology for Stationary Applications
(Editors: Andrew J. Haslam, Christos N. Markides)
28 Feb 2017 8
Recent Technologies on Using Biofuels in I.C. Engines for Improved Combustion and Emissions Mitigation
(Editor: Constantine D. Rakopoulos)
31 Mar 2019
Reducing Energy Demand in the Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors
(Editors: Yukun Hu, Fei Teng, Rui Xiong)
15 Jul 2018 3
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps: Energy and Environmental Issues
(Editor: Fabio Polonara)
15 Dec 2018 2
Renewable Energy and High Efficiency Energy Systems Applied to Aerospace Vehicles and Facilities
(Editors: Carlos Ulloa, José Luis Míguez )
28 Dec 2018
Renewable Energy for Agriculture
(Editor: Talal Yusaf)
15 May 2014 12
Renewable Energy for Water Desalination
(Editors: Veera Gnaneswar Gude, Vasilis Fthenakis)
20 Aug 2018
Renewable Energy Technologies for Small Scale Applications
(Editors: Maurizio Sasso, Carlo Roselli)
30 Jun 2016 10
Resilience of Energy Systems
(Editors: Stefan Gößling-Reisemann, Hermann de Meer, Wolfgang Kröger)
31 May 2015 9
Risk-Based Methods Applied to Power and Energy Systems
(Editors: Angela Russo, Gianfranco Chicco)
30 Nov 2017 7
Robotics, Micronanosensor and Smart Devices for Control
(Editors: Luigi Fortuna, Arturo Buscarino)
31 Aug 2018
Selected Papers from "IEEE ICICE 2018"
(Editors: Shoou-Jinn Chang, Teen-Hang Meen, Stephen D. Prior)
31 Jan 2019
Selected Papers from "International Symposium on Advanced Electrical and Communication Technologies" ISAECT 18
(Editors: Aymen Flah, Sbita Lassaad)
31 Dec 2018
Selected Papers from 15 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC 2015)
(Editor: Rodolfo Araneo)
29 Feb 2016 17
Selected Papers from 16 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC 2016)
(Editor: Rodolfo Araneo)
15 Mar 2017 25
Selected Papers from 2016 IEEE International Conference on High Voltage Engineering (ICHVE 2016)
(Editors: Issouf Fofana, Ph.D. ing. Chairholder, Jian Li)
30 Jun 2017 23
Selected Papers from 2018 IEEE International Conference on High Voltage Engineering (ICHVE 2018)
(Editors: Issouf Fofana, Ioannis F. Gonos)
30 Jun 2019
Selected Papers from 26th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE 2018)
(Editor: David Baxter)
30 Nov 2018
Selected Papers from 2nd Energy Future Conference
(Editors: Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou, Da-Wei Wang, Yun-Hau Ng)
15 Sep 2016 11
Selected Papers from 5th Asia-Pacific Forum on Renewable Energy
(Editor: Jang-Ho Lee)
31 Dec 2015 10
Selected Papers from 5th International Conference Contemporary Problemso of Thermal Engineering Energy Systems in the Near Future: Energy, Exergy, Ecology and Economics (CPOTE 2018)
(Editor: Wojciech Stanek)
15 Dec 2018
Selected Papers from BSE 2018: 9th International Conference on Biosystmes Engineering
(Editor: Timo Kikas)
31 Aug 2018 2
Selected Papers from ECOS 2014 — the 27st International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems
(Editor: Ron Zevenhoven)
31 Oct 2014 7
Selected Papers from EEEIC 2018—18th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering
(Editor: Rodolfo Araneo)
15 Oct 2018
Selected Papers from Heat Power Cycles Conference 2018
(Editors: Markus Preißinger, Dieter Brüggemann)
30 Dec 2018
Selected Papers from ICEER 2017: 2017 the 4th International Conference on Energy and Environment Research
(Editors: Nídia Caetano, Carlos Felgueiras, Zita Vale, Moustafa Eissa)
15 Nov 2017 13
Selected Papers from IEEE ICKII 2018...
(Editors: Teen-Hang Meen, Wenbing Zhao)
31 Dec 2018
Selected Papers from International Workshop of Energy-Open
(Editor: G.J.M. (Gerard) Smit)
30 Nov 2017 8
Selected Papers from MEDPOWER 2018—the 11th Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion
(Editors: Igor Kuzle, Tomislav Capuder, Hrvoje Pandžić)
15 Mar 2019
Selected Papers from PRES 2018: The 21st Conference on Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction
(Editor: Jiří Jaromír Klemeš)
31 Dec 2018
Selected Papers from the 1st International e-Conference on Energies — Whither Energy Conversion? Present Trends, Current Problems and Realistic Future Solutions
(Editor: Enrico Sciubba)
31 Jul 2014 14
Selected Papers from the 25th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems (ECOS2012)
(Editors: Enrico Sciubba, Giampaolo Manfrida)
15 Sep 2012 9
Selected Papers from the 3rd International Seminar on ORC Power Systems
(Editor: Sylvain Quoilin)
15 Mar 2016 15
Selected Papers from the 5th Annual Conference for the Development and Utilization of Deep Geothermal Energy
(Editors: Kewen Li, Kamel Hooman)
31 Jul 2016 8
Selected Papers from the 5th International Symposium on Mining and Environmental Protection
(Editor: Ivica Ristović)
31 May 2016 6
Selected Papers from the 8th Annual Conference of Energy Economics and Management
(Editors: Liexun Yang, Xinye Zheng, Zhan-Ming Chen)
31 Mar 2018 6
Selected Papers from the 9th Edition of the International SOLARIS Conference
(Editors: Yupeng Wu, Lingzhi Xie, Jie Ji, John Kaiser Calautit, Jing Li, Yanyi Sun)
31 Dec 2018
Selected papers from the Fourth IEEE International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control, 2018 (IS3C 2018)
(Editors: Kuei-Hsiang Chao, Chia-Hung Lin)
31 May 2019
Selected Papers from the IEEE ICASI 2018
(Editors: Shoou-Jinn Chang, Teen-Hang Meen, Stephen D. Prior)
30 Sep 2018 9
Selected Papers from The XI International Conference on Computational Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer (ICCHMT 2018)
(Editors: Jan Taler, Paweł Ocłoń, Marcin Trojan, Abdulmajeed A. Mohamad)
30 Oct 2018
Selected Papers from ZEMCH 2016: Building Energy Performance Evaluation/Simulation
(Editor: Arman Hashemi)
15 Sep 2017 5
Semiconductor Power Devices
(Editors: Alberto Castellazzi, Andrea Irace)
15 Dec 2016 10
Short-Term Load Forecasting by Artificial Intelligent Technologies
(Editors: Wei-Chiang Hong, Ming-Wei Li, Guo-Feng Fan)
31 Oct 2018 16
Simulation of Polygeneration Systems
(Editors: Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d’Accadia)
31 May 2016 8
Smart Energy Management for Smart Grids 2019
(Editors: José L. Bernal-Agustín, Rodolfo Dufo-López)
31 Jan 2019
Smart Grid and the Future Electrical Network
(Editor: Neville R. Watson)
30 Sep 2012 26
Smart Grids: The Electrical Power Network and Communication System
(Editors: Neville R. Watson, Harsha Sirisena)
31 Jan 2014 43
Smart Home Energy Management
(Editors: Giovanni Pau, Mario Collotta, Antonio Ruano, Jiahu Qin)
30 Nov 2016 10
Smart Metering
(Editor: Thorsten Staake)
31 Aug 2015 10
Smart Microgrids: Developing the Intelligent Power Grid of Tomorrow
(Editor: Paras Mandal)
28 Feb 2017 18
Solar Cells
(Editor: Andrés G. Muñoz)
15 Oct 2010 10
Solar Cooling and Heating
(Editors: Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d’Accadia, Annamaria Buonomano)
31 Mar 2017 5
Solar Energy Application in Buildings
(Editors: Hongxing Yang, Jinqing Peng, Dimitrios Karamanis)
30 Sep 2017 12
Solar Energy Systems and Materials 31 Aug 2012 8
Solar Heating & Cooling
(Editor: Timothy Anderson)
15 Dec 2015 6
Solar Photovoltaics Trilemma: Efficiencey, Stability and Cost Reduction
(Editors: Tapas Mallick, Senthilarasu Sundaram)
30 Sep 2015 11
Solar Photovoltaics Trilemma: Efficiency, Stability and Cost Reduction 2017
(Editors: Senthilarasu Sundaram, Tapas Mallick)
20 Jan 2017 26
Solar Photovoltaics Trilemma: Efficiency, Stability and Cost Reduction 2018
(Editors: Tapas Mallick, Senthilarasu Sundaram)
31 Dec 2018 1
Solar Technologies for Buildings
(Editors: Xudong Zhao, Yanping Yuan)
20 Nov 2017 13
Solar Thermal Energy Storage and Conversion
(Editors: Tony Roskilly, Zhiwei Ma)
29 Jan 2019
Solar Thermal Energy Utilization Technologies in Buildings
(Editors: Xudong Zhao, Guiqiang Li, Zhijian Liu)
1 Dec 2018 3
Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells 2019
(Editor: Masoud Rokni)
31 Mar 2019
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
(Editor: Masoud Rokni)
1 Jun 2016 6
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2019
(Editor: Masoud Rokni)
31 Jan 2019
Solid State Lighting
(Editors: Hsiang-Chen Wang, Ya-Ju Lee)
15 Sep 2017 6
Solid Waste Gasification
(Editor: Mohammad Rasul)
30 Sep 2018
Structural Prognostics and Health Management in Power & Energy Systems
(Editors: Dong Wang, Shun-Peng Zhu, Xiancheng Zhang, Gang Chen, José A.F.O. Correia, Guian Qian)
31 Dec 2018 2
Sustainability Assessment of Energy Technologies and Energy Systems and Their Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
(Editors: Yolanda Lechon, Michael Belsnes, Janie Ling Chin, Valeria Jana Schwanitz, Lenny Koh, Gabriele Manella, Alessandra Landi, Francesco Rizzi)
22 Feb 2019
Sustainability of Fossil Fuels
(Editor: Pavel A. Strizhak)
31 Jan 2019
Sustainable Energy Technologies
(Editor: Lieven Vandevelde)
4 Jul 2017 10
Sustainable Future of Nuclear Power
(Editor: Hiroshi Sekimoto)
30 Aug 2015 7
Sustainable Hydrogen Production, Storage and Utilization
(Editors: Covadonga Pevida García, M. Victoria Gil, Sebastiano Garroni)
15 Mar 2019
Sustainable Use of Energy in Buildings
(Editor: Michele De Carli)
15 Feb 2019
Techniques of Control for Energy Optimization in Actuators, Motors and Power Generation Systems
(Editor: Paolo Mercorelli)
31 Oct 2016 18
The 1st “The Belt and Road Initiative” International Conference on Sustainable Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
(Editors: Kamel Hooman, Xiang Huang, Suoying He, Lucas Miralles Manuel)
30 Apr 2017 6
The International Symposium on Electric Vehicles (ISEV2017)
(Editors: Rui Xiong, Suleiman M Sharkh, Zhenpo Wang, Xi Zhang)
1 May 2018 27
Theory and Application of Computational Intelligence in Electric Vehicles and their Integration within Smart Energy Networks
(Editors: Hugo Morais, Juan Manuel Corchado Rodríguez, Lei Wang, Junjie Hu, Emanuele Principi)
16 Jun 2017 7
Thermal Energy Storage and Thermal Management (TESM2017)
(Editors: Rui Xiong, Takahiro Nomura, Zhonghao Rao)
15 Mar 2018 9
Thermo Fluid Conversion of Biomass
(Editors: Luca Fiori, Jillian L. Goldfarb)
31 May 2018 7
Thermo-Chemical Conversion of Waste Biomass
(Editor: Witold Kwapinski)
31 Jan 2017 6
Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
(Editors: Shi Xue Dou, Sima Aminorroaya-Yamini)
31 Jul 2015 10
Thermoelectric Generators
(Editors: Bed R Poudel, Amin Nozariasbmarz, Udara Saparamadu)
25 Feb 2019
Tools and Techniques for Economic Delivery of Ocean Energy
(Editor: John Ringwood)
31 Oct 2015 13
Trends in Energy Harvesting Biotechnology
(Editors: Jaakko Puhakka, Jukka Rintala, Bestamin Özkaya, Erkan Sahinkaya)
20 Nov 2018
Tri-Generation Cycles, Combined Heat, Power and Cooling (CHPC)
(Editor: Brian Agnew)
31 May 2015 5
Unconventional Natural Gas (UNG) Recoveries
(Editor: Ranjith Pathegama Gamage)
15 Dec 2016 7
Unconventional Natural Gas (UNG) Recoveries 2018
(Editor: Ranjith Pathegama Gamage)
30 Apr 2018 16
Urban Generation of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Cities
(Editor: Francisco Manzano Agugliaro)
30 Sep 2016 7
Vehicle to Grid
(Editor: K.T. Chau)
31 Jul 2012 9
Volume II: Combustion and Propulsion
(Editors: Maria Grazia De Giorgi, Antonio Ficarella)
15 Jan 2019
Volume II: Low Enthalpy Geothermal Energy
(Editors: Rajandrea Sethi, Alessandro Casasso)
29 Jul 2019
Volume II: Smart Home Energy Management
(Editors: Giovanni Pau, Antonio Ruano, Jiahu Qin)
15 Feb 2019
Waste Energy Harvesting
(Editor: Ling Bing Kong)
15 Apr 2016 13
Waste Heat Recovery
(Editors: Fredrik Haglind, Saiful Bari)
15 Feb 2017 5
Waste Heat Recovery—Strategy and Practice
(Editor: Dieter Brüggemann)
30 Jun 2014 12
Waste to Energy Technologies
(Editors: Frank J. Roethel, Stephen Joseph)
30 Jun 2012 9
Wave and Tidal Energy
(Editors: Carlos Guedes Soares, Matthew Lewis)
31 Aug 2018 6
Wave Energy Potential, Behavior and Extraction
(Editor: Hua Li)
1 Apr 2018 10
Wind Energy
(Editor: Frede Blaabjerg)
31 Jan 2010 23
Wind Generators Modelling and Control
(Editor: Marco Mussetta)
31 Dec 2017 21
Wind Turbine 2015
(Editor: Frede Blaabjerg)
31 Oct 2015 23
Wind Turbine 2017
(Editor: Frede Blaabjerg)
30 Apr 2017 26
Wind Turbine Loads and Wind Plant Performance
(Editors: Lance Manuel, Rupp Carriveau)
31 Mar 2018 17
Wind Turbines
(Editors: Frede Blaabjerg, Lance Manuel, Mark J. Balas)
31 Mar 2012 27
Wind Turbines 2013
(Editor: Frede Blaabjerg)
30 Apr 2013 16
Wind Turbines 2014
(Editor: Frede Blaabjerg)
31 Jul 2014 47
Wireless Communication Systems for Localization
(Editor: Suk-Seung Hwang)
28 Feb 2019
Wireless Power Transfer
(Editor: K.T. Chau)
31 Jul 2015 12
Wireless Power Transfer 2016
(Editor: Hongjian Sun)
15 Oct 2016 10
Wireless Power Transfer 2018
(Editors: Hongjian Sun, Jing Jiang)
15 Oct 2018 8
Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting Technologies
(Editors: Aiguo Patrick Hu, Xin Dai, Zhengming Zhao)
30 Dec 2017 14
Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks
(Editor: Chang Wu Yu)
17 Jun 2016 6
Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things and Smart Residential
(Editors: Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay, Boby George, Nagender Kumar Suryadevara)
31 May 2018 2
Wood to Energy
(Editor: Dimitris S. Argyropoulos)
31 Aug 2012 10
Woody Biomass for Bioenergy Production
(Editor: Jaya Shankar Tumuluru)
10 Oct 2018 5
Zero-Carbon Buildings
(Editors: Yacine Rezgui, Monjur Mourshed)
30 Apr 2017 9
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