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Economic Growth as a Consequence of the Industry 4.0 Concept
(Editors: Petra Maresova, Jonas Šaparauskas, Anna Cierniak-Emerych, Beata Gavurova, Arkadiusz Piwowar, Ali Selamat)
31 May 2018 1
Efficiency and Anomalies in Stock Markets
(Editor: Wing-Keung Wong)
30 Jun 2018 2
Exchange Rate Dynamics
(Editor: Robert Czudaj)
24 Dec 2018
Gender, Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Polices
(Editor: Nilufer Cagatay)
31 Oct 2018
Happiness for Policy
(Editors: Job van Exel, Martijn Burger)
30 Sep 2018
Impact of Macroeconomic Indicators on Stock Market
(Editors: Andreia Dionísio, Paulo Ferreira)
15 Dec 2018
Labor Markets in Developing and Transition Economies: Current Issues, Opportunities, and Policy Challenges and Policy Responses
(Editor: Niels-Hugo (Hugo) Blunch)
30 Sep 2018
Selected Papers from 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (APEF 2018)
(Editors: Evan Lau Poh Hock, Kai-Hong Tee, Chor Foon Tang)
15 Aug 2018
Selected Papers from 2018 IAC-MEM Conferences
(Editor: Radek Kratochvil)
31 Dec 2018
Towards Agro-Food Economics and Rural Development Challenges and Perspectives in Competitive Economies
(Editors: Nicu Marcu , Andrei Jean Vasile, Donatella Privitera, Subic Jonel, Vasily Erokhin)
31 Oct 2018
Transport and Economic Development
(Editor: Stephan Krygsman)
30 Apr 2018
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