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Advances in the Prevention and Management of Obesity and Eating Disorders
(Editors: Amanda Sainsbury, Felipe Luz)
30 April 2017
Anxiety Disorders in Youth
(Editor: Andrea Keener, PhD)
15 May 2017
Autism Spectrum Disorder 2016
(Editor: Jodi Robledo, Ph.D.)
31 October 2016
Communication in the Workplace
(Editors: Hector R. Diaz-Saenz, Scott C. D'Urso)
15 February 2017
Family Communication at the End of Life
(Editor: Maureen P. Keeley)
31 January 2017
Neuroscience of Art
(Editor: D. W. Zaidel)
31 January 2017
Race, Ethnicity, and Drug Addiction
(Editor: Karen McElrath, Ph.D.)
30 September 2016
Socioeconomic Adversity, Associated Risks, and Resilience across Neurocognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral Development
(Editor: Scott J. Hunter)
31 October 2016
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