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Sensors 2011, 11(1), 1243-1245; doi:10.3390/s110101243

Sensors Best Paper Award 2011
Ophelia Han
MDPI AG, Postfach, CH-4005 Basel, Switzerland and MDPI Branch Office, Beijing, China; Tel.: +86-10-590-110-09; Fax: +86-10-590-110-89
Received: 24 January 2011 / Published: 25 January 2011

With the start of 2011, Sensors is instituting an annual award to recognize outstanding papers related to sensing technologies and applications that meet the aims, scope and high standards of this journal. We are pleased to announce the first “Sensors Best Paper Award” for 2011. Nominations were solicited from the Section Editor-in-Chiefs of Sensors, with all papers published in 2005 eligible for consideration. The following three papers were awarded:

  • Yajing Yin, Yafen Lü, Ping Wu and Chenxin Cai *

    Direct Electrochemistry of Redox Proteins and Enzymes Promoted by Carbon Nanotubes.

    Sensors 2005, 5(4), 220–234; doi:10.3390/s5040220

    Available online:

  • Vojtech Adam Adam, Josef Zehnalek, Jitka Petrlova, David Potesil, Bernd Sures, Libuse Trnkova, Frantisek Jelen, Jan Vitecek and Rene Kizek *

    Phytochelatin Modified Electrode Surface as a Sensitive Heavy-Metal Ion Biosensor.

    Sensors 2005, 5(1), 70–84; doi:10.3390/s5010070

    Available online:

  • Kevin A. Delin, Shannon P. Jackson, David W. Johnson, Scott C. Burleigh, Richard R. Woodrow, J. M. McAuley, James M. Dohm, Felipe Ip, Ty P. Ferré, Dale F. Rucker and Victor R. Baker

    Environmental Studies with the Sensor Web: Principles and Practice.

    Sensors 2005, 5(1), 103–117; doi:10.3390/s5010103

    Available online:

The prize awarding committee merits the article “Direct Electrochemistry of Redox Proteins and Enzymes Promoted by Carbon Nanotubes” for reporting “…excellent science on a timely topic…” and acknowledges the article “Phytochelatin Modified Electrode Surface as a Sensitive Heavy-Metal Ion Biosensor” as a “…nicely done paper with a new approach…”.

These three exceptional papers are valuable contributions to Sensors and the sensing field. On behalf of the Prize Awarding Committee and the Editorial Board of Sensors, we would like to congratulate these three teams for their excellent work. In recognition for their accomplishment, Drs. Chenxin Cai, Rene Kizek and Kevin A. Delin will receive a prize of 1000 CHF, 500 CHF, and 300 CHF, respectively, and the privilege to publish an additional paper free of charge in open access format in Sensors, after the usual peer-review procedure.

  • Editor-in-Chief, Section ‘Physical Sensors’

    Prof. Dr. Craig A. Grimes

    Department of Electrical Engineering & Materials Research Institute, 217 Materials Research Laboratory, the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA


  • Editor-in-Chief, Section ‘Remote Sensors’

    Dr. Assefa M. Melesse

    Department of Environmental Studies, ECS 339, Florida International University, 11200 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33199, USA


  • Editor-in-Chief, Section ‘Chemical Sensors’

    Prof. Dr. W. Rudolf Seitz

    Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824-3598, USA


  • Editor-in-Chief, Section ‘Biosensors’

    Dr. Alexander Star

    Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, 219 Parkman Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA


  • Managing Editor

    Dr. Ophelia Han

    MDPI Beijing Office, Liyuanbeijie Road 186, Suite 307, Liyuan Town, Tongzhou District, 101101 Beijing, China


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