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Active Aging and Wellbeing: Advancement of Interdisciplinary Research
(Editor: Lucia Monacis)
30 Mar 2018
Child Protection and Social Inequality
(Editors: Paul Bywaters, Brid Featherstone, Kate Morris)
30 Jun 2018
Christians and the Cold War
(Editor: Jay P. Corrin)
15 Jan 2018
Civic Enterprises, the Co-Production of Public Governance and the Prospects for Democratic Renewal in Europe
(Editors: Hendrik Wagenaar, Jurgen van der Heijden)
30 May 2018
Community Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
(Editor: Barbara Merrill)
15 Jun 2018
Ethics of Climate Security and Disaster Planning
(Editor: Keith Hyams)
15 Sep 2018
Feminisms: Forwards, Backwards and Something in Between
(Editor: Barbara Fawcett)
30 Jun 2018
Human Rights and Social Protection of the Vulnerable
(Editors: Ailsa M. Watkinson, Kara Fletcher)
15 Apr 2018
Selected Papers from the Conference “Big Data on Human and Social Sciences—History, Issues and Challenges”
(Editors: Ivo Veiga, Ana Paula Pires, Inês Queiroz, Ângela Salgueiro, Tiago Brandão)
31 Dec 2017
Selected Papers from the Conference “The Future of Education and Youth Work: Approaches and Practices around the World”
(Editor: Joanna Simos)
31 Dec 2017
Social Inequality and Residential Segregation in Urban Neighborhoods and Communities
(Editor: Amy Spring)
30 Jun 2018
Social Stratification and Inequality in Access to Higher Education
(Editors: Vikki Boliver, Simon Marginson)
30 Jul 2018
Sociological Theory and Human Rights
(Editor: Mark Frezzo)
30 Jan 2018
The Politics of Peace and Conflict
(Editor: Iain Atack)
15 Feb 2018
The Politics of Race, Ethnicity and Immigration
(Editor: Lina Newton)
15 Mar 2018
The Psychosocial Implications of Disney Movies
(Editor: Lauren Dundes)
15 May 2018
Welfare States and Employment
(Editor: Bernhard Kittel)
15 Jul 2018
Women in Male-Dominated Domains
(Editor: Sylvia Beyer)
15 Dec 2017
Work-Family Balance and Gender (In)equalities in Europe: Policies, Processes and Practices
(Editor: Isabella Crespi)
15 Aug 2018
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