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Polymer synthesis: synthesis of copolymers, block-polymers, polyesters, elastomer, polyolefins, polyamides, polycarbonates, rubber, thermoplastics, thermosets, methods for polymerization, etc.
Polymer analysis: characterization and analysis of polymers, polymeric materials and polymer additives, polymerization mechanism, measurement of molecular weight, size, conformation, structure, properties and behavior of polymers, separation, spectroscopy, and scattering techniques, structure-property-processing relationships.
Polymer physics: crystallization, rheology, swelling, phase separation, viscosity and viscoelasticity, entanglements and crosslinking, mechanical properties, dielectric properties, optical properties, thermal properties, the kinetics of degradation and polymerization, polymers subjected to deformation, flow, and other external fields, polymers at interfaces and in confined spaces.
Theory and simulation: numerical simulation for molecular systems, modeling of polymer structure and conformation, predictive algorithms of polymerization kinetics and polymerization mechanism, modeling and prediction of the performance of functional polymers, constitutive and multiscale modeling approaches for polymeric systems, kinetic theory of polymers.
Processing: thermoforming, compression and transfer molding, rotational molding, extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, plastic foam molding.


Collection Title
Collection Editors
Featured Mini Reviews in Polymer Science
(Collection Editor: Alexander Böker)
(Collection Editors: Christine Wandrey, Ruth Freitag, Ulrich Scheler)
Polymeric Adhesives
(Collection Editor: Antonio Pizzi)

Special Issues

Special Issue Title
Special Issue Editors
Submission Deadline
Subm. D/L
(Editor: Jun-ichi Kadokawa)
30 Nov 2018 11
Biodegradable and Biobased Polyesters
(Editor: Dimitrios Bikiaris)
26 Oct 2018 22
Olefin Polymerization and Polyolefin
(Editor: Changle Chen)
25 Oct 2018 18
Bio-Based Resins and Crosslinked Polymers from Renewable Resources
(Editors: Naozumi Teramoto, Mitsuhiro Shibata)
30 Sep 2018 6
Nanoparticle-Reinforced Polymers
(Editor: Ana María Díez-Pascual)
15 Sep 2018 7
Polymers for Modern and Advanced Engineering Applications
(Editor: Ravin Narain)
15 Sep 2018 6
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