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Bio-inspired and Bio-based Polymers
(Editor: Helmut Schlaad)
31 March 2017
Biodegradable Polymers
(Editors: Naozumi Teramoto, Takashi Tsujimoto)
31 January 2017 13
Complex Fluid Rheology
(Editor: Patrick Underhill)
15 November 2016
Computational Modeling and Simulation in Polymer
(Editors: Xianqiao Wang, Ying Li, Yingjie Xu, Weihong Zhang, Sofiane Guessasma, Chuntai Liu)
20 October 2016 8
Conjugated Polymers 2016
(Editors: Hsing-Lin Wang, Ping Xu, Leeyih Wang, Yunchen Du)
30 September 2016 2
Hybrid Polymeric Materials
(Editors: Joannis K. Kallitsis, Georgios Bokias, Valadoula Deimede)
15 October 2016 2
Nanocomposites of Polymers and Inorganic Particles 2016
(Editor: Walter Remo Caseri)
30 October 2016
Organic Photovoltaics 2016
(Editors: Christian B. Nielsen, Laure Biniek)
31 December 2016
Polymer Biointerface
(Editor: Raechelle D'Sa)
30 June 2017
Polymeric Fibers
(Editor: Mohamed Khayet)
30 November 2016
Polymeric Soft Actuators
(Editor: Leonid Ionov)
30 September 2016
Polymers and Nanogels for Gene Therapy
(Editor: Ravin Narain)
15 March 2017
Responsive Polymers for Drug Delivery, Imaging and Theranostic Functions
(Editors: Shiyong Liu, Jinming Hu, Ravin Narain)
15 September 2016 2
Selected Papers from the Symposium “Polymer Gels as Advanced Soft Materials” at PacifiChem2015
(Editors: Ryo Yoshida, Francoise M. Winnik, Joanna Aizenberg, Takashi Miyata)
30 October 2016 2
Three-Dimensional Structures: Fabrication and Application
(Editor: Georg von Freymann)
15 August 2016
Young Talents in Polymer Science
(Editors: Alexander Böker, Frank Wiesbrock)
30 September 2016
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