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Submission Deadline Articles
Advances in Marine Chitin and Chitosan II, 2017
(Editors: Hitoshi Sashiwa, David Harding)
31 January 2017 3
Antibacterial Marine Pharmacology
(Editors: Tracy John Mincer, David C. Rowley)
15 December 2015
Antiprotozoal Marine Natural Products
(Editor: Deniz Tasdemir)
10 December 2016 7
Deep-Sea Natural Products
(Editor: Danielle Skropeta)
30 June 2016 9
Drug Design Based on Marine Natural Product Scaffolds
(Editor: Khalid A. El Sayed)
31 July 2016
Green Chemistry Approach to Marine Products
(Editor: Takao Ojima)
31 December 2015 8
Marine Anticoagulants and Antithrombotics
(Editors: Paulo A.S. MourĂ£o, Vitor H. Pomin)
31 March 2016 1
Marine Compounds and Their Application in Neurological Disorders
(Editor: George Perry)
31 January 2016 5
Marine Fatty Acids-2016
(Editors: Valerie Smith, Andrew Desbois)
31 January 2016 1
Marine Natural Products that Target Metabolic Disorders
(Editors: Patrizia Russo, Massimo Fini)
31 August 2016
Marine Neurotoxins
(Editor: Lucio G. Costa)
30 June 2016 10
Selected Papers from the 1st Congress of Marine Fungal Natural Products Consortium
(Editors: Olivier Grovel, Samuel Bertrand)
15 January 2016 1
Selected Papers from the 9th European Conference on Marine Natural Products
(Editors: Marcel Jaspars, RuAngelie Edrada-Ebel)
30 November 2015
Structures, Functions and Applications of Marine Lectins
(Editor: Kanji Hori)
16 October 2016
Synthesis of Antitumor Marine Alkaloids and Related Analogues
(Editor: Patrizia Diana)
30 September 2016

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Marine Polysaccharides
(Collection Editor: Paola Laurienzo)
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