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The Molecular Diagnostics Section of the IJMS invites submission of high quality manuscripts reporting new molecular techniques and progress in their translation into a clinical diagnostic setting. This includes studies targeting nucleic acids, proteins and metabolites, and we particularly welcome manuscripts that describe new diagnostic applications for established techniques. The editors will also consider reviews that summarise current thinking or present controversial viewpoints for further discussion. Short communications that report important observations that are self-contained are also welcome.
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oncology; cancer testing; screening; diagnosis; classification of cancer patients; inherited diseases; predisposition to disease; polymorphisms linked to disease states or normal variations; diagnostic methodologies; diagnostic methods; clinical trials; disease predisposition; microarray; in vitro diagnostics; clinical laboratory; DNA probes; fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH); biochips; microfluidics; next-generation sequencing; biosensors and molecular labels; gene expression profiling; therapeutic molecules; ; optimisation of drug therapy; infectious diseases; microbial detection; nanotechnology; PCR; qPCR; RT-qPCR; isothermal amplification

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