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Advances in Behavioral Finance
(Editor: Ioannis C. Pragidis)
31 May 2018 2
Bankruptcy Prediction
(Editor: Małgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska)
15 Nov 2018
Energy Finance
(Editor: Nicholas Apergis)
31 Aug 2018 4
Fat tailed Probability Distributions: Applications in Asset Pricing and Financial Econometrics
(Editor: Prasad V. Bidarkota)
15 Mar 2019
Financial Economics
(Editor: Pascal Stiefenhofer)
31 Dec 2018 9
Globally Financing the Venture at Various Stages of Development
(Editors: Robert D. Hisrich, Gary Gibbons)
31 Jan 2019
Real Estate Finance
(Editor: Nicholas Apergis)
31 Dec 2018 2
Selected Papers from 2018 Asia-Pacific Conferenceon Economics & Finance (APEF 2018)
(Editors: Kai-Hong Tee, Chor Foon Tang, Irwan Trinugroho)
31 Aug 2018
Sports Finance 2018
(Editors: Duane Rockerbie, Angel Barajas)
30 Sep 2018 1
Sustainability and Corporate Financial Environment
(Editors: Yun Zhu, Partha Gangopadhyay)
31 Aug 2018
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