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5th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA
2017-11-02 to 2027-11-03
San Diego
The 5th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA is set to take place on November 3 - 4 at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego. Designed with scientists, researchers and businesses in mind, this meeting focuses on translational research and product development.

Leaders from academia and industry will present on topics across the vast field of microbiome research, condensing it into two days of incisive presentations, roundtable debates and panel discussions.

To see the full list of topics and speakers, view the agenda: link

Twins congress
2017-11-16 to 2017-11-18
Madrid, Spain
Twins Congress program includes, among other topics, sessions on biology of twinning, wellbeing, microbiome, epigenetics, prenatal and postnatal effects on health. Two workshops on establishing twin registries and epigenetics and a symposium in honor of Irv Gottesman are also scheduled. link

2017-11-22 to 2017-11-24
Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Colleague,

We are happy to welcome you join DiaObesity2017 – the International Diabetes & Obesity Summit which will take place in November 22-24 2017 in Jerusalem – Israel.

DiaObesity2017 Summit will focus on the prevalent rapid increase in the relationship between two modern epidemics: Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes and their associated complications.

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Looking forward to meeting you at DiaObesity2017!

Summit Directors:
Dr. Dror Dicker Chairman – Israel
Prof. Carel le Roux Co-Chair - Ireland link

5th Annual Advances in Prenatal Molecular Diagnostics
2017-11-28 to 2017-11-29
Cambridge, MA, USA

Cell-free DNA-based screening and the potential for cell-based screening has upended the field of prenatal testing. While cell-free tests are being used more and more in the clinic, cell-based tests are still on the cusp of commercialization. With both types of tests still in need of improvements in order to truly replace invasive tests, the near-term challenge is determining where the field heads once both options are viable. This meeting will discuss updated comparisons and examine the implementation, insurance, and clinical challenges associated with each test. Furthermore, with advances in DNA amplification and sequencing comes greater opportunity to garner more information. Much discussion needs to take place in regards to the role of preconception counseling, expanded carrier screening, whole genome versus whole exome sequencing, and the effect these and any prenatal testing may have on the decision to continue a pregnancy or perform fetal therapy. link

3rd Annual Reproductive Genetic Diagnostics
2017-11-30 to 2017-12-01
Cambridge, MA, USA
Couples undergoing infertility treatments are more aware than ever of preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis, yet patients and practitioners alike are still struggling with understanding the technologies being used, their capabilities and limitations, and their clinical, legal, and ethical implications. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual Reproductive Genetic Diagnostics conference aims to highlight a number of technologies and their differences, as well as how effective they are at uncovering a variety of genetic abnormalities. Considerations for mosaic embryos, biopsy techniques, and genetic counseling will also be discussed. Special attention will be paid to expanded carrier screening, its role in the direct-to-consumer market, and the potential for other molecular tests for infertility and implantation failure. Future directions for the role of gene editing and non-invasive embryo diagnostics will also be discussed. link

2017-12-05 to 2017-12-07
San Diego, USA

Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Inaugural ImPACT: Immunotherapy Progress and Clinical Treatments, being held December 5-7, 2017 in San Diego, four cutting-edge conferences will showcase what’s coming next in immunotherapy. With the approval of drugs like Nivolumab and Pembrolizumab patients are already feeling the impact of cancer immunotherapy. Still, with each step forward researchers are becoming increasingly aware of the complexity and unique challenges that come with each individual’s disease. Given that not all patients respond to existing treatments, there is an enormous need to start looking at the next generation of immunotherapy solutions. link

2018-02-11 to 2018-02-16
San Francisco, USA

Since its debut in 1993, the annual Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference (February 11-16, 2018 in San Francisco) has become one of the world's leading international events in the field of drug discovery, development and diagnostics. The Tri-Conference unites an ecosystem of 3,700 innovative thinkers and thought leaders throughout biotech, pharma and academia from around the world. Spanning five days, the 2018 meeting includes 16 parallel conference tracks, 7 Symposia, and 25 in-depth short courses. We are also interested in offering new skills-based training programs.

Learn more at link

2nd International Workshop on Intensive Care of the Newborn
2018-03-09 to 2018-03-10
Verona, Italy

The congress is entirely focused on intensive care and NICU, and is organized in lectures on different topics such as resuscitation of premature infants, oxygen and ventilation, infections, surfactant deliveries, high-tech monitoring. A few sessions will be dedicated to discussions and free communication between attendees and speakers. link

ICCN 7th International Congress on Clinical Neonatology
2018-05-23 to 2018-05-26
Turin, Italy


1- Learn more about neonates of any kind, and their destiny once adults.

2- Keep on the loop of the latest development in neonatology and pediatrics.

3- Network with leading experts on controversial topics impacting on your daily clinical activity.

4- Know more about the dramatic environmental challenges, astonishing advances for a healthy life course.

5- More for less, check the registration fees and the special fares. link

ECPM XXVI European Congress on Perinatal Medicine
2018-09-05 to 2018-09-08
St. Petersburg, Russia

Leaded by more than one thousand experts in the field of perinatal medicine, ECPM is dedicated to midwives, obstetricians, neonatologists professionals in child pathology, paediatric surgery and genetics.
The conference is divided into keynote lectures from internationally renewed experts, pleanary sessions and parallel sessions. Participants are invited to submit their researches in the form of oral or poster presentations, depending on the content of their abstracts. Many pre-congress courses with high educational value are scheduled too. link

8th International Congress of UENPS
2018-10-03 to 2018-10-05
Bucharest, Romania

The 8th International Congress of UENPS, to be held in Bucharest from 3 to 5 October 2018, is an opportunity for neonatal medical education and an opening for new collaborations in the field of research among the international neonatal and perinatal medical team.

Participants will have the chance to exchange views and experiences on the health of newborns, discuss today’s methods of care used in neonatology, and broaden their knowledge in topics such as:

The setting of the event is the capital of Romania, Bucharest, one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe, also called “Little Paris” during Belle Epoque. link