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2015 Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting
2015-10-31 to 2015-11-03
Baltimore, MD, USA
Five Pardee Symposia will (1) discuss bicentennial of the William “Strata” Smith map and cross-sections of the UK and English Channel that propelled structural inquiry; (2) provide an exposé of retreating glaciers that will query global change and include the spectacular cinematography of Chasing Ice; (3) examine Earth systems at the dawn of animals and the events that began the Phanerozoic; (4) interrogate state approaches to shale gas development; (5) survey Appalachian geomorphology, immersing participants into the regional landscape—and it is coupled to an exciting field trip. link

2015 AGU Fall Meeting
2015-12-14 to 2015-12-18
San Francisco, CA, USA
The AGU Meetings program serves as a vital component of the Union. Programs range from the world-renowned Fall Meeting with an attendance of more than 22,000 to the more intimate settings of Chapman Conferences. AGU is also proud to collaborate with international attendees at the Joint Assemblies and Meeting of the Americas as well as ASLO and TOS for the Ocean Sciences Meeting. Our programs provide a platform for engagement and exchange, a proven value to our 62,000 members. link

AAG Annual Meeting: SAN FRANCISCO 2016
2016-03-29 to 2016-04-02
San Francisco, CA, USA

Join the Association of American Geographers at the AAG Annual Meeting in San Francisco, March 29 - April 2, 2016, for the latest in research and applications in geography, sustainability, and GIScience. The AAG Annual Meeting is an interdisciplinary forum open to anyone with an interest in geography and related disciplines. All scholars, researchers, and students are welcome. The five-day conference will host more than 7,000 geographers from around the world and feature over 5,000 presentations, posters, workshops, and field trips by leading scholars, experts, and researchers. Sessions will be organized around many subfields, special tracks, and featured themes. link