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Author Testimonials



"It is our pleasure to publish our review article in the IJMS. The peer review process is fair and fast, and reviewers’ comments are constructive. The editorial staff is highly professional and very efficient. I am sure that IJMS is a high quality journal in biomedical science and articles published in this journal attracts a lot of attention and citations. My experience in the publication of our work in this journal was very positive. I will recommend publishing in this IJMS."
By Dr. Kagaku Azuma (Author of: Association between Mastication, the Hippocampus, and the HPA Axis: A Comprehensive Review).


"Some time ago I received an invitation from International Journal of Molecular Sciences to provide a manuscript or a review from my research. I agree to do it and have been one of my best decisions in the last times. The reviewing time is short; they improve my work as well as their presentation to facilitate the reader comprehension. From this positive experience I decided to take in account, prior to send a manuscript, the International Journal of Molecular Sciences as one of my preferred journals"
By Dr. Juan M. Tomás (Author of: Role of Aeromonas hydrophila Flagella Glycosylation in Adhesion to Hep-2 Cells).


"International Journal of Molecular Sciences is a high impact journal with high editorial standards and strict peer review. It is an important journal for academics in a wide variety of disciplines that underpin modern molecular sciences. It is always there to help me to further develop my research in this area, and I really enjoy publishing my research papers in IJMS"
By Prof. Dr. Kew-Yu Chen (Author of: Highly Soluble Monoamino-Substituted Perylene Tetracarboxylic Dianhydrides: Synthesis, Optical and Electrochemical Properties).


"I have published several papers in International Journal of Molecular Sciences and, in fact, I am just about to submit my next manuscript to this journal, because 1) It has a broad spectrum of subjects. 2) It has competent editorial board and professional production team, which results in a short publication time and better-quality manuscript. 3) It is recognized as a good journal in scientific community."
By Prof. Dr. Janusz Blasiak (Author of: Autophagy in DNA Damage Response).


"I had a very positive experience publishing my review article "Milk—A Nutrient System of Mammalian Evolution Promoting mTORC1-Dependent Translation" in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. The review procedere was fast, constructive and fair. The editorial assistance was excellent as well as the technical processing of the manuscript. I enjoyed the manuscript server system of mdpi that allowed good information about the current status of the mansucript. I recommend IJMS for all scientists who want to share their data and results in molecular medicine in a modern open minded journal with increasing impact factor."
By Dr. Bodo C. Melnik (Author of: Milk—A Nutrient System of Mammalian Evolution Promoting mTORC1-Dependent Translation).


"Publishing our review in International Journal of Molecular Sciences was definitely a great experience. The whole evaluation process was handled with a high professionalism and was very rapid with a strong, fair and helpful reviewing. Each step leading to the publication received a quick and informative notice from the Editor. In addition, the cost was tremendously low, which is particularly appreciated when compared to other journals."
By Dr. Thierry Arnould (Author of: Mitochondria Retrograde Signaling and the UPRmt: Where Are We in Mammals?)


"In my opinion the International Journal of Molecular Sciences aims are very interesting and they cover several scientific areas. The online submission is very intuitive and reviewing process was very fast and with excellent suggestions from the reviewers. Indicating that the journal as an excellent panel of experts. In conclusion, my experience with my first publication in this journal was very positive."
By Dr. Diana C. G. A. Pinto (Author of: Recent Breakthroughs in the Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Morella and Myrica Species)


"We had our first article in IJMS in July 2015 within the special edition “Advances in Multiple Sclerosis”. The article went through a very effective and rapid reviewing process finalized with publishing it within less than 2 months. The reviewers’ corrections were accurate, applicable and were helpful in getting an improved final version of the article. The e-mail correspondence were very friendly, uncomplicated and efficient. We would like to thank the journal's editorial staff and the reviewers for this successful and enjoyable process of publication."
By Dr. Ahmed Abdelhak and Dr. Hayrettin Tumani (Author of: Brain-Specific Cytoskeletal Damage Markers in Cerebrospinal Fluid: Is There a Common Pattern between Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis?)


"Our publishing experience with IJMS have been very positive. The peer-review process was very fast. The selected reviewers gave us great intellectual feedback and helped to further improve our manuscript. Furthermore, correspondence with the editorial office of IJMS was prompt and helpful. In summary, we can recommend puplishing in IJMS."
By Dr. Hauke S. Heinzow and Dr. Hartmut H. Schmidt (Authors of: Hepatitis C in Special Patient Cohorts: New Opportunities in Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis, End-Stage Renal Disease and Transplant Medicine)


"My experience in the publication of our research in the journal has been very positive since I consider particularly important the speed by the editors and reviewers in the evaluation of the article. Another point of interest is the simplicity in making the submission and carry out the corrections through the webpage."
By Dr. David Arráez-Román (Author of: Permeability Study of Polyphenols Derived from a Phenolic-Enriched Hibiscus sabdariffa Extract by UHPLC-ESI-UHR-Qq-TOF-MS)


"It was our pleasure to publish our research article in IJMS though the methodology was a little bit away from molecular biology. We feel that IJMS covers wide research area. Furthermore, we were all positively surprised that the peer review process and publish process were very fast. The reviewers’ comments were accurate and helpful for improvement of the article. We appreciate the contributions made by the journal's editorial staff and the reviewers to the successful process of publication."
By Dr. Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi (Author of: Can Clethra barbinervis Distinguish Nickel and Cobalt in Uptake and Translocation?)


"Publishing in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences was a nice experience. The review process of this open access journal was competent, fair and fast. Also proceeding to publication was rapid, precise and done with great care. There was always friendly and efficient feedback whenever there were questions. I hope that the impact factor of this rising journal will still increase"
By Dr. Werner Hoffmann (Author of: Current Status on Stem Cells and Cancers of the Gastric Epithelium))


"The publication process with IJMS all the way from peer-review to production was professional and fast"
By Dr. Lars Kaestner(Author of: Genetically Encoded Voltage Indicators in Circulation Research)


"I was very impressed with the editorial team and their efficiency in handling our manuscript at every stage. The online submission website and manuscript template were both easy to use. The peer review process was very fast and reviewers' comments were quite helpful. Communication with the journal staff was highly professional with rapid response times."
By Dr. Christine Chow (Author of: Cisplatin Targeting of Bacterial Ribosomal RNA Hairpins)


"Our experience with the publishing process at the IJMS has been a very positive one. The editorial staff was professional, responsive and efficient in handling our submission. We were impressed that our accepted article was published online within a few days after acceptance. In summary, IJMS is an outstanding example of a well-organized and competently run open access journal."
By Dr. Sonja W. Scholz (Author of: Genetics Underlying Atypical Parkinsonism and Related Neurodegenerative Disorders)


"It was a great pleasure to publish our review article in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS). Both review process itself and the publishing process with the editorial office of the IJMS were fast and convenient for the authors. I give my best regards for the IJMS as the avenue to publish one's research"
By Dr. Tero A. H. Järvinen (Author of: Systemically Administered, Target Organ-Specific Therapies for Regenerative Medicine)


"From my own experiences, IJMS is the most efficient journal in biology in reviewing and its following processing for the manuscript I submitted. This characteristic surly encourage me to submit more manuscripts to IJMS in the future."
By Dr. Chin-Tin Chen (Author of: Increased Histone Deacetylase Activity Involved in the Suppressed Invasion of Cancer Cells Survived from ALA-Mediated Photodynamic Treatment)


"I have already published two papers in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, and I’m about submitting the third one next month. The journal contains interesting articles of high impact that cover a broad spectrum of science. In my experience, Referees’ answers were quick and of great help to improve my manuscript. Most of all, the publication process is rapid and the team is highly professional and efficient. I strongly believe that IJMS will become one of the best journal for a variety of disciplines. For these reasons, I have suggested my colleagues to take IJMS in great consideration for publishing their works."
By Dr. Carlo Pincelli (Author of: Notch Cooperates with Survivin to Maintain Stemness and to Stimulate Proliferation in Human Keratinocytes during Ageing)


"Publishing in IJMS have always given us a positive experience. The quick responses and rapid as well as significant review process are outstanding. The editorial standards are high and have definitely been a bench mark in open access publication. The online uploading system, which is very easy to follow, gave us a blissful experience throughout the submission process. In conclusion we are impressed that we have published in IJMS for the quality it has shown and the impact it makes."
By Dr. Chih-yang Huang (Author of: CREB Negatively Regulates IGF2R Gene Expression and Downstream Pathways to Inhibit Hypoxia-Induced H9c2 Cardiomyoblast Cell Death)


"This is a high quality Open Access Medica Journal. The reviewing process was fast and fair. The reviewers gave us excellent suggestions. The Journal covers an extensive area of interests. Publishing our review was exiting and we plan to send for publication more papers. We recommend publishing in IJMS." By Dr. Francesco Angelico (Author of: Does Lysosomial Acid Lipase Reduction Play a Role in Adult Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?)


"We were delighted with the positive review of our manuscript in IJMS. The reason for our appreciation is that the Editor, editorial staff and the reviewers were highly supportive of strong science and provided fast and positive feedback to improve the quality of our manuscript. Editorial staff was extremely responsive and showed a high degree of professionalism. We hope that this will set an example for other publishers to follow." By Dr. Kalpna Gupta (Author of: Mast Cell-Mediated Mechanisms of Nociception)


"Publishing in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences was a very pleasant and rewarding experience. The reviewers’ reports were helpful because they came just a few days after the submission and appropriately pinpointed out improvements in the manuscript that could be reasonably done. Once accepted, the final editing and publication online was remarkably fast." By Dr. Luis G. Arnaut (Author of: Intravenous Single-Dose Toxicity of Redaporfin-Based Photodynamic Therapy in Rodents)


"Our recent experience publishing a manuscript in International Journal of Molecular Sciences was a refreshingly positive and professional experience. All aspects of the process were faster and more efficient than we've experienced with some other journals. In particular the Editorial assistance was outstanding - quick response to email, and all questions clearly and thoroughly answered in a friendly manner. Reviews were fair and thorough and helped us to improve our final paper. We look forward to submitting articles in the future to IJMS." By Dr. Shaker A. Mousa (Author of: Date (Phoenix dactylifera) Polyphenolics and Other Bioactive Compounds: A Traditional Islamic Remedy’s Potential in Prevention of Cell Damage, Cancer Therapeutics and Beyond)


"The process was extraordinarily fast in my case (which normally should of course be a good thing - but in my case, this was in fact all too fast, as I found it very hard to find the time to send back revisions and proofs in the time expected - especially at the special time of the year this happened. More breathing space for authors would be appreciated—at least by me. Our job is stressful enough without journals putting us under more pressure as well. Having said this, I have had similar experiences with other journals as well). Other than that, the process was smooth and straightforward, and everything was dealt with competently." By Dr. Claudia A. Blindauer (Author of: Earthworm Lumbricus rubellus MT-2: Metal Binding and Protein Folding of a True Cadmium-MT))


"I got a feature paper Invitation for the special issue on “Molecular Biocatalysis” (guest editors: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Kren, (Praha) & Dr. Daniela Monti, (Milano). The handling of the manuscript by the editorial office was highly professional, smooth, and fast. The reviewers' comments were helpful to improve our manuscript. Therefore, I can recommend the IJMS to other colleagues." By Dr. Lothar Elling (Author of: Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Glycoconjugates by Transgalactosylation with Recombinant Thermostable β-Glycosidase from Pyrococcus)


"I have published recently in IJMS, and the time span between submission and online publication was one of the shortest I have encountered during my career. Not only the editing process was very fast and efficient with immediate response and action by the editorial office at each stage, but also the peer-review process was extremely rapid, and high-quality nevertheless. While I am generally hesitating to submit work to open access journals because of the fees, I start to feel that, at least with IJMS, the service provided to the authors and the scientific community is worth its money." By Dr. Eva Freisinger (Author of: Localization and Spectroscopic Analysis of the Cu(I) Binding Site in Wheat Metallothionein Ec-1)


"Some weeks ago, Prof. Taguchi asked me to provide an article for an upcoming special issue in IJMS. After initial hesitation we decided to finalize an article for the special issue. I have been astonished by the high-quality and fast review and decision making process. I was also astonished to see the tool we published - miRTargetLink - to be used by others immediately after publication. Given this experience we will certainly continue to work together with IJMS in the future." By Dr. Andreas Keller (Author of: miRTargetLink—miRNAs, Genes and Interaction Networks)


"I am impressed that the IJMS appears willing to publish considered opinions without undue deference to mainline dogma or established power structures within the biological science research community. This is rare and welcome. Although I found the MDPI template and an aspect of the online submission system for revised manuscripts quite obtuse and difficult to use, the staff of the editorial office were exceptional in their helpfulness. At every stage the process was fast, efficient and professional." By Dr. Bill Woodward (Author of: Fidelity in Animal Modeling: Prerequisite for a Mechanistic Research Front Relevant to the Inflammatory Incompetence of Acute Pediatric Malnutrition)


"I had a very positive experience publishing my review articles including Molecular Mechanisms of the Anti-Obesity and Anti-Diabetic Properties of Flavonoids in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. The review process was so fast and constructive. The editorial assistance was excellent as well as the technical processing of the manuscript. I recommend the International Journal of Molecular Sciences for all scientists who want to share their data and results." By Dr. Ssang-Goo Cho (Author of: Molecular Mechanisms of the Anti-Obesity and Anti-Diabetic Properties of Flavonoids)


"Following an invitation from International Journal of Molecular Sciences for a special issue on Advances in Proteomic Research to provide a manuscript or a review from my research. I send them a review paper and find the review process fast, constructive and fair. The communication with the editorial office was helpful and efficient as well as the technical processing of the manuscript. In conclusion, my first publication in this journal was very positive and I hope the impact factor of this rising journal will still Increase." By Dr. Joëlle Coumans (Author of: Proteomic and Microscopic Strategies towards the Analysis of the Cytoskeletal Networks in Major Neuropsychiatric Disorders)


"I was invited to contribute to the special issue of IJMS on Metalloproteins. All steps in the publication process, from the first submission to the revision of the proofs were very timely, simple and efficient. I found the authors' section of the web site extremely well designed. The reviewers' comments arrived rapidly and were well balanced. The interaction with the office was also very swift. The quality of the final result is high, as anybody can see by browsing the papers." By Dr. Antonio Rosato (Author of: Minimal Functional Sites in Metalloproteins and Their Usage in Structural Bioinformatics)


"We have been very happy to see how fast our paper got reviewed and published. There is another paper undergoing review at present in your journal. Let this be over, then we can write a testimonial covering both experiences." By Dr. Ashesh Nandy (Author of: A Brief Review of Computer-Assisted Approaches to Rational Design of Peptide Vaccines)


"Publishing our research manuscript in International Journal of Molecular Sciences was a positive experience as the review procedure and technical processing of the script were fast and accurate. In addition, we received valuable suggestions by the editorial board to improve the quality of our manuscript, underlining once again the professionalism of IJMS." By Dr. Lieven Van Meulebroek (Author of: Metabolic Fingerprinting to Assess the Impact of Salinity on Carotenoid Content in Developing Tomato Fruits)


"This review was my first opportunity to contribute to International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) that covers several scientific areas. The online submission was very fast and we received relevant suggestions from the reviewers for increasing the interest of the paper. In addition, IJMS show an excellent panel of experts for revision. In conclusion, my experience with my first IJMS publication was excellent. Please, remark that only few days after of the publication paper, it appeared in PubMed!!" By Dr. Joan Roselló-Catafau (Author of: Relevance of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Cell Signaling in Liver Cold Ischemia Reperfusion Injury)


"Some months ago the IJMS (an open access journal) bring me the opportunity to publish a review. My experience with IJMS was excellent. The peer review process and publication time were very fast and reviewers' comments were helpful and really improved my work. Briefly, this positive experience encourage me to submit more manuscripts to IJMS in the future and I definitely recommend the journal to other colleagues." By Dr. Maria Fiorenza Caboni (Author of: Phenolic Compounds in the Potato and Its Byproducts: An Overview)


"For this IJMS publication, we were invited by the editors of the special issue “Molecular signals in nodulation control”. We gladly accepted the invitation because we believe this will be a relevant issue for the field. Our experience was very good thus we will strongly consider this journal for our next publications. All the reviewing and edition process was conducted really carefully and within less than a month. We highly recommend this journal for your publication in the area of molecular biology." By Dr. Damien Formey and Dr. Georgina Hernández (Author of: Regulation of Small RNAs and Corresponding Targets in Nod Factor-Induced Phaseolus vulgaris Root Hair Cells)


"My experience publishing the review article "Regulation of NKG2D-Dependent NK Cell Functions: The Yin and the Yang of Receptor Endocytosis" in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences was very positive. The reviewing time was short, the publication process was rapid and the editorial assistance was professional. For these reasons, I was glad to accept the invitation to provide an additional contribution for the special issue "Ubiquitin System", and I have recommended to my collegues to take IJMS in great consideration for publishing their work. I hope that the impact factor of this journal will further increase in the future." By Dr. Rossella Paolini (Author of: Regulation of NKG2D-Dependent NK Cell Functions: The Yin and the Yang of Receptor Endocytosis).



“The peer-review process was exceedingly fast, the fastest I have ever experienced. All of my interactions with the editorial staff and guest editors were professional and highly satisfactory. The reviewers’ suggestions were of great help to improve the quality of my article. I definitely recommend the journal as a source of high quality papers.”
By Laurie Richardson (Author of: Ecology and Physiology of the Pathogenic Cyanobacterium Roseofilum reptotaenium).


“For several decades (some) central dogma(s) dominated biology and life sciences that are falsified meanwhile, such as (i) DNA-RNA-Protein-anything else, (ii) one gene - one protein, (iii) non-coding DNA is junk, (iv) viruses escaped from cellular life, or (v) chance mutations drive genetic novelty. I encourage groundbreaking authors that are willing and competent to take more than one look out of the box to use this highly refreshing alternative to the well known “dinosaurs” in biological sciences to drive a more fundamental and integrative perspective on life.”
By Guenther Witzany (Author of: RNA Sociology: Group Behavioral Motifs of RNA Consortia).


“This really was the peer-review all of us would like: fast, knowledgeable and fair. The review process improved the paper (which, sad to say, is not always the case). Another important point: though one of the reviewers clearly was less enamoured of some of the ideas presented, the second round of the review process demonstrated admirable open-mindedness (‘While I am not in complete agreement with the revision, I believe that the suggestions for research on RNA-small peptide interactions that might come from circulation of this speculation justify its publication.’). The contacts with the editorial staff and editor(s) were speedy and to the point. Last but not least: Life supplies open access at relatively low costs for the author(s).”
By Dave Speijer (Corresponding Author of: How Amino Acids and Peptides Shaped the RNA World).


“The peer review process was of a very high quality and fast. It considerably improved our article. The reviewers were objective and raised very good criticisms. The Guest Editor was very professional. The Editor-in-Chief explained to me patiently and satisfactorily all my questions about the journal Life. All in all, the interactions with the Editors and reviewers were unexpectedly open to any doubts. Without hesitation, I do recommend Life for high quality articles.”
By Marco V. José (Author of: Three-Dimensional Algebraic Models of the tRNA Code and 12 Graphs for Representing the Amino Acids).


“The peer review process was very fast. We were all positively surprised. We were very happy with the reviewers’ suggestions; they were clearly experts in the field, and helped us a lot in order to make our text more understandable. Overall, my experience was very good.”
By Ester M. Eckert (Author of: Does a Barcoding Gap Exist in Prokaryotes? Evidences from Species Delimitation in Cyanobacteria).


“I was quite impressed by my interactions with Life on the special Archaea issue. The reviews were quick, fair and obviously from experts in the field whose input helped to improve the article. It was easy to submit the manuscript and I am happy with the end product. This is the second paper I have published here and I hope to see other quality papers in the field.”
By Ken F. Jarrell (Author of: Pilin Processing Follows a Different Temporal Route than That of Archaellins in Methanococcus maripaludis).


“According to our experience the peer-review process was substantially fast yet reviewers’ comments were reasonable and helped to shape better the manuscript. The editorial staff provided us fair support, where all issues have been solved without any delay. Personally, I think that Life represents an efficient platform for publication of research papers and reviews not only with ‘standard’ topics, but also with rather provocative ones stimulating readers for deeper thinking and reconsideration of their understanding of biological phenomena.”
By Anton A. Polyansky (Author of: On the Contribution of Protein Spatial Organization to the Physicochemical Interconnection between Proteins and Their Cognate mRNAs).


“I very much am of the same opinion regarding the “prompt and positive peer review process” of the journal Life, as is reflected in most of the other comments here. The review process was efficient and, I must insist, positive. The overall comments for our article were good. One reviewer, however, had a disagreement with the way our story was pitched. After one round of revision, when the disagreement persisted, the reviewer took the time to explain where he was coming from rather than treating our disagreement with negativity (we did get admonished a bit in the process)! This was refreshing, to say the least, and led to a revision in the ‘pitch of the story’ which, I must say, made our article more complete. We look forward to having a long and fruitful relationship with the journal! We appreciate the prompt responses from the editorial office. Finally, thanks to the EiC and Guest Editor for the opportunity that eventually led us to be a part of this special issue.” By Sudha Rajamani (Author of: Characterization of RNA-Like Oligomers from Lipid-Assisted Nonenzymatic Synthesis: Implications for Origin of Informational Molecules on Early Earth)


“I enjoyed the peer review process at Life. The review of our manuscript was fast and fair. I was impressed by the reviewer comments, which were constructive and helpful in improving our manuscript. Based on the comments, I could tell that all three reviewers of our manuscript are experts in the relevant fields of research. The editorial staff also responded to my emails and requests promptly.” By Cheemeng Tan (Author of: Synthetic Biology: A Bridge between Artificial and Natural Cells)


“The invitation to contribute to the special Life issue on ‘The Origins and Early Evolution of RNA’ came at a very opportune time for me. Recent results from my lab in several areas had pointed to a new synthesis of interests I had developed over forty years. Writing the manuscript thus came naturally and allowed me to consider my research in a broader context. It was therefore an exciting experience to produce the manuscript. The Editors were most helpful and the peer review was pleasantly timely, thorough, and constructive. The reviewers’ suggestions allowed me to clarify, correct omissions I had made, and opened new directions that were consistent with what I hoped to accomplish with the manuscript.” By Charles W. Carter Jr. (Author of: What RNA World? Why a Peptide/RNA Partnership Merits Renewed Experimental Attention)

"We received fair and rapid reviews of our manuscript; the editorial staff went out of their way to help us. I commend Life and recommend this journal to other authors who want to publish articles in the interdisciplinary field of geomicrobiology." By Tim Lowenstein (Author of: Starvation-Survival in Haloarchaea)


“The reviews of my manuscript were highly informed and constructive, and I was very pleased with the quality of the production for publication.” By Dr. Roy A. Black (Author of: A Self-Assembled Aggregate Composed of a Fatty Acid Membrane and the Building Blocks of Biological Polymers Provides a First Step in the Emergence of Protocells)



"I am happy to share my positive experience with Molecules, in terms of fast response from the review process and fast publication. The editorial staff is very professional and kind." By Dr. Valeria Costantino (Author of: Zeamide, a Glycosylinositol Phosphorylceramide with the Novel Core Arap(1β→6)Ins Motif from the Marine Sponge Svenzea zeai)


“I must say that the communication from the Molecules editorial office has been nothing short of excellent, both as an author and as a peer-reviewer, and it has also had one of the best submission and peer-review websites I have worked with. Thank you for an excellent overall experience.” By Prof. Dr. James M. Smoliga (Author of: Enhancing the Delivery of Resveratrol in Humans: If Low Bioavailability is the Problem, What is the Solution?)


"I am really so satisfied with my publication experience. I have published before one papare in Int. J. Mol. sci and recently I have published in Molecules on of the most important paper in my work." By Dr. Hazem Elshafie (Author of: Cytotoxic Activity of Origanum Vulgare L. on Hepatocellular Carcinoma cell Line HepG2 and Evaluation of its Biological Activity)


"I was positively impressed by the entire management of our article. The peer review process was very fast and reviewers' comments were fair and helpful. Also the printing process was very fast. The website to submit and handle manuscripts is efficient and easy to use. Communication with the Editorial Staff was excellent. I definitely recommend the journal for publication of high quality papers." By Prof. Dr. Antonio Bianchi (Author of: Inorganic Mercury Sequestration by a Poly(ethylene imine) Dendrimer in Aqueous Solution)


“After 20 years of intense activity, Molecules (MDPI) gained a leading position among Open Access Journals in chemical science with an outstanding worldwide visibility. My previous positive experiences have been recently confirmed by a qualified peer-reviewed process and fast on-line publication.” By Prof. Dr. Giancarlo Cravotto (Author of: Solvent-Free Copper-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition under Mechanochemical Activation)


“I had not published in Molecules previously, but was invited to contribute to the Special Issue “Antibiotics & Superbugs”. Since I believe this to be a very important area, I was pleased to contribute and the entire submission, referring and editorial process proved to be seamless and constructive, and the Editorial team prompt and helpful. I will certainly support Molecules again in the future.” By Prof. Dr. Mark G. Moloney (Author of: Antibacterial Barbituric Acid Analogues Inspired from Natural 3-Acyltetramic Acids; Synthesis, Tautomerism and Structure and Physicochemical Property-Antibacterial Activity Relationships)


“I am very impressed by the Molecules editorial team. The quality of their work was superb, even as they processed highly specialized research articles in a timely and efficient manner. It has been a great experience publishing with the journal.” By Dr. Denong Wang (Author of: Targeting N-Glycan Cryptic Sugar Moieties for Broad-Spectrum Virus Neutralization: Progress in Identifying Conserved Molecular Targets in Viruses of Distinct Phylogenetic Origins)


“I always enjoy the competent help and helpful attitude of the editorial office.”By Prof. Dr. Poul Erik Hansen (Author of:Ultrasound Assisted Synthesis of 5,9-Dimethylpentadecane and 5,9-Dimethylhexadecane – the Sex Pheromones of Leucoptera coffeella)


“I have published several times in Molecules and once in Marine Drugs and my impression as author is that the peer-review process has been very fast and helpful of the referee comments. I definitively recommend these journals for the publication of quality papers.” By Prof. Dr. David Diez (Author of Enantioselective Synthesis of cis-Decalins Using Organocatalysis and Sulfonyl Nazarov Reagents).


“The whole process of evaluation and to produce the gallery proof was quick and of high quality. Excellent job.” By Prof. Dr. Francisco A. Macías (Author of Synergy and Other Interactions between Polymethoxyflavones from Citrus Byproducts).


“It was indeed a pleasant experience to publish our review article with this journal. Instructions were very clear and timely processing of publication made this experience the enjoyable one.” By Dr. Mahesh Potdar (Author of Recent Developments in Chemical Synthesis with Biocatalysts in Ionic Liquids).


“I really appreciate the professionalization I experienced with this journal and publishing. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.” By Dr. Melinda Varga (Author of Truncation Derivatives of the S-Layer Protein of Sporosarcina ureae ATCC 13881 (SslA): Towards Elucidation of the Protein Domain Responsible for Self-Assembly).



"We are very satisfied of this publication. We will recommend it to others." By Miss Kai Zhong (Author of: Investigation on the Performances of Vuilleumier Cycle Heat Pump Adopting Mixture Refrigerants)


“My experience in publishing an article in the journal Entropy was excellent. Only 20 days were employed from the submission day and the date when it was accepted! After few days, also the printed version was available. They used very expert reviewers; in fact, their comments and suggestions were not based only on my Introduction or Conclusion, as many other reviewers do. From them it was clear that they deeply knew the framework where my article is inserted. They helped in improving the quality of the article. Also the Editor’s kind and pertinent suggestions were very helpful for me; I was very impressed by the fact that they sent them also in holiday period! Here in Italy, where I live, this is something that goes far beyond imagination! As a witness of this fact, you can see that my article was accepted in the Christmas Day! I give all my appreciations to the staff working for this journal.” By Dr. Sebastiano Pennisi (Author of: An 18 Moments Model for Dense Gases: Entropy and Galilean Relativity Principles without Expansions)


"I really enjoyed interacting with the editorial staff. They have managed to keep an efficient balance between authority, professionalism, streamlining the review process while maintaining flexibility over special administrative requests. From the submission of the original manuscript, through the review and up to the proofreading of the revised edition, the editorial staff was always standing-by to support and streamline the whole process in a push-pull fashion. The review process was not only fast, but efficient as well. Not only the editorial office were standing-by, but they were also “restless”—in a positive sense—in not letting a day pass without progress, especially when the ball was in their court (revision and proofreading). Clearly the reviewers have gone through a careful check of the submitted manuscript and came back with very interesting comments on critical aspects of the work and suggestions for improving it. Definitely, their suggestions have helped improve the quality of the submitted manuscript in two aspects: they have indicated editorial issues that have improved readability and they have instigated a discussion on some critical/fundamental aspects of the related work. Some of these discussions have been included in the revised manuscript. I understood that Entropy maintains a high level of quality. The reviewers are seasoned experts in their field, and provide authoritative reviews. The review process is streamlined and efficient. I definitely intend to submit any related future work to Entropy." By Dr. Marios S. Valavanides (Author of: Definition and Counting of Configurational Microstates in Steady-State Two-Phase Flows in Pore Networks)


"We had a great experience working with the editorial staff of Entropy. The review process was fast and clear, and the electronic platform for submission and resubmission of the article was always useful and fully operational. Congratulations!" By Dr. Enrique Muñoz (Author of: Magnetically-Driven Quantum Heat Engines: The Quasi-Static Limit of Their Efficiency)


"The journal of Entropy is very fast and very nice journal, and will definitely become a high impact journal in future especially for entropic materials and physics." By Dr. Yong Zhang (Author of: Nano-Crystallization of High-Entropy Amorphous NbTiAlSiWxNy Films Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering)



“Huge thanks again for all your help and endless patience - I really appreciate you extending the deadline (and more than once at that!) and the timing has now worked out perfectly. The print version of the latest research paper came out on Monday (and it's a Spotlight article in that issue of the journal), and so this review will be right behind it. The timing could not have been better, frankly. I have been delighted with my whole experience with cells. It's my first time publishing with you guys but I suspect it won't be the last.” By Dr. Brooke Morriswood (Author of: Form, Fabric, and Function of a Flagellum-Associated Cytoskeletal Structure)



"My experience with Economies was outstanding. One sometimes does not have such an experience even in the most highly rated economics journals. The reviewer reports were excellent, the editorial processing was rapid and helpful, and the quality of production is fine." By Prof. Dr. Rati Ram (Author of: Economic Development And Government Spending: An Exploration of Wagner’s Hypothesis during Fifty Years of Growth in East Asia)



"My experience with publishing for a special edition in the journal Geriatrics was excellent. I was invited for a special edition that truly corresponded to my field of expertise. The special guest editor, Dr Max Toepper, took his role seriously and contacted me personally. Three reviewers commented my manuscript and all of them seemed to be familiar with the topic and at least two were clearly experts in the field. My article was reviewed twice before been accepted. I received a written confirmation that this decision had been taken by the special editor. When called, the managing staff was able to answer in German and are truly located in Basel. They are transparent and honest about their editing policy. The staff was professional. MDPI seems to take very seriously its own reputation as a leading open source publisher. I was very sceptic at first, but my experience has convinced me of the good will of the publisher and its competencies in publishing quality articles." By Prof. Dr. Paul Vaucher (Author of: Tackling Societal Challenges Related to Ageing and Transport Transition: An Introduction to Philosophical Principles of Causation Adapted to the Biopsychosocial Model)



"Polymers is an interesting and high-quality open access journal in the field of polymer science. For our contributions, the review process has been very efficient and we can recommend our colleagues to consider this journal for the dissemination of their research results." By Dr. Paul H.M. Van Steenberge, Prof. Dr. Dagmar R. D’hooge, Prof. Dr. Marie-Françoise Reyniers and Prof. Dr. Guy B. Marin (Authors of: Exploring the Full Potential of Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization Using Pareto-Optimal Fronts)


"I am quite satisfied with all your sincere service. I really appreciated that you edited my paper during Christmas, and thank you very much for your rapid response. I am also very happy with the changes you made and information you provided to help me. With your great effort and support, Polymers will become better and better in the future." By Dr. Lei Jiang (Author of: Improving the Performances of Random Copolymer Based Organic Solar Cells by Adjusting the Film Features of Active Layers Using Mixed Solvents)


"My publication experience in Polymers is efficient progress, kindly proofreading and good reputation. I will recommend this journal to my colleague." By Dr. Chi-Tien Chen (Author of: Magnesium Pyrazolyl-Indolyl Complexes as Catalysts for Ring-Opening Polymerization of l-Lactide)


"It is a great pleasure to publish our research article in Polymers. We were invited to submit a manuscript for publication in a Special Issue of Polymers. The online submission system was clear and easy, and the reviewing process was fast and fair. My experience with publication in this Journal was very positive. We would like to consider submitting our research again to this journal." By Dr. Takashi Tsujimoto (Author of: Biodegradable Shape Memory Polymeric Material from Epoxidized Soybean Oil and Polycaprolactone)


"We are greatly impressed in the manuscript handling process at Polymers for the professionalism and -most importantly- prompt peer review process. The reviewer's comments improved the manuscript. We are very much interested to collaborate again with Polymers in future and will certainly recommend the journal to our colleagues." By Dr. Caglar Goksu (Author of: Seismic Behavior of Substandard RC Columns Retrofitted with Embedded Aramid Fiber Reinforced Polymer (AFRP) Reinforcement)


"We are very grateful that our work can be efficiently published in Polymers. In detail, only 31 days is taken from submission to acceptance, and only 1 week is spent for final publication. I am willing to share this delightful experience with other interested contributors. 1. Before submission, the manuscript should be carefully prepared, including English, presentation, figure production, formats, etc., according to the requirements of Polymers. 2. Graphical abstract is necessary to highlight the work and attract the wide attention of readers. 3. All steps, such as revision and proofreading, should be accelerated to shorten the publication date." By Prof. Dr. Jianxun Ding (Author of: Epirubicin-Complexed Polypeptide Micelle Effectively and Safely Treats Hepatocellular Carcinoma)


"We submitted our second article to Polymers within one year. The online submission portal is clearly arranged and easy to use. The reviewers’ comments were very helpful for improving our articles. Both the review and the subsequent publishing process were very fast. Furthermore, the editorial board informed us about any change in the state of progress and was available for questions and supplementary information at any time." By Dr. Sebastian Wilhelm (Author of: Influence of pH, Temperature and Sample Size on Natural and Enforced Syneresis of Precipitated Silica)


"The publication process with Polymers is from the submission of the manuscript to the publication of the article very fast—a definite benefit of the journal. Open access is certainly the future of academic dissemination, and as the nicely increasing IF of Polymers shows, the journal has already found its place in the changing publishing environment." By Prof. Dr. Thomas Junkers (Author of: Facile Synthesis of Well-Defined MDMO-PPV Containing (Tri)Block—CoPolymers via Controlled Radical Polymerization and CuAAC Conjugation)


"Our experience of publishing manuscript for high impact work in Polymers has been excellent. We were very impressed with the editorial process particular in speed of handling, professional and friendly staff. We will definitely consider to publish in Polymers for future works. I wish the journal every success." By Dr. Nur Amirah Mohd Zahri (Author of: Improved Method for Preparation of Amidoxime Modified Poly(acrylonitrile-co-acrylic acid): Characterizations and Adsorption Case Study)


"I would like to share my experience for publishing paper in Polymers. The editors of Polymers are very strict and nice, and they deal with the manuscript in a quick manner. If the paper submitted is innovative, complete, and well-prepared, it has great chance to be accepted and publish within a month. It is a good choice to publish papers in Polymers." By Dr. Feng-Yuan Huang (Author of: Preparation and Properties of Cellulose Laurate (CL)/Starch Nanocrystals Acetate (SNA) Bio-nanocomposites)


"Once again, let me say how glad I am to have chosen MDPI Polymers to disseminate my work. This was my third submission to Polymers and I served also as reviewer, and my relationship with the editorial staff was positive, from submission to publication, all in about one month. The genuine peer review process was very fast and efficient and reviewers' suggestions helped to improve the quality of the manuscript. The overall quality and impact of the journal is good. I will definitely recommend this open access journal to my colleagues working in Composites for Structural Engineering." By Dr. Gian Piero Lignola (Author of: Simplified Model for Strengthening Design of Beam–Column Internal Joints in Reinforced Concrete Frames)


"In our opinion, Polymers provides an appealing opportunity to publish good quality research works, mainly due to the increasing visibility and impact of this journal, but also because of the rapid and efficient communication with the editorial office. " By Dr. Garikoitz Beobide (Author of: Aerogels of 1D Coordination Polymers: From a Non-Porous Metal-Organic Crystal Structure to a Highly Porous Material )


"It is my pleasure to submit a manuscript for publication in a Special Issue of Polymers. The editors are very patient and nice and they deal with the manuscript very fast. Furthermore, the editorial board informed us about any change in the state of progress and this is very important for me. It is really a good journal for Polymers and I wish it would become better and better." By Dr. Na Liu (Author of: Immortal Ring-Opening Polymerization of rac-Lactide Using Polymeric Alcohol as Initiator to Prepare Graft Copolymer )


"I am extremely honored and my experience publishing in Polymers has been fantastic. Review process was efficient and comments and suggestions by editors greatly enhanced manuscript content. Editing and publications team deserves well earned praise for their efforts and efficiently putting publication in final format. It is one of the best publishing experience and would really like to work again with Polymers. I wish entire editorial team all the best and thank you." By Dr. Deepti Singh (Author of: 3D Printing of Scaffold for Cells Delivery: Advances in Skin Tissue Engineering )


"This was my first contribution to Polymers, upon invitation for a special issue dedicated to Controlled Radical Polymerization. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficient online submission system and by the speed of the reviewing process and final manuscript composition, correction and publication." By Prof. Dr. Rinaldo Poli (Author of: Coordination Chemistry inside Polymeric Nanoreactors: Metal Migration and Cross-Exchange in Amphiphilic Core-Shell Polymer Latexes)


"It is a pleasure for me to testify the very positive experience I had in publishing in Polymers. Recently, I have been invited to publish a paper in a special issue, after submission of the manuscript I have been impressed by the very fast and competent review process and the high speed of publication of the journal. The competent reviewers' comments contributed to improve the quality of the paper and the assistant editors were very friendly and helped us with very quick and professional answers to our questions." By Dr. Incoronata Tritto (Author of: Terpolymerization of Substituted Cycloolefin with Ethylene and Norbornene by Transition Metal Catalyst)


"Although it is my first time to submit and publish article in Polymers, I am very satisfactory with the whole procedure of reviewing, editing and proofreading. As well, I am impressed with the seriousness of academic attitude of Polymers, the instant and sincere service, as well as the excellent efficiency of the editors. I am very willing to have more research works published in Polymers." By Dr. Wei-Dong He (Author of: Comb-Type Grafted Hydrogels of PNIPAM and PDMAEMA with Reversed Network-Graft Architectures from Controlled Radical Polymerizations)


"Like most authors, we are greatly impressed in the manuscript handing process in . The editors were very efficient and friendly. The reviewers gave us some valuable comments which contributed to our article very much. Thank them very much. We strongly recommend Polymers to the interested authors, and don’t hesitate to know about Polymers." By Dr. Yace Mi (Author of: Improved Stability of Emulsions in Preparation of Uniform Small-Sized Konjac Glucomanna (KGM) Microspheres with Epoxy-Based Polymer Membrane by Premix Membrane Emulsification)


"I am very satisfied with all stages of paper submission including critical reading of the referees, re-submission and proof reading which have been processed rapidly. I will recommend polymers to my colleagues." By Dr. Guenter Goerigk (Author of: Systematic Limitations in Concentration Analysis via Anomalous Small-Angle X-ray Scattering in the Small Structure Limit)


"I am honored to share my publication experience in Polymers. This is my first time to submit and publish article in Polymers, but I am greatly impressed by the whole clear procedure and quite satisfied with all sincere service. In particular, the efficiency of the editor is very excellent, and the attitude is very friendly." By Dr. Shijiao Zhou (Author of: The Synthesis of Backbone Thermo and pH Responsive Hyperbranched Poly(Bis(N,N-Propyl Acryl Amide))s by RAFT)


"Our experience of publishing a manuscript in Polymers has been exceptional. We were invited to submit a manuscript for publication in a Special Issue of Polymers. The online submission system was clear and even though we have encountered some technical problems the editorial staff was very prompt and helpful in assisting us with the submission procedure. Also, the reviewing process was fast and fair. My experience with publication in this journal was very positive. I will consider submitting our research in the future to this journal." By Dr. Daniela Predoi (Author of: Structural Properties and Antifungal Activity against Candida albicans Biofilm of Different Composite Layers Based on Ag/Zn Doped Hydroxyapatite-Polydimethylsiloxanes)


"We are very glad to have our manuscript published in Polymers. The review process is very effective, and the suggestions are constructive. We are graceful to the editors kind help, especially for their rapid response." By Dr. Junchao Wei (Author of: Biodegradable Polymer Membranes Applied in Guided Bone/Tissue Regeneration: A Review)


"My publication experience in Polymers has been satisfactory. We submitted our second article to Polymers. The editors of Polymers were very friendly and they deal with the manuscript in a quick manner. The reviewers' comments contributed to improve the quality of our paper and the assistant editors helped us with very quick and professional answers to our questions. I will absolutely recommend this journal." By Dr. Wendy Margarita Chavez Montes (Author of: Poly-Lactide/Exfoliated C30B Interactions and Influence on Thermo-Mechanical Properties Due to Artificial Weathering)


"We are very happy that our latest research work was published in Polymers. The review process was very fast (1 week) and smooth, with clear instructions and constructive criticism. Communication with editors were very helpful and efficient." By Dr. Fuzhou Wang (Author of: Synthesis of Highly Branched Polyolefins Using Phenyl Substituted α-Diimine Ni(II) Catalysts)


"My publication experience in Polymers is rapid peer review progress and good impact factor. Definitely recommends to my colleagues." By Dr. Siti Nor Atika Baharin (Author of: Novel Functionalized Polythiophene-Coated Fe3O4 Nanoparticles for Magnetic Solid-Phase Extraction of Phthalates)


"The submission of the manuscript and the entire publication process of the article was straightforward and very quick. We are grateful for the kind help of the editors and for their quick response." By Dr. Yvonne Hertle (Author of: Smart Homopolymer Microgels: Influence of the Monomer Structure on the Particle Properties)


"The reviewing progress is quite fast and fair. The editor is very kind to help the authors on English and writting skills. We will recommend this journal to our friends and colleagues." By Dr. Wei Cao (Author of: Simulation of Jetting in Injection Molding Using a Finite Volume Method)


"I would like to thank the Polymers for the very efficient review process and the changes the editor made for our manuscript. The submitting system is quite nice and I also like the high-quality open access journal for polymer theory and simulations. We can recommend our colleagues to consider this journal for publishing their research results." By Prof. Ping Tang (Author of: Effect of Geometrical Asymmetry on the Phase Behavior of Rod-Coil Diblock Copolymers)


"From the first contact with Editors of Polymers I was impressed with their professionalism, patience and readiness to help at every step of manuscript processing. Comments of the reviewers were very helpful and indicated even minor inaccuracies. Nevertheless, the reviewing process was very fast. The remaining part of manuscript processing was very smooth. It was a real pleasure to work with Polymers editorial team." By Prof. Stanislaw Slomkowski (Author of Polyglycidol, Its Derivatives, and Polyglycidol-Containing Copolymers—Synthesis and Medical Applications)


"The journal of Polymers must be preferred for a quick, open access, easily and widely accessible Q1 publication! By Dr. Rasheed Atif (Author of: Influence of Macro-Topography on Damage Tolerance and Fracture Toughness of 0.1 wt % Multi-Layer Graphene/Clay-Epoxy Nanocomposites)


"I and my co-workers are highly appreciate to invitation in a Special Issue of Polymers. The Polymers is an high-quality open access journal and provide a simple/rapid submission process. Especially, the editor was highly kind to my request and provided helpful advises. So, I would like to recommend this journal to my colleagues. By Dr. Oh Seok Kwon (Author of: Conducting Polymer Based Nanobiosensors)


"My experience with Polymers has been great so far. They offer a quick review turn-around with great visibility in the scientific community due to their open access model and reasonable Impact Factor. I recommend Polymers and MDPI for your publications in open access. It is a serious and relevant Journal. By Dr. Rafael L. Quirino (Author of: Bio-Based Polymers with Potential for Biodegradability)


"It was my pleasure to publish our Review in Polymers, which covers a wide research area. The peer review process and publish process were very fast (within 3 weeks), and the reviewers’ comments were accurate and helpful for improvement of the paper. We appreciate the contributions made by the journal's editorial staff and the reviewers to the successful process of our publication. By Prof. Jun Yin (Author of: Stimuli-Responsive Block Copolymer-Based Assemblies for Cargo Delivery and Theranostic Applications)


"Polymers has a high reputation in the field of materials science and it was a very good experience to publish a review article in this Journal. All the reviewing process of the manuscript was quite fast and the Reviewers significantly contributed to the overall improvement of the quality of the article. I recommend this Journal to my colleagues. By Dr. Giulio Malucelli (Author of: Recent Advances for Flame Retardancy of Textiles Based on Phosphorus Chemistry)


"Our experience with publication in Polymers was very positive. The Editor and the editorial staff were prompt and helpful in assisting us with the submission and revision procedure. The review process was very fast and the reviewers' criticism contributed to improve the quality of our article. In future we will consider further submitting our research to this journal. By Dr. Antonio Buonerba (Author of: Author of Olefin–Styrene Copolymers)


"It was definitely a nice experience to publish our work in Polymers. The open access policy of the journal provides the possibility to influence a much larger audience around the world. Moreover, from the submission step up to the online publication of the paper was really fast. In particular, the support and responsiveness of the journal editors was always on time and helpful during the entire process. By Dr. Ali Gooneie (Author of: Author of Atomistic Modelling of Confined Polypropylene Chains between Ferric Oxide Substrates at Melt Temperature )


"Publishing in Polymers was a nice experience. I was very impressed with the editorial team and their high efficiency in handling our manuscript at every stage. The peer review process was very rapid and reviewers' comments were quite helpful. By Dr. Wenjing Lin (Author of: Author of Co-Delivery of Imiquimod and Plasmid DNA via an Amphiphilic pH-Responsive Star Polymer that Forms Unimolecular Micelles in Water)


"We want to emphasize the simplicity with which we were able to publish our work with the help of assistant editors. But also, we would like to emphasize the opportunity that the journal gave us to be able to cover the volume. We will continue to publish in Polymers journal for future works. By Dr. Aurélie CAYLA (Author of: Author of PLA with Intumescent System Containing Lignin and Ammonium Polyphosphate for Flame Retardant Textile)


"Our submission to Polymers was efficiently proceeded so that the time it took for publication was minimized and our pleasure to work with (the editor and staff of) Polymers maximized. We will be happy to submit further manuscripts to Polymers and recommend it to other colleagues. By Dr. Dominik Wöll (Author of: Diffusive motion of linear microgel assemblies in solution)


"It is a great pleasure to publish our research article in Polymers. Polymersis a high impact journal in the field of polymer science. The editors are very patient and nice and they handled our manuscript very efficiently. The reviewer's comments were accurate and improved the manuscript. It was a happy experience for me to publish a paper in Polymers. We will recommend our colleagues to consider this journal. By Dr. Hongming Li (Author of: Study on hydrogen sensitivity of Ziegler-Natta catalysts with novel cycloalkoxy silane compounds as external electron donor)


"It was a great pleasure to submit a manuscript for publication in a MDPI Polymers. I am very satisfied with submission process as well as adequate remarks from the referees and help from editorial staff. The publishing process was very quick. It is a good choice to publish papers in Polymers and I can recommend publishing in this journal. By Dr. Karolina Gaska (Author of: Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of LDPE Graphene Nanoplatelets Composites Produced by Means of Melt Extrusion Process)


"It was a great pleasure to submit a manuscript for publication in a MDPI Polymers. I am very satisfied with submission process as well as adequate remarks from the referees and help from editorial staff. The publishing process was very quick. It is a good choice to publish papers in Polymers and I can recommend publishing in this journal. By Dr. Karolina Gaska (Author of: Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of LDPE Graphene Nanoplatelets Composites Produced by Means of Melt Extrusion Process)


"Excellent editorial process and excellent support. Very efficient staff support. Impressed with the whole process: from submission to publication. By Dr. Srikanth Pilla (Author of: Investigation of Thermal and Thermomechanical Properties of Biodegradable PLA/PBSA Composites Processed via Supercritical Fluid-Assisted Foam Injection Molding)


"It was really interesting and exciting experience to publish our work in Polymers. We were so impressed with the speed of handling and kind concerns of editorial staff. I hope to publish my future works in Polymers, if possible. I will definitely recommend Polymers to my colleagues. By Dr. Seunho Jung (Author of: Pentynyl Ether of β-Cyclodextrin Polymer and Silica Micro-Particles: A New Hybrid Material for Adsorption of Phenanthrene from Water)


"We are very satisfied about our experience of publishing a manuscript in Polymers. We were invited to submit a paper for publication in a Special Issue of the journal. The editorial staff was helpful and responsive, and the online submission system is user friendly. The reviewing process was fast, and contributed to improve paper content and significance. Overall, our experience with this journal is very positive, and we will certainly consider Polymers for our future submissions. By Dr. Valentina Marturano (Author of: Author of Light-Responsive Polymer Micro- and Nano-Capsules)


"Thumbs up for Polymers! We made positive experiences publishing our work in this open access journal. The whole process was clear, very fast, and easy to handle. The MDPI team worked cooperative and author orientated. We would recommend Polymers to our coworkers and submit our future research there. By Dr. Daniel Zaremba and Dr. Hans-Hermann Johannes (Author of: Methacrylate-Based Copolymers for Polymer Optical)


"I am very happy that finally my paper has been published by 'Polymers' after some minor revision. Less than two months, my paper was published. I am very impressed with the quick response. For me it was a good experience. The fastest paper I have ever published to date. By Dr. Mohd Shahneel Saharudin (Author of: Effect of Short-Term Water Exposure on the Mechanical Properties of Halloysite Nanotube-Multi Layer Graphene Reinforced Polyester Nanocomposites)


"It was a great experience to publish our paper in highly qualified Polymers. We were impressed with the speed of the editorial process as well as kind cooperation. We would definitely like to have more cooperation with Polymers and wish more success for the journal. By Dr. Masoumeh Ghorbani (Author of: Ammoxidized Fenton-Activated Pine Kraft Lignin Accelerates Synthesis and Curing of Resole Resins)


"It was a great experience when we were invited to submit a manuscript for publication in Polymers.The whole review and editorial process was very fast and smooth. The reviewers provide insightful comments that improve the manuscript. We will consider to submit our relevant work to Polymers in the future. By Dr. Xin Yong (Author of: Hydrodynamic Interactions and Entanglements of Polymer Solutions in Many-Body Dissipative Particle Dynamics)


"Polymers is a high-quality open access journal in the field of widely understood Polymers science. For our contributions, the review process has been efficient and we can recommend to consider this journal for the dissemination of research results also in the field of textile science. By Michał Puchalski (Author of: Investigation of the Influence of PLA Molecular Structure on the Crystalline Forms (α’ and α) and Mechanical Properties of Wet Spinning Fibres)


"It was a great experience to publish papers to Polymers. The review process was quite helpful to revise my manuscript. The editorial board showed immense patience to our so many requests. I really appreciate that. The editorial response was prompt and very supportive to make the revision process more efficient and even enjoyable. I’d like to encourage some of my colleagues to submit their valuable manuscripts to Polymers. By Joon Sig Choi (Author of: IApoptin Gene Delivery by the Functionalized Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) Dendrimer Modified with Ornithine Induces Cell Death of HepG2 Cells)


"As a high-quality journal in the field of polymer science, I am surprised the rapid response and efficient work during the reviewing process of the journal. I would like to express my appreciation to the editorial team of Polymers for their help and effort on our paper. I am looking forward to having opportunity to submit our works to Polymers In the future.By Haw-Ming Huang (Author of: of In Vitro Radiopacity and Thermal Property Tests Of Nano-Fe3O4 Incorporated Poly-L-Lactide Bone Screws


"I recommend colleagues to publish their works in Polymers. The editorial team is very efficient and professionnal. As soon a paper is accepted, it is published rapidly and the journal offers valuable services for dissimination of your work. By Christophe Boisson (Author of: of In Polyolefins, a Success Story


"We are very glad in publishing our research works in Polymers. Actually the editor and reviewer comments are constructive and very helpful in improving manuscripts. Of course we consider Polymers again for publishing our research works. We are sure that Polymers is a high quality journal among a large number of journals about the polymer science. Finally and most importantly we would like to thank all staffs that working for this journal. Their untiring work kept the quality of this journal. By Shujahadeen B. Aziz (Author of: of Effect of High Salt Concentration (HSC) on Structural, Morphological and Electrical Characteristics of Chitosan based Solid Polymer Electrolytes


"I think that MDPI Polymers is a high-quality journal that publishes interesting works. I believe that the editorial board is working to increase the impact factor of the journal, trying to distinguish the best submissions. I have to say that the review process for our submission was very quick and efficient. The editor as well as the editorial board was very helpful, and all the review procedure up to the publication was very smooth. By Hermis Iatrou (Author of: of Micelles Formed by Polypeptide Containing Polymers Synthesized Via N-Carboxy Anhydrides and Their Application for Cancer Treatment


"The journal of Polymers has high efficiency of review and publication. After submission, the response of the departments of the journal is very timely and efficient. Besides, reviewing, citing and other follow-up work for the paper are also highly detailed after the publication. It is very helpful for the researchers to exchange their research results in a timely manner, and our team is very pleased to continue to submit and publish papers in this journal. By Min Xia (Author of: of Performance and Kinetics Study of Self-Repairing Hydroxyl-Terminated Polybutadiene Binders Based on the Diels–Alder Reaction


"Our experience to publish on Polymers is really pleasant. This is a very good journal in polymer science and papers published on this journal attracts a lot of citations. The review process is very quick, the comments from the reviewers are really constructive and helped us improved the quality of our paper a lot. By Jiacheng Wei (Author of: of N,N-Dimethylformamide (DMF) Usage in Epoxy/Graphene Nanocomposites: Problems Associated with Reaggregation


"I published several articles with MDPI and my experience was always very positive. It was a pleasure to publish my latest article in a special issue of Polymers. I received constructive feedback from the reviewers, and appreciate fast and smooth handling of the manuscript by the editorial office. I would highly recommend the journal and gladly publish again with MDPI in the future. By Tina Sabel (Author of: of Volume Hologram Formation in SU-8 Photoresist


"I have found the experience of publishing in your prestigeous journal unique. The time between submission and appearing on-line was around one month and the quality of the paper was proven by 3 reviewers. The impact factor of your Journal is high and increasing, because with this quick and efficient review service, the published researches are always up-to-date. Even if this process is not for free, the token system when a review is made render it more sustainable if you engage with the Journal. Overall I simply recommend the submission in Polymers. By Gianluca Tondi (Author of: of Tannin-based copolymer resins: Synthesis and characterization by solid state 13C NMR and FT-IR spectroscopy


"I have a wonderful and positive experience to efficiently publish our research article in the high-ranking Journal-Polymers. The online submission system was clear and easy, and the reviewing process was fast and fair. I will continue to consider submitting our research again to this journal and recommend this journal to my colleague. By Xueyong Ren (Author of: of The Preparation and Characterization of Pyrolysis Bio-Oil-Resorcinol-Aldehyde Resin Cold-Set Adhesives for Wood Construction



"The publisher MDPI had a friendly and fluid dealing with authors.The reviewers performed positive contributions to the manuscript. Revision times and final opinion was agreed by the journal, there were no delays." By Julio A. Zygadlo (Author of: Bioactivities of Ketones Terpenes: Antifungal Effect on F. verticillioides and Repellents to Control Insect Fungal Vector, S. zeamais)


"Microorganisms is an interesting and high-quality open access journal in the different scientific fields of Microbiology. For our experience, we can recommend our colleagues to consider this journal for the dissemination of their research results." By Prof. Dr. Barbara Nicolaus (Author of: Role of Bacterial Exopolysaccharides as Agents in Counteracting Immune Disorders Induced by Herpes Virus)


"Thank you for the professional handling of my 2 research papers in the journal, Microorganisms. I have now published 4 research papers in 3 MDPI-related journals (Microorganisms, Toxins, and Biomolecules). I enjoy the formatting of the paper for submission (in nearly the same format at the eventual paper), the quick response to questions, and the excellent reviews my papers receive allowing me to publish a more polished paper after addressing comments from reviewers. I enjoy the 'open access' at minimal cost to authors and hope that impact factors will be something added in the near future. I expect to be submitting more in the future." By Prof. Dr. Peter Muriana (Author of: Identification of Multiple Bacteriocins in Enterococcus spp. Using an Enterococcus-Specific Bacteriocin PCR Array)


"Publishing in the journal Microorganisms was very effective because of the stream-lined submission steps, robust reviewing process, open access ethos and incorporation of my article on bacterial population genetics in a special issue, "Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms"." By Dr. Tim Downing (Author of: Tackling Drug Resistant Infection Outbreaks of Global Pandemic Escherichia coli ST131 Using Evolutionary and Epidemiological Genomics)


"Working with Microorganisms has been a truly nice experience. The editors were very helpful, kind and generally promptly responsive. I appreciate the professional editorial work and the fast publication process. I will definitely recommend this Journal to my colleagues." By Prof. Dr. Christoph Herwig (Author of: Generation of PHB from Spent Sulfite Liquor Using Halophilic Microorganisms)

"I recently published in Microorganisms for the first time. I can only speak positively about the entire process. The sub-editors and proof-readers were extremely professional, helpful and understanding, and their response time was exceptionally quick. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I will gladly publish in this journal again." By Dr. Peter James Strong (Author of: The Opportunity for High-Performance Biomaterials from Methane)



"I submitted a manuscript to this new journal, focusing on the attractive topic of gel materials, after receiving an invitation from a highly qualified editor. The referee’s comments were sent to us within a short time and the whole publication process was smooth and fast. One feature I appreciated particularly was the rapid online publication, it allowed our paper to be accessible within just a few days after its final acceptance. I will definitely consider publishing more of my work on this journal in the near future, as well as recommend it to my colleagues." By Dr. Laura Chronopoulou (Author of: Biosynthesis and Characterization of Cross-Linked Fmoc Peptide-Based Hydrogels for Drug Delivery Applications)


"We received an online invitation to submit an article for a special edition in Gels. Being a new open access journal with presently no publishing charges, it was an excellent opportunity to publish research with universal access. We found the initial editing process crisp and subsequent reviewing process smooth. The managing editor was also very forthcoming regarding our questions and issues. We now find it advantageous to publish our future work in this journal." By Dr. Raman Subrahmanyam (Author of: On the Road to Biopolymer Aerogels—Dealing with the Solvent)


"I have had a good experience in publishing our manuscript in Gels. The review and the publishing process were very fast and efficient. Moreover, the reviewer’s reports were constructive and positive. I am looking forward to working with you again!" By Dr. Santiago Grijalvo (Author of: Magnetic Gel Composites for Hyperthermia Cancer Therapy)


"I was very happy to publish in this new review; I like the name "Gels" which is simple and clear on the topic. The publishing procedure was also simple and rapid and the help coming from the editors was efficient. I am sure that "Gels" will have a nice future. " By Dr. Thierry Woignier (Author of: Mechanical Properties and Brittle Behavior of Silica Aerogels)


"Our experience in the publication of a review in the new journal "Gels" was very positive. The manuscript was reviewed by experts that gave appropriate recommendations to improve the text. The review and the publication process was done in a very fast, professional and efficient way." By Dr. Ramon Eritja (Author of: Magnetic Gel Composites for Hyperthermia Cancer Therapy)

“I was invited to publish a manuscript in MDPI’s new journal Gels. I knew the quality of MDPI as I had previously published in Polymers. I gladly accepted the offer of publishing with no charges with it being a new open access journal. The publishing process was conducted most efficiently, despite the time needed to address critics received from reviewers that ultimately improved the manuscript. I noticed an enviable professionalism and efficiency, in particular the availability and kindness of the publisher. If I have the opportunity in the future, I will gladly send another manuscript for publication”. By Dr. Mario Casolaro (Author of: Polyelectrolyte Hydrogel Platforms for the Delivery of Antidepressant Drugs)



"The editorial staff was efficient and kind to respond quickly to each doubt. The peer review process was very fast, but also accurate with a high scientific value: the reviewers' suggestions were relevant and helped to improve the overall quality of my manuscript. My opinion is completely positive on quality of the Journal and on the people who manage and lead it with high professionalism." By Dario Donno (Author of: Biomolecules and Natural Medicine Preparations: Analysis of New Sources of Bioactive Compounds from Ribes and Rubus spp. Buds)


“Efficient and transparent interactions via a user-friendly website for author, reviewers and editor; fast turnarounds with reviewers and quick time to publish; easy payment of a non-exorbitant publication fee (unlike some other 'open access' journals in my area of tropical disease research); no time embargoes on access to the full paper which is listed on PubMed—key factors in my decision to publish with Pharmaceuticals (along with cost).” By Dr. Conor Caffrey (Author of: Odanacatib, a Cathepsin K Cysteine Protease Inhibitor, Kills Hookworm In Vivo)


"My experience from the time I submit an article to the journal Pharmaceuticals until its publication was always very positive and very professional. The comments of the reviewers and also of the editors improve significantly our submitted article and we had the chance to re-submit a better version of the article, which satisfied both reviewers and editors. The collaboration and the result with the journal Pharmaceuticals was excellent with appropriate time of evaluation review without unnecessary delays. I highly suggest this journal to researchers with interests in pharmaceuticals." By Dr. Ioannis Liakos (Author of: Polylactic Acid—Lemongrass Essential Oil Nanocapsules with Antimicrobial Properties)


"The experience from publishing a review article in the Pharmaceuticals was very positive. I got excellent support and assistance from the editorial staff and the Guest Editor. Further the peer review process was fast and the comments from the reviewers improved the article. In summary I can recommend the Pharmaceuticals to all scientists for publishing their data and findings." By Prof. Dr. Eva Millqvist (Author of: TRPV1 and TRPM8 in Treatment of Chronic Cough)


"We had a very positive experience with Pharmaceuticals in submitting and publishing our newest review. The editorial staff supported us efficiently and quickly during all the stages of submission, revision and publication. The peer review process was very fast and reviewers and editors helped us to improve our work being them positive and collaborative. We are very pleased to publish our work on Pharmaceuticals considering the high quality of published articles and the overall impact of the journal. " By Prof. Dr. Marco Biagi (Author of: Herbal Products in Italy: The Thin Line between Phytotherapy, Nutrition and Parapharmaceuticals; A Normative Overview of the Fastest Growing Market in Europe).



"Some time ago, we were invited to contribute to the special issue "Oxidative Stress and Aging: Past, Present and Future Concepts" in Antioxidants. It was a very positive experience, reviewer gave us excellent suggestions to improve quality and presentation of our manuscript, article processing was rapid and efficent, journal's staff collaborative, kind and professional. It has been a great pleasure for participating in this project." By Dr. Cristina Vassalle (Author of: The Mediterranean Lifestyle as a Non-Pharmacological and Natural Antioxidant for Healthy Aging)


"My experience is very good. The item for the publication is really well organized and linear. The working team of the Journal is very present and available. Each step is followed in order that deadlines were fully respected. I have appreciated the support during the publication of my research. Thank you very much for you work." By Alessandra Durazzo (Author of: Qualitative Study of Functional Groups and Antioxidant Properties of Soy-Based Beverages Compared to Cow Milk)


"A few months ago we were invited to participate in the special issue "Lipid Oxidation in Meat and Poultry" in Antioxidants. It has been a very positive experience. Highlight the professionalism of the whole team. Also the suggestions given by the reviewers and the editorial team that have allowed the article improved considerably, both in content and presentation, increasing the quality of the publication. Communication has been very fluid at all times and processing article was fast and very efficient. Team collaboration of the journal has always been cordial, friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. Thank you for this opportunity." By Dr. María Pilar Almajano Pablos (Author of: Gelatine-Based Antioxidant Packaging Containing Caesalpinia decapetala and Tara as a Coating for Ground Beef Patties)(Study of the Properties of Bearberry Leaf Extract as a Natural Antioxidant in Model Foods)



"My publication experience when submitting to the Micromachines journal was efficient and of a very high quality. All correspondence was addressed in a timely manner and by very helpful journal staff. The peer-review process was swift, but with structured, solid feedback enabling constructive inputs to be made to the publication." By Dr. Suzanne Smith (Author of: CD-Based Microfluidics for Primary Care in Extreme Point-of-Care Settings)


"Our publication experience with Micromachines was very positive. The reviewing procedure went fast and smooth, with clear instructions and constructive criticism. Following the acceptance of our paper, our paper was ready for proof reading - and then available online - extraordinarily fast. Communication with the editorial office was also always very helpful." By Prof. Dr. Kirstine Berg-Sørensen (Author of: Fiber-Based, Injection-Molded Optofluidic Systems: Improvements in Assembly and Applications)


"We are very happy that our latest research work was published in Special Issue “Centrifugal (Compact-Disc) Microfluidics for Extreme POC”, Micromachines. The editors responded to our inquiry promptly and efficiently, and the peer reviewer feedback helped to improve the quality of our manuscript significantly." By Dr. Yong Ren (Author of: Numerical Investigation of Cell Encapsulation for Multiplexing Diagnostic Assays Using Novel Centrifugal Microfluidic Emulsification and Separation Platform)


"It is a great pleasure for me to testimony my positive experience to work with the Journal Office of Micromachines for my paper entitled ‘Allergy Testing and Drug Screening on an ITO-Coated Lab-on-a-Disc’. I enjoyed very much the process for my submission and publication in this Journal. The reviewing time is short and efficient. Officers in the editorial board were very responsible and helpful. With high standard of the Journal and quality of the papers, it is expected that Micromachines will be a leading journal in the field of micro-scaled machines and nanomachinery." By Prof. Dr. Siu Kai Kong (Author of: Allergy Testing and Drug Screening on an ITO-Coated Lab-on-a-Disc)


"I had a very positive experience publishing my research article in Micromachines. In February I received an invitation from Micromachines to submit a manuscript or a review from my research. I agreed to do it and it turned out to be one of my best decisions. The review process was very short and communications with editors were very quick and efficient. From this positive experience I will consider Micromachines for the publication of my manuscripts." By Prof. Dr. Yuankun Lin (Author of: Holographic Fabrication of Designed Functional Defect Lines in Photonic Crystal Lattice Using a Spatial Light Modulator)


"I have been invited to contribute a manuscript for a special issue published by Micromachines. This became my first occasion to experience publishing in this journal. The simple-to-use online system for manuscript submission, the short waiting period until receiving the referees’ reports, and the instantaneous online publication after acceptance of the manuscript all contributed to the pleasant experience made. I would also like to mention the high quality support provided by the editorial office, which immediately responded to all of my queries without any delays." By Prof. Dr. Daniel Citterio (Author of: High-Resolution Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Devices for Sub-Microliter Sample Analysis)


"I have to admit that publishing in Micromachines turned out to be a much better experience than what I expected. Receiving three detailed reviewers’ reports less than one month after the initial submission (of a 36 pages long document) already positively impressed me, but what was really exceeding my expectations was the detailed analysis in the post-acceptance phase. Careful figure controls, copyright checks, acronyms verifications, etc… Everything was verified and fine-tuned to optimize the manuscript. After this experience I will definitely consider the journal for future submissions!" By Dr. Paolo Minzioni (Author of: A Comprehensive Review of Optical Stretcher for Cell Mechanical Characterization at Single-Cell Level)



"Really wonderful experience publish a paper in symmetry Journal. Thesubmission system and the all publication process are very impressive. Great!" By Dr. Kuppusamy KANAGARA (Author of: Chiral Buckybowl Molecules)



"Comfortably my best publishuing experience thus far. Unai & the team were extremely quick, very friendly and helpful, and did a very professional job. The Word template and guidance is a big asset." By Simon Dedman (Author of: Advanced Spatial Modeling to Inform Management of Data-Poor Juvenile and Adult Female Rays)

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