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3 September 2013
New Book Received: Dragonflies of Indiana by James R. Curry, Indiana University Press, 2012, 317 Pages. Price $22.80, ISBN: 978 1 883362 11 9

From the Publisher's website: "Including one or more images of all 97 known species of dragonflies, over 250 color photos, and numerous line drawings and range maps, this guide to the dragonflies of mid-continental North America will be a useful companion throughout the region. Dragonflies of Indiana includes sections on key identification features, anatomy, life history, habitats, behavior, and flight seasons of dragonflies; the history of dragonfly study in Indiana; and the conservation value of dragonflies. It will be appreciated by all who take wonder in the shimmer of dragonfly wings on a summer day." The author James R. Curry is Emeritus Professor of Biology at Franklin College of Indiana and a former president of the Indiana Academy of Science.

Book website:

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