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13 August 2013
New Book Received: Fundamentals of Magnesium Alloy Metallurgy. By Mihriban O. Pekguleryuz, Karl U. Kainer and A. Arslan Kaya, Woodhead Publishing, 2013; 376 Pages. Price £140.00 / US$240.00 / €170.00, ISBN 978 0 85709 088 1

Magnesium and magnesium alloys offer a wealth of valuable properties, making them of great interest for use across a wide range of fields. This has led extensive research focused on understanding the properties of magnesium and how these can be controlled during processing. Fundamentals of magnesium alloy metallurgy presents an authoritative overview of all aspects of magnesium alloy metallurgy, including physical metallurgy, deformation, corrosion and applications.

Website: http://www.woodheadpublishing.com/en/book.aspx?bookID=2384

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