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Forests 2014, 5(1), 206-213; doi:10.3390/f5010206

Forests: An International and Interdisciplinary Scientific Open Access Journal
Eric J. Jokela
Founding Editor-in-Chief of Forests, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida, P.O. Box 110410, 118 Newins-Ziegler Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611-0410, USA; E-Mail:; Tel.: +1-352-846-0890; Fax: +1-352-846-1277
Received: 16 January 2014 / Accepted: 17 January 2014 / Published: 21 January 2014

Forests was established to provide comprehensive coverage on the ecology, conservation and management of forests, with the first issue published in March 2010. As an international and multi-disciplinary journal, Forests has provided a forum for publishing process–based and applied scholarly articles that span the technological, environmental, cultural, economic, and social realm associated with the management, use, conservation, and understanding of forested ecosystems. By all accounts, Forests is well poised toward becoming a premier publication outlet in this diverse field of study. In its short tenure, Forests received its first Impact Factor in 2013 (1.094—Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE)/Web of Science), which placed it 25th out of 62 Forestry journals. Notably, Forests ranked first among the open access journals in this category.

A unique aspect of Forests that has contributed to its early success relative to other forestry journals is its on-line and Open Access format. This provides free article access via the internet to scientists, practitioners, policy makers, students, and other interested persons who would otherwise not have access to subscribed forestry journals. The full text of published articles can be queried and retrieved from all search engines. As a result, the number of citations and article submissions to Forests has continued to rise each year. In 2013, 66 articles were published and they originated from 25 different countries. Authors from the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Brazil accounted for the greatest number of published articles. In addition, the number of full text downloads of articles published in 2013 was 22,860. The average publication time from first submission to publication was about 79 days in 2013, which was slightly higher than 71 days in 2012. It should be noted that beginning in January 2014, Forests will move from a quarterly to a monthly journal, with articles being released to the Web of Science in the same month that they were published. Article submissions are welcomed from a wide spectrum of subject areas, including:

  • forest ecology, management, and restoration

  • forest economics, natural resource policy and planning

  • silvicultural systems

  • forest entomology, forest pathology

  • forest ecophysiology and biology

  • forest genetics, tree breeding and biotechnology

  • climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation in forests

  • forest biomass, bioenergy, and carbon sequestration

  • forest engineering

  • tropical forests and management

  • forest inventory, quantitative methods, and remote sensing

  • forest soil management

  • forest simulation modeling

  • forest and nature based recreation

  • wildland fire science and management

  • wood properties

  • human dimensions

  • urban forests

Also contributing to the international recognition of Forests has been the timely publication of Special Issues that have focused on scientifically relevant and contemporary topics. In 2013, three special issues were published (Forest Restoration and Regeneration; Fusiform Rust Disease—Biology and Management of Resistance; Improving Wood Quality from Planted Forests) and 11 additional special issues are planned on a variety of topics, including papers from technical sessions held at the 24th IUFRO World Congress in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA).

As Editor-in-Chief, I am very appreciative of the high quality Editorial Board of Forests. Our diverse and eminent, 40-member scientific Editorial Board represents the breadth of forestry sub-disciplines and topical areas. Their combined and collective experience has ensured the highest degree of scientific rigor and review of all published articles. In addition, I would also like to recognize the valuable contributions made by manuscript reviewers (listed in Appendix), as this dedicated service represents an unselfish donation of their time and energy. As we all recognize the peer review process lends both scientific credibility and respectability to the journal. I have been very pleased with the conscientious and thorough reviews, suggestions, and comments provided by the Editorial Board Members and reviewers, which has clearly aided in improving manuscript quality.

I would also like to extend a special note of gratitude to the editorial office of Forests. Dr. Echo Zhang (Managing Editor), Dr. Martyn Rittman (Production Editor) and Dr. Shu-Kun Lin (Publisher) have done an excellent job. We are fortunate with Forests to have the broad scientific backing and publishing experience of MDPI, an international organization located in Basel, Switzerland, that has been publishing peer-reviewed, full Open Access scholarly journals since 1996.

Finally, the Editorial Board views Forests as an innovative publication for forestry-related research. Our collective goal is to have Forests be recognized as one of the foremost publication outlets for high quality, leading edge research in this broad and diverse field. This goal, of course, will be dependent upon the readership and potential authors. We, therefore, invite you to submit your original research articles, review papers, notes and suggestions for Special Issues to Forests and, in doing so, share your important research findings within the global forestry community.


I would like to thank all 632 reviewers:

Paddy AbbotRaili HokajärviTrent Penman
Robert C. AbtJarmo K. HolopainenDavid Pepper
Alexis AchimPeter HomannGeorge L. W. Perry
Wouter AchtenElaine HooperMatthew Peters
Hector Guy AdégbidiCoeli HooverDavide Pettenella
Razi AhmedDavid HowatJacob Phelps
Johan AhnströmCho-ying HuangMarie-Gabrielle Piketty
Tetsuya AikohShengli HuangNeal Pilger
Jennifer Alix-GarciaRobert HubbardBrad Pinno
Craig R. AllenAndrew Thomas HudakGianluca Piovesan
Daniel M. AlongiJiri HulcrBenno Pokorny
Henry AmersonShoana HumphriesPhilip Polglase
Hans-Erik AndersenLen M. HuntDavid Pothier
Krister AnderssonLindsay B. HutleyMatt Powers
Tommaso AnfodilloWilliam HydeS. Andrew Predmore
Arild AngelsenJyrki HytonenEvan L. Preisser
Peter AnnighöferJuha HyyppäCaroline Preston
Altaf ArainJ. Bosco ImbertHans Pretzsch
Dolors Armenteras-PascualMasahiro InagakiHari Priyadi
Jaume ArnóJohn InnesTimo Pukkala
María L. ArosaFikret IsikFrancis E. Putz
Fred O. AsiegbuTaiichi ItoAudrey Quentin
Michael J. AspinwallSteven JackJohn Raison
Stibniati AtmadjaWilliam R. JacobiSerge Rambal
Martin K.-F. BaderDouglass F. JacobsJon Ranson
Jan R. BannisterPatrick JamesLivia Rasche
Gonzalo G. BarberáSchuler JamieCatherine Ravenscroft
Grenville BarnesRobert JandlDuncan Ray
Luke BarryAnna M. JensenCarolyn Raymond
Jonathan BauerJennifer JensenGerald E. Rehfeldt
Jenise BaumanTord JohanssonMary Reid
Karen M. BayneDale W. JohnsonMarcel Rejmanek
Chris BeadleDustin JohnsonJames S. Rentch
Daniel BebberKristofer JohnsonStephen E. Reutebuch
Pablo I. BecerraDana M. JohnsonnJosé M. Rey Benayas
Dennis BeckerMariann JohnstonYuri Ribakov
Nicolas BelangerBengt-gunnar JonssonBryce A. Richardson
Richard BellAnna Maria JönssonMartin Ricker
Dean BenjaminChuleui JungPhilippe Rigault
Robert I. BertinVirpi JunttilaDavid Rivest
Pete BettingerDavid KaczanDaniel Robison
Eddie BevilacquaJeffrey KaneJohn S. Roden
Jan L. BeyersJeffrey M. KaneRolando Rodríguez
Greg BigingMike KaneRoque Rodríguez-Soalleiro
Ronald F. BillingsAnnika Susanna KangasRaúl Romero-Calcerrada
Lieselot BisschopVille KankarePetri Rönnholm
Niklas BjörklundPeter J. KanowskiAmy. Y. Rossman
Kirsty BlackstockElizabeth J. Stamm KatovichPhilippe Rozenberg
John M. BlairRodney KeenanThomas K. Rudel
F. Guillaume BlanchetMichael M. KellerPaloma Ruiz-Benito
Juan BlancoWerner KerzMatthew B. Russell
Bernd BlosseyChristopher KeyesErvan Rutishauser
Viktor BöhmAzad Henareh KhalyaniRose-marie Rytter
Andreas BoltePartap KhannaTara E. Sackett
Giuliano BonanomiAnthony KiemCuauhtemoc Saenz Romero
Edward W. BorkGeorg KindermannJirky Salmi
Robert BowdenMengistie KinduBerit Samils
Rick BoyceNalin KishorLisa J. Samuelson
Don BraggAndres KivisteChris Sandbrook
Thomas J. BrandeisChristoph KleinnMaurizio Santoro
Christiane BrandenburgHeather KlemickNophea Sasaki
Peter BrangChristie Ann KlimasTamara Heartsill Scalley
Charles BreenRobert KlingerJohn Schelhas
Hannah Brenkert-SmithEric KnappRobert M. Scheller
Steve BrewerPaul KnappSteve Schill
Josh BronsonMiroslav KolaríkJacqueline Schirmer
Peter M. BrownKatri KostiainenRobert Schmidt
Sandra BrownJacek KozakSilvio Schuler
Gary Q. BullMarek KrasowskiOlaf Schwab
Adam BumpusMarkus KrögerAndrew Scott
Jürgen BurkhardtEric KrugerKlaus Seeland
Philip BurtonLinda KrugerRupert Seidl
Jonah BuschChristoph KuefferPaolo Semenzato
Tinelle BustamSunil KumarRobert Seymour
Bradley J. ButterfieldJohn KushRam P. Sharma
Daniel CaceresOsmo KuusiWilliam P. Shepherd
Monika P. CalefAnne C. LangRosemary Sherriff
Phil CannonElizabeth LapointTadashi Shimizu
Angus CarnegieGuy R. LarocqueRichard Sikkema
David CarrAlejandra LarrazabalMartin Simard
Jose Antonio CarreiraMartin LascouxJavier A. Simonetti
João M.B. CarreirasDaniel LaughlinTommaso Sitzia
Marco CarrerSilke LautnerKen Skog
Robert CarterMartin LavoieHans Skov-Petersen
Gaetano CastroJessica LeahyMargaret Skutsch
Andrea CattaneoLuc LeBelMargareth Skutsch
Csaba CenteriWoo-Kyun LeeBill Slee
Sun Joseph ChangZakiya LeggettBernard Slippers
Gang ChenTarja LehtoRonald J. Smernik
Pei-ti ChenStacey A. Leicht-YoungTat Smith
Paolo CherubiniReik LeitererBarry Solomon
Jyh-Min ChiangLaura P. LeltesFran Søndergaard Jensen
Simon ChogeJingjing LiangBo Song
Chris CieszewskiAndrew LiebholdDenis Sonwa
Miguel CifuentesYi LinPeter Soule
Marco CiolliJenny LindénJohn Spence
Stacy ClarkStaffan LindgrenRaffaele Spinelli
Raymond A. CloydMarcus LindnerDavid Spittlehouse
Dean CobleZoë LindoGolo Stadelmann
Francis ColinChristina M. LockeKen Stadt
Luke CollinsBrian LockhartGöran Ståhl
Stephen J. ColomboEdward F. LoewensteinChristina Staudhammer
Lucy CommanderFabio LombardiRobert Van Steenwyk
Joseph L. Conrad ConradBill LoneraganTaylor Stein
John CowieBaastian LoumanMartyna Stelmaszczuk-Gorska
David CoyleJenny LovellAnothony Stocks
Wendell CropperCath LovelockBenoît St-Onge
Frederick CubbagePengxin LuNiels Strange
Harry CullinanRuben LubowskiCharlotte Streck
Bob CurtisAriel LugoKathrin Streit
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Mark CutlerMeghan Graham MacLeanWayne Strong
Anthony W. D’AmatoAlexander J. MacphersonInge Stupak
Shree DangalAnnikki MakelaJuan C. Suárez
John DayHarri MäkinenBenjamin Sullivan
Will de JongMarja MaljanenTom Sullivan
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Juan Declet-BarretoUdo MantauBrent Swallow
Luiz Eduardo V. Del BemStefano ManzoniAnu Swatantran
Tom DelucaDanielle MarceauJennifer J. Swenson
Sergio De-MiguelDave MarcouillerRuth Swetnam
Jinyang DengRobert E. MarraMary Anne Sword Sayer
R. Justin DeRoseAdrian MartinAngela Taboada
Eric DewolfTim MartinAyco J. M. Tack
Narayan DhitalGrit MartinezDavid Takacs
Phillip DoughertyCristina Martínez-GarzaBruce Talbot
Vladimir DouhovnikoffJordi Martínez-VilaltaSara R. Tanis
Paul L. DrakeAxel MarxFrank W. Telewski
Brian DraytonBill MasonChristian Temperli
Rein DrenkhanTara Joy MassadNaresh Thevathasan
Mark J. DuceyEskil MattssonEvelyne Thiffault
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Peter DuinkerAixchel Maya-MartínezMulualem Tigabu
Michael DutschkeBrian C. McCarthyJenna Tilt
Klaus EdenhofferDawn MccarthyAnne Toppinen
Dominic ElsonGeorge MccaskillSylvie Tremblay
Leif ErikssonLachie MccawCarl C. Trettin
Timothy J. FaheyT. Eric McconnellTakahiro Tsuge
John FellersM. Luke McCormackArvo Tullus
Jean-baptiste FeretConstance McDermottSakari Tuominen
Paulo FernandesCynthia McdougallMary Tyrrell
Ivan FernandezChris McelhinnyLiisa Tyrväinen
Leena FinérRyan McewanMichael Ulyshen
Reiner FinkeldeyBonnie McFarlaneRaúl Abel Vaca
David FlaspohlerRobert McgaugheyAnnukka Vainio
Teresa Fidalgo FonsecaChris McgloneRubén Valbuena
Irwin N. ForsethAnne C.S. McIntoshHarry T. Valentine
Brian ForstlerI.r. McivorErik Valinger
Julien FortierCraig MckinleyV. Ramón Vallejo
Thomas FoxRonald E. McRobertsPeter van der Meer
Art FredeenSteve MeadowsPaul van Deusen
Joy FritschleArjan J. MeddensThi van Tran
Lucía GalianoFan-rui MengG. Peter van Walsum
Niko GaliatsatosMichael MessinaLukas van Zwieten
Glenn GallowayMarek MetslaidJari Vauhkonen
Gustavo A. Garcia-LopezPatrick MeyfroidtBruno Verbist
J. Garcia-PausasChristine N. MeynardLouis Verchot
Maria João GasparRichard MichaletBrian Via
Chris GentryJessica MieselJason Vogel
René H. GermainJari MiinaJim Vogelmann
Salvador GezanBradley MillerSonja Vospernik
Abdolbaset GhorbaniCarol MillerPeter Waddell
Frank GilliamPatrick MinogueMatthew J. Waghorn
Martin GirardinJaconette MirckAlaka Wali
Patrick Charles GoebelIliana MonterrosoJohn C. F. Walker
Jordan GolinkoffJohn MooreDeborah Ann Waller
Carlos Alberto Gonzalez BeneckeDavid MoorheadDavid Walter
Manuel González-GómezMartin MoroniBradley B. Walters
Pablo Gonzalez-MorenoDave MorrisChanglu Wang
José A. González-PérezLawrence MorrisHsiao-hsuan Wang
David L. GorchovStuart A. MossKristen Waring
Peter GraceHassan MuhamedIan Warkentin
Russ GrahamJörg MüllerTsunehiro Watanabe
Robert GrayRobert MüllerJames Watling
Don GrebnerBrenda L. MurphyMartin Wattenbach
John L. GreeneWayne MyersDanielle A. Way
Suzi GreenhalghGert-jan NabuursPascale Weber
Maryanne Grieg-GranMasahiko NakagawaChristopher R. Webster
David GrittenIben NathanAaron Weiskittel
John GroningerCarla NatiPhilip W. West
Nicole Gross-CampJose NávarChris Weston
Rüdiger GroteLucas E. NavePiotr Wezyk
Pietro GuccioneDaniel NearyRoss W. Whetten
Lars H. GulbrandsenPrakash NepalAlan White
Michael GundaleSeppo NeuvonenEric White
Per GundersenWorld NiehPaul Whitehead
Jeffrey HaloMaarten NieuwenhuisWhitney Whitney
Leena HambergGordon NighRodney Will
Brady S. HardimanCraig R. NitschkeRoger Williams
Mark HarmonTanaka NobuhikoDuncan Wilson
Patrice HarouTomas NordfjellSandra Wochele
Dörte HarpkeThomas Nord-LarsenKeith Woeste
Phil HarrisDaivd NortonPaul Woodcock
Chris HarwoodPeter NoskoAlex Woods
Shoji HashimotoIzaya NumataWei Wu
Joseph HawesVictoria NuzzoTanya Wyatt
Tanya HayesKazuharu OgawaVikram Yadama
James D. HaywoodAndras Bela OlahFukuju Yamamoto
Dennis HazelJulianne O'reilly-WapstraJeng-tze Yang
Guojin HeHans Ole OrkaZhiqiang Yang
Per-Ola HedwallRobert O'sullivanTian Yao
Jennifer HeneyBernt-Håvard ØyenRunsheng Yin
David HewittPablo PachecoGiuliana Zanchi
Gordon HickeyBrian PalikYaoqi Zhang
Barbara HockSebastián PalmasGuang Zheng
William HockadayRiikka PaloniemiDimitris Zianis
Kent HoekmanGeoffrey ParkerPieter Zuidema
Anja A. HoffmannWilliam C. ParkerNatalie Zurbriggen
Nick HogarthJohn PartonJanusz Zwiazek
Tore HögnäsJari Parviainen

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