Annual Report 2023

Consolidation and Strengthening of Editorial Standards

The past year provided opportunity to strengthen editorial policies. Despite a increase in the number of submitted papers from 603 thousand to 655 thousand (+8.6%), there was a decrease in the number of published papers from 303 thousand to 285 thousand (-5.9%), consistent with the trend in the scholarly publishing market. MDPI's market share in gold open access articles published reached 17% in 2023 (according to Dimensions data).
Our journals allocated more resources to the pre-screening process of newly submitted articles, including checks for scope alignment. During the initial screening phase, our editors were dedicated to directing each paper to the journal whose scope best matched the submitted work. Simultaneously, comprehensive revisions to the scopes of some journals have been undertaken to ensure seamless integration of all sections within their respective subject fields.
papers published in 2023
papers submitted in 2023
peer-review reports received in 2023
57.6 milion
monthly page views on (avg)
20 %
annualized publication growth 2020-2023
6 weeks
median time from submission to publication

Message from the CEO, Stefan Tochev

Change is the only constant, and for a publishing enterprise that has experienced rapid growth, adapting to change becomes not only a necessity but also a catalyst for sustained success.

Reflecting on our incredible journey at MDPI, 2023 has been marked by growth in paper submissions, ambitious projects and initiatives aimed at improving our internal processes and delivering top-notch services to our scientists.

Enhancing Our Surveys for Gathering Community Feedback

95 %
of submitting authors rated their experience with the MDPI publication process as excellent or good.
82 %
of reviewers rated our editorial service as excellent or good.
85 %
of our guest editors rated their experience as good or excellent, with the support received by editorial staff being a key underlying factor.
As the leading open access publisher, we are dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of the scholarly community's needs and continuously adapting to them. To achieve this, we have enhanced our community feedback program to be more open, transparent, and actionable.

We revised and optimized all our surveys throughout 2023. Every MDPI submitting author, reviewer and guest editor now receives a request to complete a feedback survey. We greatly improved the response and completion rates, with response rates for the three surveys ranging between 21% (Authors) and 5% (Reviewers). In total, 45,919 submitting authors responded to our Author Feedback survey; 16,965 of our reviewers responded to the Reviewer Feedback Survey; 1,801 guest editors responded to the Guest Editor Survey.

We appreciate all the honest feedback we receive as it enables us to enhance our service to provide the optimal experience for our customers.

Distinguished Scholars

Among all our journals’ Editorial Board Members, 769 researchers – from 40 different countries/territories – were recognized as Highly Cited Researchers for the
year 2023 by Clarivate.

Alongside our collaboration with highly recognized scholars, MDPI remains committed to fostering and empowering junior researchers as they embark on their careers. In 2023, our journals hosted a total of 400 awards, for which they received 8,839 applications and nominations. The evaluation committees selected 959 Winners. The total budget for given awards amounted to 546,500 Swiss francs.

Awards given to junior researchers include Young Investigator Awards, Best PhD Thesis Awards and Travel Awards. A further 220 awards were given to the most distinguished authors and reviewers in our journals through Best Paper Awards and Outstanding Reviewer Awards. The awards exemplify the excellent contributions made by our authors, reviewers and editors
day in, day out.