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BBC 2015 : 8th Workshop on Biomedical and Bioinformatics Challenges for Computer Science - BBC2015
2015-06-01 to 2015-06-03
Reykjavík, Iceland
Emerging technologies in genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics and other life science areas are generating an increasing amount of complex data and information.
In order to tackle the growing complexity associated with emerging and future life science challenges, bioinformatics and computational biology researchers and developers
need to explore, develop and apply novel computational concepts, methods, tools and systems. Many of these new approaches are likely to involve advanced and large-scale
computing techniques, computational approaches, technologies and infrastructures such as:
* High-performance architectures and systems (e.g., multicore, GPU);
* Distributed computing (e.g. grid, cloud, peer-to-peer, Web services, e-infrastructures);
* Computational simulation (mechanistic, stochastic, multi-model);
* Algorithms (theoretical and experimental aspects);
* Applied bioinformatics (analysis pipelines, tools, applications);
* Artificial and computational intelligence (machine learning, agents, evolutionary techniques, bio-inspired methods). link

MAMERN VI-2015: 6th International Conference on Approximation Methods and Numerical Modeling in Environment and Natural Resources
2015-06-01 to 2015-06-05
University of Pau, Pau, France

Objectives link

Mainz Materials Simulation Days 2015 - Non-equilibrium Processes in Soft Matter
2015-06-10 to 2015-06-12
Mainz, Germany

Non-equilibrium thermodynamics embodies a vibrant field of active research dedicated to a better description of equilibrium and dynamical properties of systems evolving out of equilibrium. The sixth installation of the Mainz Materials Simulation Days (MMSD) will cover state-of-the-art methodologies to simulate non-equilibrium systems in computer simulations. It gathers scientists of different backgrounds and expertise, from statistical physicists to biomolecular modelers, who can provide an original view over several different aspects of non-equilibrium processes in soft matter systems. In particular, this workshop will focus on various aspects of link

The 6th International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modeling/Simulation/ Optimization (6th IC-EpsMsO)
2015-07-08 to 2015-07-11
Athens, Greece
The Learning Foundation in Mechatronics (LFME), Athens, Greece, is organizing the 6th International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modeling/Simulation/ Optimization (6th IC-EpsMsO) to be held in Athens, Greece, from July 8th to July 11th, 2015.
The Chairman of the 6th International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modeling/Simulation/Optimization (IC-EpsMsO), Prof. Demos T. Tsahalis, also Director of LFME, invites all scientists and engineers from the academic, scientific engineering and industrial sector to participate in the Conference and to contribute both in the promotion and dissemination of the scientific knowledge. Please forward to colleagues of yours that you think might be interested in participating. link

CMBSB 2015 : Computational Methods in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (4th edition)
2015-09-08 to 2015-09-11
Coimbra, Portugal

Topics of Interest

Biological areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Computational areas of interest include, but are not limited to: link

AIAI 2015 : The 11th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations
2015-09-14 to 2015-09-17
Bayonne, France
The Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations Conference (AIAI) is a major technical event in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing. Its general focus is to present different perspectives on how Artificial Intelligence may be applied and offer solutions to real world problems, serving the study, analysis and modelling of theoretical and practical issues. The primary target of AIAI is to present highly novel research papers describing innovative algorithms, systems, tools and techniques, as well as proposing advanced prototypes in the area of Artificial Intelligence. General survey papers indicating future directions and professional work-in-progress reports are of equal interest. Acceptance will be based on quality, originality and practical merit of the work. link

7th International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering (7th IC-SCCE)
2016-07-06 to 2016-07-09
Athens, Greece

Contribution related to any aspects from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering and Numerical Analysis is enthusiastically encouraged. The contributions will be published in the Conference Proceedings which have ISSN number 2241-8865 and ISBN numbers. link