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MDPI Books publishes high quality monographs (short or full-length), edited books, proceedings, doctoral theses and Special Issue Reprints in full open access. Authors pay a Book Processing Charge (BPC) and are asked to accept the Copyright Agreement. MDPI Books are published under Creative Commons licenses (CC BY-NC-ND). If you are an author and interested in publishing with MDPI, please see the submission information and contact us .
  • Open Access Scholarly work is accessible worldwide without any restrictions: in comparison with traditional book printing, open access publications save costs, space and time.
  • High quality: MDPI ensures a thorough peer-review for all published items.
  • Rapid publication: MDPI offers a fast but precise editorial and publication procedure.
  • Print on Demand: Books are available for purchase at any time and reduction of costs by a modern print-on-demand procedure.
  • Different formats: Authors benefit from our hybrid publishing service, which offers the possibility to not only receive a digital format, but also a printed version of your work.
  • High visibility; fast and wide dissemination: global network (including the USA, Europe, and Australia) and well-known channel partners (e.g., Amazon); registration in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB).

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