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“We just published our 4th research work in the prestigious “International Journal of Molecular Sciences”, I have to say that it was a great experience as in the other three [...] Read more.

“Our experience to publish with IJMS can be simply characterized as excellent and superb; really constructive suggestions, rapid revision process, highly efficient communication with the Handling Editor, strong support from [...] Read more.

“This was the first time for me to work with IJMS of MDPI. This was also the first time for me to feel that "something is going on" instead of [...] Read more.

“I appreciated the invitation by guest editors Dr. Grässel and Dr. Aszodi to contribute a paper to IJMS’ Special Issue "Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Regeneration". Upon discussing it with my international [...] Read more.

“I really appreciate being published to the Special Issue “Genetics of Neurodegenerative Diseases: Focus on Progression and Response to Treatment.” This was my first manuscript published in the International Journal [...] Read more.

“The publication of an invited review article in a special issue of IJMS has been a very fulfilling experience. The submission and revision process was very smooth and it took [...] Read more.

“It was a rewarding experience to contribute to IJMS with an invited review. The submission system was very smooth and reviewer comments were appropriate and useful for improving our manuscript. [...] Read more.

“It was a pleasure to publish our work in IJMS. The processing of the paper from the handling by the editors, reviewers and the editorial office was extremely efficient. The [...] Read more.

“Our publication as invited research article in “Tumor Invasion and Metastases” special issue of IJMS has been a fulfilling experience. Cancer metastasis is lethal in most cancers and mechanistic understandings [...] Read more.

“This was our first time working with IJMS on an invited article. If I want to sum our experience up I would say it was the perfect example of efficiency [...] Read more.

“It was a great pleasure to publish our review article in a special issue of IJMS. The efficient handling of the paper by the editors, reviewers, and editorial office made [...] Read more.

“We have an extremely positive experience with IJMS. It was very convenient and satisfying, that we were informed at every step of the process. We were very impressed how smooth [...] Read more.

“We have recently published a research article in the special issue of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences “Hormones-Dependent Cancers: New Aspects on Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology (II)”. We were [...] Read more.

“This was my first time submitting to IJMS. I was particularly impressed by the speed and efficiency of the review process and especially the very short delay from acceptance to [...] Read more.

“My first experience with the International Journal of Molecular Sciences was very satisfying. The entire processing was surprisingly fast and efficient. I particularly appreciated the manuscript’s ease of submission, with [...] Read more.

“I had a very positive experience publishing in IJMS. The process, from initial submission to final acceptance was very smooth and fast (submitted April 26, published May 15). It is [...] Read more.

“We have published in other scientific Journals, but the main difference with the publication in IJMS is the short time that took from paper submission to its final release. Professional [...] Read more.

“We sincerely appreciated the invitation by the guest editors Dr. Kamiya and Dr. Sugawara-Narutaki to contribute our paper to the IJMS special issue "Designer Biopolymers: Self-Assembling Proteins and Nucleic Acids". [...] Read more.

“That was a good experience to publish an invited review article in the special issue “Natural Products and Neuroprotection” of the IJMS. The invitation allowed to systematize our research work [...] Read more.

“I was grateful to have my paper published in IJMS. The reviews were helpful and conciseI JMS. The review process was rapid as was the publishing. With the reasonable review [...] Read more.

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