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We have published multiple articles with MDPI, and each submission process was a positive experience. The reviewers were well chosen, and the peer-review process was thorough and greatly improved the [...] Read more.

The experience of publishing in the Antioxidants journal has been very profitable. When we needed more time, they provided it. The revisions led to a significant improvement in the quality [...] Read more.

It was a pleasure to publish in Antioxidants. We would like to express our gratitude for the support and collaboration provided by the editorial team and all of the [...] Read more.

When I need open-access publication of my research quickly, Antioxidants (MDPI) is my personal preference. The review procedure usually goes quickly, and getting in touch with the editors is easy. [...] Read more.

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to you and your team for your diligent work during the review and editing process. I hold great respect for your professional [...] Read more.

Thank you for your help in getting it published. I was impressed with the quick processing. May you always be full of blessings. [...] Read more.

Our manuscript significantly improved due to our peer reviewers' constructive feedback. I extend a hearty thank you to Ms. Ella Chen for her unwavering support and clear communication during the [...] Read more.

Very efficient and professional Editorial team. Thank you. [...] Read more.

I have had an extremely positive experience as a manuscript author and reviewer at MDPI. This refers to the exceptional professionalism of the editorial staff in terms of the expeditious [...] Read more.

Enriching, encouraging and satisfying. [...] Read more.

Reviewing for MDPI is a great experience: the platform is easy to handle; if more time is needed to complete the review it is allowed; the editors are kind and [...] Read more.

I have been working with MDPI since 2019. I have published in several of the journals, and have received respect, good treatment, and fairness. I am very satisfied with the [...] Read more.

Very prompt, professional, and thorough review process. The editor comments were extremely helpful. [...] Read more.

We are pleased to publish our work in Antioxidants. This is our first publication in this journal, and we enjoyed this experience. We would like to thank the fair [...] Read more.

It has been our pleasure to publish with the editorial team of Antioxidants. We would like to especially thank Ms. Ella Chen for all the assistance and guidance during [...] Read more.

The editorial team of Antioxidants is always present, effective, and helpful. [...] Read more.

It has been a pleasure to publish in Antioxidants. On behalf of all authors, I would like to thank you for your quick and excellent handling of our manuscript. [...] Read more.

This was my first publication in MDPI. On behalf of all authors, I would like to thank you for your invitation and for your efficiency in all the aspects related [...] Read more.

I am immensely grateful to the editors of Antioxidants for invaluable assistance in getting our paper published. The meticulous and critical comments provided by the three reviewers during the peer [...] Read more.

Working with the editorial staff at Antioxidants was pleasant and easy. They were very well organized, professional, and helpful during the submission of our paper. The review process was quick, [...] Read more.

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