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I am impressed by the timely responses of MDPI reviewers; the clarity of their comments have enabled me to publish my papers quickly—they have each taken a maximum of one [...] Read more.

Recently, I had my two research articles published in Sustainability, an MDPI journal. The publishing process was relatively smooth and quick. I would like to thank MDPI for publishing my [...] Read more.

MDPI helps authors of high-quality papers to have their papers published in highly esteemed SCI-indexed journals within a relatively short period and with extraordinary editorial services and support. [...] Read more.

Honestly, we were very pleased with the review process. Though our paper went through 3 rounds of review, the reviewers were very persistent, and this helped us to improve the [...] Read more.

Our experience in the publication process was very good as we received a quick response from the reviewers and the Editor, which was highly useful for enhance the quality of [...] Read more.

“The editing experience with MDPI was very satisfactory, the entire process and review of the article was rigorous, so I received several emails to correct data and finally obtain an [...] Read more.

“MDPI is organized and works very effectively, responding in a timely manner to concerns and helping to resolve them. It is a great publisher to publish in its journals our [...] Read more.

“The academic work carried out during the paper acceptance process is very rigorous. In addition to excellent management in the edition and publication of the paper. Therefore, the academic result [...] Read more.

“Yes, I really prefer to show my appreciation to anonymous reviewers. Due to their comments, we could refine our work, and then to publish.” [...] Read more.

“MDPI provides a nice published journey. Their service process makes our team more successful in researched publication.” [...] Read more.

“I do recomend MDPI as one of the best open Access Publisher availables for scientific publications. My first experience was satisfactory in quallity, time and results. "The diverse journals and [...] Read more.

“This is my first published article, overall the experience was very pleasant as well as enjoyable, despite the stress that means to be published as a rookie. Really the process [...] Read more.

“I want to share my positive experience publishing with MDPI, very professional staff, hard and serious reviewers and high level of impact Journals.” [...] Read more.

"Qualified reviewers, fast interactions with both reviewers and editorial team. Data are often getting old while waiting for a review, this is one of the reasons why we chose this [...] Read more.

Publishing with MDPI provided me a full satisfaction of the efforts invested behind my article” [...] Read more.

My first experience with MDPI was awesome. Their processes are easy and they give feedback on time. Reviewers comments was very helpful. I must say their editorial staff makes working [...] Read more.

"Publishing at MDPI was fast and very professional. Due to excellent reviewers we could significantly improve our contribution. MDPI's employees are a huge help during the whole publishing process; the [...] Read more.

MDPI provided a good paper publishing service for me. Relevant journals gave rapid review and publication; editors gave timely feedback and enthusiastic attitude; MDPI also provided English translation and retouching, [...] Read more.

Thank you for all your support with the publication of my manuscript. I am quite satisfied with your prompt publication, earnestness and effectiveness;wonderful Staff.” [...] Read more.

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