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Dear Colleagues,

The virology field is fast-paced and rapidly evolving, with major developments taking place on an almost daily basis across a broad range of disciplines, including structural biology, cell biology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, genomics, epidemiology, and viral genetics, evolution, and immunology. Virology papers are published not only in the many specialty journals devoted to this field, but also in a number of leading mainstream biomedical research journals. Keeping up with virology research can be a full-time endeavor. Early this year, Viruses initiated a section of the journal devoted to editorials. These short articles will highlight developments of particular interest to a broad audience of virologists and will be written by leading experts in the relevant field. We hope that our readership will find this section useful and provocative and we invite suggestions for topics to be featured. All enquiries and suggestions regarding this new editorial section can be sent directly to me or to the Editorial Office ([email protected]). We thank you for your support of Viruses.

Dr. Eric O. Freed

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