29–31 October 2020, Orlando, USA
International Vaccines Congress 2020

Magnus Group is delighted to announce the “International Vaccines Congress 2020” (IVC 2020) during October 29-31, 2020 in Orlando, USA.

Vaccines teach the body to be familiar with the new disease and stimulate the body to make antibodies in opposition to antigens of pathogens. In addition, it plays a key role in the immune cells to remember the types of antigens that cause infection and allows for a more rapid response to the disease if it recurs in the near future.

Vaccines Conferences 2020 brings together Vaccines scientists from industry, academia, and regulatory agencies along with business delegates to discuss recent developments and future trends in the field of Vaccines process development and production. IVC 2020 aims to solve the most critical problems relating to the health and wellbeing of humanity.

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