Toxicology and Public Health

A section of Toxics (ISSN 2305-6304).

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The Toxicology and Public Health section is focused on new findings, communications and opinions on the aspects of toxicology and public health related to toxic chemicals. This section invites the submission of manuscripts that report novel and high impact investigations into toxic chemicals, including but not limited to computational, mechanistic, clinical, industrial and environmental toxicology, and associated public health research involving human populations. Reviews of up-to-date toxicological and public health findings related to toxic chemicals, along with viewpoint papers, are also an integral part of this section.


Chemicals, Toxicity, Mode of action, Omics, Adverse outcome, Mechanism, Environmental health, Human population, Epidemiology, Biomonitoring, Disease, Experimental animal, In vitro, In vivo, In silico, Observational study, Cross-sectional study

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