9–11 June 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden
BEYOND 2020 World Sustainable Built Environment Conference (WSBE)

BEYOND 2020 is the next edition of the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference (WSBE), one of the most renowned conferences in the world in the field of sustainable built environment, taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden from 9th to 11th June 2020. It is organized by Chalmers University of Technology and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, with the support of Johanneberg Science Park and the City of Gothenburg.
By the year 2020 it’s estimated that 4.3 billion people will live in cities and this global trend towards urbanization is expected to continue. To think and plan the cities and communities of tomorrow has therefore never been more urgent.  This planning journey will have a profound effect on the built environment all over the world.
Thus, we have the responsibility to address key sustainability challenges relevant for the building sector with a global view and many different local perspectives.
At BEYOND 2020, we have the ambition to collectively formulate a transformational plan and a set of commitments for the built environment to support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
It is possible to submit a 300-words abstract until 14th August. All information on the conference website


31 Jul 2019: abstract submission
02 Oct 2019: abstract notification
09 Jan 2020: final paper submission
26 Feb 2020: final paper notification
09-11 Jun 2020: conference

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