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15–20 March 2020, Lido di Camaiore, Tuscany, Italy
Porous Semiconductors - Science and Technology 2020 (PSST 2020)

We are happy to welcome you to the biennial Porous Semiconductors Science and Technology (PSST) Conference. Held since 1998, the 2020 edition of PSST will be held in Italy for the first time. PSST is the premier conference on porous semiconductor and material technology and application. Held since 1998, PSST is the unique international scientific experience entirely dedicated to any aspects of porous semiconductors and materials, and promotion of their use in, though not limited to, sensing, medicine, energy, life sciences, microfluidics, electronics, photonics. PSST 2020 aims to continue the long tradition of PSST’s excellent scientific program together with great hospitality.

After 20 years of success, we are happy to welcome you to Tuscany, Italy! Welcome to PSST 2020!

Reports related to all aspects of preparation, characterization, properties, and applications of porous semiconductors and materials are welcome.

Topical areas include:
01 - Electrochemical and metal-assisted chemical etching
02 - Novel preparation techniques and structures
03 - Surface chemistry and pore filling
04 - Micro photonics and luminescence
05 - Micro systems and electronics
06 - Medical applications, imaging, and therapy
07 - Energy storage and conversion
08 - Sensors and biosensors
09 - Emerging applications

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