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The Computational Methods section of Processes welcomes high-quality manuscripts concerning mathematical, numerical, and computational methodologies for solving problems related to process systems engineering. This section encourages submissions that focus on methodologies and their analysis, as opposed to applications which use existing methodologies. All submissions in this section should relate directly to process systems engineering within the aims and scope of the journal Processes (chemistry, biology, materials and allied engineering fields). Contributions that are purely computational in nature without a clear relationship to the aims and scope will not be accepted. To facilitate the rapid, open exchange of knowledge, all authors are strongly encouraged (but not required) to submit any associated source code, models, simulations, software, and data either as supplementary material and/or to an open-access repository such as LAPSE (the Living Archive for Process Systems Engineering). Download Section Flyer

Optimization Algorithms

  • Mathematical programming
  • Heuristic based algorithms
  • Stochastic algorithms
  • Evolutionary algorithms
  • Derivative-free optimization
  • General optimization theory
  • Computational complexity
  • Related numerical methods

Simulation & Modelling Methods

  • Numerical methods
  • Equation-system solving algorithms and heuristics
  • Initialization problems
  • Solution strategies
  • Multi-scale modeling approaches 
  • Problem formulation strategies

Data-Based Approaches for Process Systems

  • Multivariate analysis
  • Principal component analysis
  • Big data methods
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Industry 4.0 related

Model Identification

  • Model identification
  • Model reduction
  • State-space sampling techniques
  • Design-of-experiments
  • Model fitting

Process Operations

  • Decision support systems
  • Uncertainty and risk

Computation and Implementation

  • Parallel programming
  • Distributed computing
  • Software development
  • Hardware development

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