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4–8 July 2021, Kraków, Poland
19th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ICEM 2021)

International Conferences on Experimental Mechanics, organized under the auspices of the European Society for Experimental Mechanics (EuraSEM), have a long tradition (1959 Delft, 1962 Paris, 1966 Berlin, 1970 Cambridge, 1974 Udine, 1978 Munich, 1982 Haifa, 1986 Amsterdam, 1990 Copenhagen, 1994 Lisbon, 1998 Oxford, 2004 Bari, 2007 Alexandroupolis, 2010 Poiters, 2012 Porto, 2014 Cambridge, 2016 Rhodes, 2018 Brussels). ICEM brings together internationally recognized experts and young researchers in an effort to exchange ideas in different topics having the common link of “Experimental Mechanics”. ICEM acts also as a platform for establishing connections between different research teams that are trying to build and develop future scientific collaboration.

Papers published in the Conference Proceedings of the 19th ICEM 2021 organized in Kraków, Poland, will be focused on experimental and measuring techniques for thorough study of the mechanical properties of different materials, engineering structures and systems, investigations which are necessary to create the physical foundations and provide verification of analytical or numerical methods in engineering design. The topics of the conference include experimental aspects of research on mechanical, thermal–mechanical or dynamic behavior of various materials, their forming, damage, fatigue and fracture, advances in optical, ultrasonic, and acoustic testing techniques (photoelasticity, interferometry, DIC, DVC, etc.), sensor technology (strain gage technology, optical fiber application, accelerometers, etc.), and condition monitoring. The ever-increasing importance of the energy harvesting methods (photovoltaic, wind, wave, etc.), developments in nanomaterials, nanostructures, composites, smart materials and structures, recycled materials and additive manufacturing will be addressed during the conference.

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