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Dr. Waheed Afzal
School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB24 3UF, Scotland, UK
Interests: chemical thermodynamics; fluid-phase equilibria; gas solubility; carbon capture and conversion; ionic liquids
Dr. Liangchun Li
School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Interests: organosilicon chemistry; porous coordination polymers; reactive metal-organic frameworks; porous materials for catalysis and energy storage and conversion
Dr. Michael A. Gonzalez
US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Interests: green chemistry and engineering; process intensification; sustainable materials management; life cycle considerations
Dr. Brandon H. Gilroyed
School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph, Ridgetown, ON, Canada
Interests: bioenergy; anaerobic digestion; bioplatform chemicals
Dr. Anne Roubaud

Absente le mercredi L2CH-Laboratoire Conversion ressources Carbonées par voie Hydrothermale DRT/LITEN/DTBH/STHB/L2CH – bât M30 p.109 CEA Grenoble, 17, rue des martyrs, 38054 Grenoble Cedex 9, France
Interests: hydrothermal liquefaction; supercritical water gasification; supercritical water oxidation; combustion; biomass; biofuel; chemical kinetic
Dr. Andrea Formato
Department of Agricultural Science, University of Naples “Federico II”,Via Università 100, 80045 Portici - Naples, Italy
Interests: study of the kinetics of extraction process; mathematical optimization of the green extraction of polyphenols from grape peels; numerical simulation of the extraction process; supercritical fluid extraction; improved fumigating process for stored foodstuffs
Dr. Francesco Gallucci

Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia Agraria (CREA)—Centro di Ricerca Ingegneria e Trasformazioni Agroalimentari (CREA-IT), Via della Pascolare 16, 00015 Monterotondo (Rome), Italy
Interests: green and bioorganic chemistry; physical chemistry and analytical chemistry
Prof. Dr. Józef Haponiuk
Website1 Website2
Department of Polymer Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland
Interests: polymer chemistry and technology; manufacturing of polymer blends and composites; plastics and rubber recycling
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Dr. Achilleas Constantinou
Department Chemical and Energy Engineering, LSBU
Department Chemical Engineering, UCL
Interests: chemistry in flow; reaction engineering; microreactor technology; multiphase reactors; CFDs; membrane technology; liquid fuels
Dr. Narcis Barsan

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environment Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau, 156 Calea Marasesti, 600115, Bacau, Romania
Interests: water and wastewater compositions and treatment; sludge compositions and treatment; water and wastewater management; environmental pollution
Dr. Katarzyna Rafińska

1. Department of Environmental Chemistry and Bioanalytics, Faculty of Chemistry, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Gagarina 7 St, PL-87-100 Torun, Poland
2. Interdisciplinary Centre of Modern Technologies, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Wilenska 4, 87-100 Torun, Poland.
Interests: bioactive compounds; sample preparation; plant extraction; extraction optimization; supercritical fluids.
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