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21–23 October 2019 S W E M S A 2019 Solutions and Workflows in (Environmental) Molecular Screening and Analysis

Erding / Munich, Germany

The ‘SWEMSA 19’ Workshop intends to continue the exciting international dialogue that had started in 2016 at the ‘Non-Target Conference 2016’ in Ascona and the ‘SWEMSA 16’ in Garching and is ongoing since in many meetings, workshops, and conferences.
This workshop will extend the discussion in view on Non-Target Screening main topics like the following:
- ‘Computational Mass Spectrometry’,
- ‘NTS in Forensics’,
- ‘NTS in Food(omics)’,
- ‘NTS in Metabolomics.
- ‘NTS in Commercial Solutions’,
- ‘NTS (Guideline) in Water Analysis’
- ‘NTS in Environmental Analysis’.

This Workshop will bring together leading international scientists from various consortia. SWEMSA intends to inform, combine and harmonize the NTS strategies and workflows from each single discipline to extend the NTS horizon and to give us all the chance to ‘have a look over the edge’. Participants of various disci-plines like chemistry, food, forensic, informatics, metabolomics and instrumental analysis will jointly discuss latest developments. The program will feature a solution-focused discussion strategy including over-view talks and panel discussions in each slot.
The overall aim of this meeting is to condense and harmonize various common aspects of NTS, to ex-tend the use of software and workflow strategies and to learn about the potential of NTS applied in various disciplines. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Erding later this year.


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