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4 June 2020, Porto, Portugal
Wine Consumption in the Mediterranean Diet: A clarification about health effects

The search for antioxidant-enriched foods has been increasing due to the awareness of the importance of health promotion and diseases prevention. Mediterranean Diet (MD) has been recommended as one of the diets with more benefits for a wide range of chronic diseases. Epidemiological studies, in different populations, have revealed that the Mediterranean moderate consumption of wine may be associated with a diminished incidence risk of various diseases. Still, it is known that ethanol consumption promotes the inflammatory process, endorsing the production of reactive oxygen species and nitrogen, the inflammatory cytokines liberation, the activation of transcription factors and other inflammatory mediators. This raises the question of whether the presence of polyphenols in wine may be enough to potentially mitigate and/or retard this process, establishing this way the hormesis effect of wine consumption. The conference “Wine Consumption in the Mediterranean Diet: A clarification about health effects” aims to elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in the protector effects of both wine and Mediterranean food components to counteract the potential damage caused by ethanol.

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